#ncpol: Even MORE poll stuff

Okay, we came across some more complete results from the pollsters at Civitas.  We gave you the governor and president numbers earlier. Here is some more info from that survey. poll-results4

By a 48-39 margin, respondents felt North Carolina was headed on “the wrong track.”   Improving public education AND the economy were cited as the top issues by a majority of respondents.  *Not a word about bathrooms, believe it or not.*

Barack Obama’s approval rate is at 47 approve, 52 disapprove.  Pat McCrory is at 51-44.

Richard Burr leads Deborah Ross by a margin off 44-39.  Interestingly, Ross has gained FIVE POINTS in the poll since June.  Much of her newfound support appears to be siphoned off from Libertarian Sean Haugh.

Linda Coleman leads Dan Forest in the Lieutenant Governor race 39-35.  Interestingly, a total of 21% of respondents were undecided.  Forest lost one point since June, while Coleman gained THREE.

Elaine Marshall leads Michael LaPaglia 42-31 in the Secretary of State race.   Twenty-six percent were undecided on this race. 

Josh Stein leads Buck Newton 37-35 in the Attorney General’s race.   There is also a 26% undecided bloc in this race. 

Dan Blue leads Dale Folwell 37-32  in the Treasurer race.  This race has a 28% undecided bloc.

Cherie Berry is leading Charles Meeker 41-35 in the Labor Commissioner race.   A total of 24% of respondents are undecided.

June Atkinson is leading Mark Johnson in the DPI race by 42-34 with 23% undecided.

Beth Wood leads Chuck Stuber 37-30 in the Auditor’s race.   A total of 31% of respondents were undecided.

Steve Troxler leads Walter Smith in the Agriculture Commissioner’s race 41-33 with 29% undecided.

Wayne Goodwin leads Mike Causey 38-32 in the Insurance Commissioner race.  A total of 29% of respondents were undecided.



4 thoughts on “#ncpol: Even MORE poll stuff

    1. That is the deliberate failure of the Hillsborough staff and the Governor. And once again, we can all thank the Congressional District Chairmen for this.

  1. Here is the problem for the NC GOP: Trump, by the sheer force of his message, has pulled even with Hillary in nationwide polling. He has proven he can win. Normally this would provide a huge boost for his fundraising which would enable a bigger field operation in NC benefitting the seriously underfunded NC GOP candidates. But, as Trump is now in a position to topple Hillary, the Bush-Romney GOP Establishment and all their operatives and money men are doubling down on Hillary. Just today, the Bush-Obama Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, blasted Trump. This past week, John Kasich announced he would not vote for Trump while meeting at the White House with Obama and Big Business Republicans to support the latest job-killing trade bill. The GOP Establishment has cut off all money to Trump and true GOP conservatives nationwide. GOP major donors are hosting fundraisers for Hillary. Trump is being outspent by Hillary by over 4-1. Meanwhile, the GOP’s telephone operators are feverishly calling the “little people” begging for $25 contributions to “save conservatism.” The GOP Establishment–the Bushes, Romneys, Ryans, and McConnells and all their operatives–have been exposed for the frauds they are. For North Carolina Republicans, this is a terrible year in which to finally discover the truth. A lot of good, NC conservative candidates will be sacrificed on the burning altar of the GOP Establishment. At least, now, we know the truth about the Republican Party. Let us never forget their treason!

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