#ncpol: Ellmers joins Dems in bringing Ex-Im Bank back from dead

booIt was a nasty piece of government waste and cronyism. It needed to go.  Its charter expired on June 30.  It WAS dead.  But congressional Democrats — and some Republicans — decided to carry water for the unions and the donor class by giving the bank a new lease on life.  A total of 127 Republicans joined 186 Democrats to vote YES.   ONE Democrat, Alan Grayson of Florida, sided with 117 Republicans to vote NO. 

As far as the North Carolina delegation was concerned — nominal Republican Renee Ellmers joined Democrats David Price, G.K. Butterfield, and Alma Adams to support reviving the Ex-Im Bank.  

Here’s a disgusted Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee:

[…] “The more Americans learn about the Export-Import Bank’s political lending, corruption and fundamental unfairness, the more they want it to end. That’s why we’re seeing a record number in Congress vote to end Ex-Im both in the Senate, where a majority of Republicans voted against it in July, and today in the House,” House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling said in a statement after the vote.

“The last time the House voted on a long-term reauthorization of Ex-Im, only 93 members voted against it. Today, 118 voted no,” he continued. “Momentum is moving in favor of those who oppose Ex-Im’s corporate welfare and instead support a competitive, free enterprise economy.”

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Stephen Fincher, R-Tenn., and faces an uncertain future in the Senate. There, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has said that he will not bring a standalone bill reauthorizing Ex-Im to the Senate floor. However, McConnell did say he would accept the legislation if it were attached to another piece of legislation, such as the Highway Trust Fund.

Prior to the bill’s passage, Republicans opposing the bank and Democrats supporting it debated Ex-Im’s merits for an hour on the House floor.omgwtf

“This is going to be an important debate that we have today because it’s a debate about what type of economy are we going to have,” Hensarling said earlier on the House floor. “An economy based upon fairness, where your prosperity is dependent upon how hard you work on Main Street? Or is it dependent upon who you know in Washington?

“I respect the views of all members, but if we are ever, ever to deal with the threat of a social welfare state, we must first take care of the corporate welfare state, and the face of the corporate welfare state is the Export-Import Bank,” Hensarling, R-Texas, continued.[…]


We can’t even get HALF of the GOP majority to vote in favor of the free market.

Again, can someone please explain to me the importance of having a Republican majority?  I mean, when we have MORE THAN HALF of said majority that can’t agree on eliminating such a clear example of government waste, cronyism, and corruption, WHAT IS THE POINT OF VOTING REPUBLICAN??


3 thoughts on “#ncpol: Ellmers joins Dems in bringing Ex-Im Bank back from dead

  1. The GOP is dead. We have one party rule and even they have thrown all power to a tyrannical president. I’m out of solutions. Activists have tried getting inside the party..That has failed. Look at the NCGOP. We have tried influencing from the outside. Failure…What’s next? I’m not giving up, but we in the grassroots are seriously out of ideas short of putting up all new members of Congress, there’s no hope. But even when we try supporting great candidatates, the GOPe, the”conservative” activist haters and the leftists squash our candidates like bugs. Remember how those on our own side tried to destroy Brannon and they still can’t stop their tirade against him and he’s not even running. Guess they are making sure he won’t surface to run again. But we don’t hear a peep about Ellmers, Burr and Tillis all throwing in with the Dems and the O Republicans even to fund that immoral Planned Parenthood.

  2. “The GOP is dead. We have one party rule and even they have thrown all power to a tyrannical president. I’m out of solutions.”
    Me too, Ginny. I’m dead in the water. America no longer has a “two party system”. We have a one party “Washington Insider” system.
    Like you, I had great hopes for Ellmers, Burr & Tillis. They smile and lie to our faces, while sticking a knife in our backs.
    I agree, the Ex-Im Bank appears nowhere on most people’s radar screens. But their non-performance goes to the totality of the circumstances.
    They promised to repeal Obamacare, end Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal aliens, secure our porous southern border, and de-fund the ghouls at Planned Parenthood.
    They lied to us.
    Being the damned radical that I am, maybe it’s time for the southern states to go back to the Civil War era, and secede from the union. Texas (and some other states) have already discussed this.

  3. I ran for US Congress in 2012 not because I thought I would win, but because I KNEW I could help NC go Republican and we DID. States Rights means we need to take care of our own!!! you listening 2nd district? ?#?JimDuncan?, ?#?KayDaly?, ?#?FrankRoche?

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