19 thoughts on “Michele Nix locked out TOO?

  1. I want to thank Hasan Harnett and Michele Nix for standing firm against these evil schemes. I pray they have the strength to continue to serve EVERYONE in the NCGOP despite the circumstances before them.

    1. The Chairman sent out Audio proof today in a email (from a different account) that the company responsible for the email management was told by Mr. Greg Fornshell, Accountant, NCGOP to lock the chairman out of his email account

  2. If this little suckweasel Dallas Whorehouse shows his face on the stage at any time during the convention, he needs to be loudly booed. If they want to thwart resolutions, lets him these scoundrels know how we feel.

  3. The problem here is that:

    1) if the chair is in charge and gets to make hiring/firing decisions, he needs to fire people;
    2) if dallas reports to someone else and was hired to run the party, then it is within dallas’ right to block emails.

    its that simple. Whoever has the authority to make the change, needs to make it.

    1. It is a little more complicated than that. The ED is the hired help who is supposed to merely carry out policy made by others, which may be the Chairman, the Central Committee, or the Executive Committee. This ED seems to view himself as a policy maker, not just a policy implementer, as he is supposed to be.

      The chairman has the ”general supervision” of the party but the Central Committee hires and fires the ED. In the past, the chairman has chosen the ED himself, subject to Central Committee approval, which was usually given, so there were thus good working relations between the chairman and ED. What has happened this time is that a group on the Central Committee seems to have a chip on its shoulder over the results of the last state convention, just will not let it go, and has chosen an ED who will work with them to undermine and neutralize the chairman. This is all extremely petty and very damaging to the party.

      One solution may be that the Executive Committee has the power to confer additional powers on the chairman. While they could not contradict the POO to allow the chairman to fire the ED, they could give him the power to supervise the daily activities of the ED, and to specifically give the chairman control of party new media accounts, etc. The Executive Committee may also find some creative ways to fire the ED if it comes to that, like amending the party budget to set his salary at $1 per year.

      We are darn lucky that this three ring circus has not hit the MSM already. The party really needs an end to the vindictiveness coming from the last convention and a willingness to work constructively together, or some heads need to roll. With a critical election coming up, one of those two things needs to happen soon. Governor McCrory, among others, should realize that chaos within the party in a key election year is not a healthy thing for those seeking election or reelection. The attitude of the present ED is a lightning rod for such chaos, and that needs to change.

      1. All of this is so stupid…by the way I think the N&O qualifies as MSM so it has been exposed. As a County Chairman I am embarrassed and mad about all this crap going on. The Party has to be led and managed by a professional with the tone set by the Elected leaders. If some CC members think otherwise I have Change of Registration forms in my car or ready to mail to them to help,their transition out of the party. The game is defeating the Dems, not winning ego,trips.

      2. Full text below but I think this text about the Central Committee

        “and to do all things pertaining to Party affairs which it may be authorized to do by the
        State Executive Committee”

        The State Executive Committee can at any time remove any authorization given to the central committee to run party business in the plan or not in the plan the State Executive Committee has the last word when the NC GOP is not active during a convention

        “The State Central Committee shall keep accurate
        accounts of its proceedings and shall make annual reports to the State Executive Committee.”

        The Central Committee is having to report Annually to who The State Executive committee also showing that the State Executive committee as last word when it comes to the central committees actions

        2. Powers and Duties
        a. The State Central Committee shall have the power to appoint such Committees as it may deem
        necessary for the proper conduct of Party affairs, to formulate fiscal policy, establish financial goals,
        prepare a budget, set the dates for the State Convention as provided for in Article VI.A.1, and the
        Precinct Meetings, County, Congressional District, and State Conventions between February 1 and 35
        days prior to the Republican National Convention in Presidential Election Years, in accordance with
        National Rules; and to do all things pertaining to Party affairs which it may be authorized to do by the
        State Executive Committee. It shall be responsible for coordinating all campaigns for the United States
        Senate and Council of State as determined feasible. The State Central Committee shall keep accurate
        accounts of its proceedings and shall make annual reports to the State Executive Committee.

          1. no it is not spelled out but even if it was spelled out my point is based on this wording in the plan the executive committee could overrule them on any action the central committee tries to take

          2. Since the Central Committee is not specifically given that power, it would seem to rest with the Executive Committee.

            Perhaps in the future, the Executive Committee should specifically set the basic registration fee for the convention as part of the budget.

  4. Indeed. The process of scheduling future conventions happens years in advance and involves contractual agreements which the Party must pay for. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. Additionally, the Party needs to keep the headquarters lights on, and staffers paid at least through the election. This year, delegate fees climbed because they’re trying to finance their post-convention operations as well as the cost of convention itself. In the past, we elected rich sugar daddies as Chairmen and they often paid out of their own pocket to make the payroll at NCGOP. Don’t think that’s going to happen this time.

    However, your point about the Governor is well taken and in fact, he shares a goodly chunk of blame for trying to tighten his own grip on the Party, and of course, that backfired last June and it’s continuing to backfire today. The Gov is seriously ticking off at least some county parties and he’d be well advised to mend fences by lowering delegate costs with some change from that big campaign treasury of his.

    1. ”Rich sugar daddies” as chairman have been rare over the years. More often than subsidizing the party, they have drawn hefty salaries from the party. The ”rich sugar daddies” have generally been either the Finance Chairman or the National Committeeman or both, but not always. In the National Committeeman’s slot, Jack Laughery and John Wilkinson were both multi-millionaires, as was old man Broyhill, but John East was not. Even those rich guys did not dish out the money themselves to keep the party afloat, although their networks with other rich guys often helped.

      Conventions make money in lots of ways. Many events there are fundraisers, but the basic delegate fee for the business session should not be. Of course, Dallas Woodhouse has not been involved in the party over the years and probably does not know that.

      1. I was thinking specifically of a time when NCGOP hit a rough patch and Robin Hayes had to shell out some dough to meet payroll.

    2. I wouldn’t give the NC GOP a nickel to keep the lights on. They have shown they don’t value the grassroots activists, EXCEPT when they need signs put our, phone calls made and other grunt work the establishment doesn’t want to get dirty doing. Maybe we all need to become conservative unaffiliated voters.

  5. I finally got a live person at NC GOP HQ. An intern. I asked him when the convention registration website would reflect the general session price the Chairman sent out. He said the Central Committee voted and decided on the $90 price. Is that true? Any Central Committee people here?

    1. Hmmm! Is this intern violating their mafia-like oath of silence? I have never seen a situation in the party in all the time I have been involved where the Central Committee is afraid of the grassroots of the party finding out what they are doing. Such only happens when they are up to no good.

  6. Insubordination is grounds for dismissal! The Executive Director is a hired employee and subject to removal. The Party Chairman is superior to the ED and the Executive Committee can arrange for dismissal.
    if any Law BAR (British Accreditation Regency) member wants to consider getting involved consider the following.

    The “missing” 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads as follows:

    “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

    This Amendment, ratified in 1812, is still the law even though the Law BAR has buried it since 1866.,

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