Showdown at the NCGOP corral

hh3The locked email saga continues.  State GOP chairman Hasan Harnett has fired the latest shot in an email to executive director Dallas Woodhouse, accountant Greg Fornshell, and to hundreds of GOP bigwigs across the state:

[…] Mr. Woodhouse/Fornshell, I am politely requesting you turn my NCGOP Google email immediately back on. I know you have disabled my Google Email account through Computer Plumber. I have called Greg Fornshell and sent text messages but he remains silent. I had also visited the NCGOP Headquarters in Raleigh and apparently Greg Fornshell slipped out of the office ahead of my arrival. I have contacted the Computer Plumber company who services our email account and they said I need to talk with Greg Fornshell. Pretty interesting. Who gave the command? From my perspective, it’s the same old playbook and routine. Dallas, since you run the staff I know you gave the command to Greg Fornshell to disable my account.

Greg Fornshell, you can hide behind the covering of Dallas Woodhouse because he told you to do it. Dallas, the question remains will you also hide behind Tom Starks, General Counsel of the NCGOP to attempt to usurp his authority again and again over me? Or was it the current Central Committee staying on their talking points to make another bogus decision against me? Evidently, having closed door meetings with you does not work because either you brush me off or you just don’t listen. Why are you playing these silly games? Is this a joke or something?Dallas

Why would you stoop so low as to disable the Chairman’s NCGOP Google Email account? Why are fighting me? I have brought sound ideas to the table and have bent over backwards to make great things happen for all of us at the NCGOP. It is apparent that my sincere help and service to the Republican Party is not appreciated or welcomed by you and the Central Committee. It is apparent that you and the Central Committee want to do your own thing by working around me as oppose to working with me.

Is the reason why my account is disabled because you and the Central Committee do not want me to succeed as Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party? Or will you try to hide behind a some bogus email virus attack to explain why my account is disabled? As Chairman, I require full access to my email account in order to carry out my day to day duties which includes fundraising so we can get Republicans elected. Therefore, shutting me out of my official NCGOP Google Email is suppose to accomplish what again? I really question your purpose and motive. I mean seriously, is this some form of ritual or hazing you would put the first black Chairman of the NCGOP State Party through? Or is it because I am not white enough for you? You keep pushing the limits. I guess time will only tell what your real plot and schemes are all about against me. No, worries. Like chess, I await your next move. […] 

Trump-TIMESo, the chief paid operative of the state GOP has reverted back to his junior high days less than a week before a major election.  THIS is all about certain people in a certain clique doing all they can to cling to their “power.”  It’s not about growing the GOP.  It’s not about pushing a conservative agenda.  It’s petty selfishness driven by petty people.

You gotta love all of this African-American outreach.

And they wonder why Donald Trump’s renegade campaign is catching fire … 

45 thoughts on “Showdown at the NCGOP corral

  1. I am very disappointed in the Central committee’s response or lack of should I say. We can disagree on fees or prices to certain events, however at no time should anyone consider taking away someone’s rights of communication. Shall I remind you that he is the chair of the state Republican Party and these battles you have out in public will not encourage our volunteers.. Please put an end to this today!

    1. I also wonder if Dallas even allowed his pet central committee to even vote on the amount of the delegate fee, or if he just proclaimed it by imperial decree. Thanks to the ridiculous gag orders his minions on the central committee have imposed on committee members on revealing their actions to the party grassroots, I do not know how we are going to find out.

      If there has not been a vote on this, there needs to be, and party members need to know how each member of the central committee voted on it. We need to just say no to the secretive cabal running the central committee and their lousy gag orders. Party members need to know what is going on and who is doing it.

      1. Those running the central committee are not fit to lead. Dallas Woodhouse must be fired.

        1. One of the ringleaders of this clique is David Lewis, and his term as National Committeeman comes up at the convention this year. The National Committeewoman is also part of the clique. Both need to be replaced.

          1. All of the offending parties need to go. I consider both the National Committeeman and the National Committeewoman offending parties. Those worthy of leadership on the central committee need to make themselves known. Now.

          2. The real thing that needs to happen is the the plan of organization needs to be changed so the executive committee needs to vote on central committee members and the plan of organization needs to have a process that with a 2/3 vote of the Executive committee at any time to be able to call for a new election for the central committee and the Chairman is the leader of the executive committee and if a disagreement happens at the central committee level between the Chairman and Central committee then they would bring the issue to the executive committee to plead their case in front of the full committee to come to a decision

            I think this would fix most of the current and past party problems

    2. Patrick Bruce ·
      NC State University
      I would like to say as a Close Relative of Abraham Galloway, a black man who helped found the North Carolina Republican party, It is a good thing that Mr. Woodhouse has moved on from his position with the NC Republican Party. I am one of the Biggest Democrats around and I support Walter Jones for Congress, Lt. Gov. Dan Forrest, Gov. Pat McCory. I also support Kevin Griffin , Hillary Clinton, and most of the rest of the Democrat in this State. The Ag. Commissioner is Doing a Fine Job also. We need better people in public Office

  2. What is so appalling is that this despicable little suckweasel Dallas Whorehouse improperly gives some of his favored primary candidates access to NCGOP accounts to propagandize during the primary, but he locks out the two top level elected party officials in trying to do party business.

    Until Dallas W is removed from his position, everyone should cut off contributions to the party. A significant chunk of the party budget pays his salary and fringes.

  3. What in the world is going on? It’s very true that Republicans love working with democrats and hate conservatives. If any establishment candidate wins the primary people need to vote democrat. I am finished with this Rino party and they need to lose. And lose badly. Where is the governor. Is he going to alienate conservatives in a tough election for the suck weasel Woodhouse. GTH Dallas!

    1. I finally got a live person at NC GOP HQ. An intern. I asked him when the convention registration website would reflect the general session price the Chairman sent out. He said the Central Committee voted and decided on the $90 price. Is that true? Any Central Committee people here?

  4. I don’t think the chairman, central committee and dallas woodhouse are showing one ounce of leadership. This is a complete mess. They need to clean it up quickly or get out.

  5. Dallas Woodhouse MUST GO!!! WE elected OUR Chairman for THIS!? He has spit in the face of the most active members of the Republican Party and OUR decision. RESIGN, Dallas! Go work for the governor DIRECTLY.

  6. I am concerned on every level about this. The actions by Woodhouse are reprehensible indeed, the motivation is certainly suspect. However, is the Chairman seriously maintaining this was done for racial reasons? I thought it might be because he is not Establishment enough. “Am I not white enough?” That takes on another element that makes the NC GOP look worse than the Party has already looked in the Campaign of Clowns we have witnessed thus far. Sad day for those of us in the GOP.

    1. I guess that Woodhouse and his henchmen and henchwomen are more afraid of the race card than they are of the establishment card, but it is sad that has to be mentioned to get them to respond.

      It will be interesting to hear their excuse. If the system ”broke” then the internet company would certainly have mentioned that and they did not. If it was some planned outage for some reason, any competent manager notifies everyone on the system before that is done, giving a heads up and setting out a time frame. That also clearly was not done here. Any excuse should be seen as what it is.

      1. From the N&O story just posted:

        “Woodhouse said Tuesday that the email accounts were shut off Monday to address a “security issue,” but he said he hadn’t reached out to Harnett letting him know of the problem.

        “I’ve been focused on resolving the issue,” Woodhouse said.”

        Well, then. Nothing to see here, it was just a “security issue”.

        1. Does anyone really believe that? If the emails were shut off for a security issue, Hasan would have been told that when he called to have it restored. Instead, he was told they had been asked to turn it off by “Gregg” and Hasan would have to speak with Gregg to have it restored. Hasan sent the audio recording of the conversation to all of us in his email.

          1. that audio file could become very important glad lots of people have copies archived

            its not watergate but woodhousegate

        2. Dallas is an ultra liberal masquerading as a Rino; in order to advance the socialist agenda. He is high jacking this party in an attempt to destroy it. Dallas hates conservatives and loves liberals. Just look at Tillis. The man/boy is totally out of hand. But hey what do you expect from the RINOS who have done nothing but advance socialism for the past 7 years. Sad!

        3. The security issue seems like it would be reading all the chairman’s emails during the lockout 2+2 does not equal 4 in the explanation

          who manages something like this not to notify the small group of people involved we have things like Phones, Cell phones, Facebook, Voicemail, seriously if this really was a security issue then ED mismanaged this issue and caused the problem and He has proven again he does not belong in this position

          And why has staff failed to update NCGOPCONVENTION website with the prices for the general/business session with the prices the chairman has ordered ?

    2. I agree Hasan lost a lot of respect from me for playing the race card, that’s what democrats do…

      1. What for? Inquiring minds want to know.

        The Central Committee, in its vetting of Woodhouse should have zeroed in on this firing and the reasons behind it, but that does not seem to have been done. They also do not seem to have been bothered by Woodhouse’s total lack of judgment in that infamous TV interview when he was clearly drunk on the last election night. The Central Committee has acted VERY unprofessionally in its hiring of Woodhouse, who seems to have been installed mostly for factional purposes.

  7. Dallas Woodhouse absolutely needs to resign before this becomes a national story. Hasan was elected by the delegates and should not be purposefully hindered by Woodhouse. I’m sure it feels like racism to Hasan, but I think Dallas would have done this to anyone that didn’t go along with his games — whether it was a man or woman or white or black.

    1. before this becomes a national story

      Too late. At least 20 papers from Miami to Olympia, WA have picked up the McClatchy story. Here it is in San Luis Obispo, Cal.:

  8. There was no ‘security issue’. All email accts would be locked, not just one or two. For God’s sake, show some integrity and get to the bottom quickly. It’s not rocket science. If Woodhouse lied then he should be fired immediately, so his character flaws aren’t painted on our candidates.
    I concur this was probably not racial, but for a little bit it could be. I’ll go further…this move was ‘Hitler-esque’. Control the media and communication to get what you want. If Woodhouse did this he should be ejected, and run out of town, never to be hired again in politics. This is junior league BS but puts us in the same boat as Whitewater, Watergate, Bhengazi, and ad nauseum.
    I might add that there might be a criminal or civil charge in there if this was done on purpose or without purpose. Denial of service usually takes other forms, but might apply here.

  9. Vallee Bubak is right. I would never run for State GOP Chairman; but I’m sure if I were Chairman, Dallas and His cronies would be doing the same democrat style stuff to me. And these people want us to think they are fair-minded conservatives? What a joke! It is an absolute outrage. Conservative grassroots Republicans must not become discouraged by these despicable tactics. We must be adamant to fill the upcoming conventions with true conservatives and put an end to it. If this kind of garbage is allowed to prevail in the GOP, it will be time for it to go the way of the Whigs. I have always been a Republican because of the values for which it stood. What Woodhouse and the central committee are doing to Dallas and Michele betrays and denies those values.

  10. This NEEDS to be a national story whether the account has been unlocked or not and I plan to share it with Joe and Mika of Morning Joe and with Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd to ensure it becomes National.

    And I agree that Governor McCrorey is making a loud statement with his silence – – it’s tacit approval of this attack on the Chairman.

    Why has no one pursued legal action, yet? Injunctive relief will get their attention.

    And “StraightTalker”, have you questioned why this is the FIRST time this kind of “lockout” action has ever been taken? Don’t be naive about what’s going on here…

    1. I wouldn’t put much thought into what straight talker has to say. I have read these boards for a while and he is a socialist that always attempts to alienate conservatives. He/she couldn’t care less about the GOP.

  11. This actually is a good thing. Now the average Republican can clearly see who the corrupt scum is that is stabbing our party in the back. Everyone, everyone needs to help get rid of them. No more money to the state organization. Give directly to candidates. Go to convention vote them OUT.

    1. I agree – this kind of nonsense needs to be out in the open and transparent, and there should absolutely be a ton of negative consequences – these petty antics should not be tolerated.

      It doesnt appear that there’s an adult in the room over there. There’s no way I’d give money to an organization that’s operating on this underhanded and unprofessional level.

  12. Why is Donald Trump being dragged into a petty state issue? I doubt DT even knows anything about this so keep it home and remove his photo.

    1. First I do not support Trump but with that said if They raise convention delegate fees to discourage the grassroots from coming to the state convention then they can have more control of the 30 delegates available to the national convention from the Chairman’s list. The Chairman’s list can be any list nominated from the floor of the state convention. This is important if the national convention turns into a brokered convention. So yes Trump does have a place in this discussion but once again I 110% do not want his the republican nominee but I do not want the current establishments choice either

  13. I am Greg Fornshell’s aunt. I live in Kentucky, not North Carolina. When Mr. Harnett was elected as the GOP Chairman for the NC GOP, Greg was very excited to work with him. He had great things to say about how hard he campaigned for the position and surprised many people with his election. Greg was nothing but supportive. This was in a private conversation with me via telephone since we often talk politics.
    I am disappointed that Mr. Harnett would write a letter, include Greg in the salutation, and then question him as to whether Mr. Harnett is not white enough for him. I can assure you that if, in fact, Greg Fornshell was a racist he would have been opposed to Mr. Harnett’s election from the beginning, It was quite the opposite. Disappointing to see that the GOP is not immune from the race card being played whenever disagreements – which have nothing to do with skin color – emerge.
    My nephew is Greg Fornshell with the North Carolina Republican party in their finance/accounting department. He called me today and, as we chatted about a myriad of topics, he told me about your election to the chairmanship at the recent convention.
    He thinks you are a terrific person and is excited to be working with you. I live in KY so totally clueless about N.C. politics. If, however, Greg thinks you’re great, you’re great with me as well! Congratulations and best of luck as you lead the NC Republican party to victory (we hope!). You have a beautiful family, by the way. God bless.

    Thank you Rainey! I appreciate your kindness. Blessings to you too.

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