#ncpol: Dallas Woodhouse is very, very, very, very, very, very, very – (um) – SORRY.

At least THAT is (kinda) what the email said that he sent out to a bunch of NCGOP bigwigs last night:

From: Dallas Woodhouse <dallas.woodhouse@ncgop.org>
Date: December 7, 2015 at 6:37:22 PM EST
Subject:Apology for Fundraising Letter Mistake
To: NCGOP Central Committee
From:   Dallas Woodhouse – NCGOP Executive Director
Re:  Apology for Fundraising Letter Mistake 
I wanted to share my apology with the Central Committee that I have personally communicated with Chairman Harnett.  Due to a mistake that I am ultimately responsible for, we sent out a fundraising letter with Chairman Harnett’s name and signature on it that the Chairman did not approve.  No communication with anyone’s name on it should be sent out from the state office without their prior authorization.  We are reviewing our procedures to implement safe guards to ensure this does not happen again.
Mr. Chairman, I apologize for the error and am committed to not allowing it in the future. 
Further, one sentence could have been worded better to avoid some confusion about the party’s role during primary season. We will be more precise in the future.
We are set for the next central/executive  committee meetings on Saturday January 9th in High Point.  A formal notice will be sent later this wfeuding-brothers-800eek with times and exact locations.
We are working to help find candidates for as many legislative races as possible, as well as other statewide races.   District chairs, please ask around to see what races are still in need of Republican candidates.  We have scheduled a conference call for the Central Committee on Monday, December 14th at 6:30 p.m.  Katie will be sending around call information.
We are working to further improve our financial situation by the end of the year.  We will be making a push for payment of outstanding executive committee dues as well as hosting our Christmas Party at NCGOP Headquarters on December 17th.  We had a great Hall of Fame event and I am optimistic about moving into 2016.
Please contact me with questions.
Dallas Woodhouse
Executive Director
In case you missed it, THIS is what Dallas is apologizing for.
Gee, I don’t know.   In the recipient list — which we’ve redacted — I did not see the names of Mr. Burr’s TWO primary opponents.  It seems like they were the most aggrieved parties here.

18 thoughts on “#ncpol: Dallas Woodhouse is very, very, very, very, very, very, very – (um) – SORRY.

  1. I still can’t get over the executive committee “dues” as if volunteering and traveling and sitting through those pointless meetings isn’t enough. Then you get a bill for your trouble, I can understand why more folks don’t serve.

    1. even worse when we spend our time and gas money to attend a meeting and they do not book the room long enough to complete the meeting in a reasonable time. 2 times this year once with one EC and once with this new EC
      HEY Mr Woodhouse when you send out the notice to the EC make sure there is a copy of the budget included for everyone to study before the meeting since the meeting main goal is the passage of a budget and also a tentative agenda and minutes from the last meeting. Yea little things like this would make the EC meeting go so much better plus you will come off more professional and earn some credibility back

    2. A word about those “dues”. ExComm members are under no such obligation. There was a time over a decade ago when the NCGOP was out of power and therefore largely out of money, even to keep the HQ doors open. The ExComm of that time voted to raise needed money from themselves. That decision became a tradition which is not legally binding upon the present day Executive Committee and is mentioned nowhere in the NCGOP governing documents.

      Who would wish to tender their hard earned money to support the corrupt, unaccountable farce that today’s NCGOP has become?

      1. Thanks and you are correct but you might have to pay your dues in other ways at meetings you take the risk of not having the star on your name badge or your name printed in a different color to separate and chastise the non payers among the payers

  2. I think the central committee members that voted for this guy should resign or better yet stand in front of the next executive committee and apologize to is us and then resign. I am serious I consider each cc member that voted for this dude a enemy to the conservitive cause and a enemy to our state Republican party and the ec needs to somehow show strength against the cc

  3. “We will be more precise in the future” – I remember several HOURS of conversation in Cherokee regarding this EXACT topic. Woodhouse should be FIRED!!!

  4. I have not received an apology from Mr. Woodhouse, and frankly, I don’t expect to get one. He’s too blinded by his arrogant, dismissive “superiority” to see the need for one.

    I’ve been told that Mr. Woodhouse doesn’t think I “bring anything to the table,” so that’s probably another reason I won’t receive an apology. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so that’s his–fine.

    But I’ll tell you right now, Mr. Woodhouse and Richard Burr will see exactly what I and THOUSANDS of DISGUSTED conservatives in North Carolina “bring to the table” on March 15, 2016!

    Please help me put this jerk in his place, folks. Please help my campaign!

    Larry Holmquist

    1. Larry since I cannot say I support you due to NCGOP rules I can only tell you that I support the most conservitive person in this race. Conservitive people have to keep fighting win or loose to help keep America great

  5. What Dallas Woodhouse did was put up the state chairman’s name as endorsing a candidate in a Republican primary, and without the chairman’s knowledge or permission. He owes an apology to more than just the chairman. Woodhouse owes an apology to the other candidates and to all the GOP activists in the state. He also owes a letter of resignation. He is a loose cannon who we cannot afford to have running the headquarters in a critical election year.

    Woodhouse cannot even bring himself to properly describe what he did wrong. It is a whole lot more than ”one sentence could be worded better”. Woodhouse sounds like Bill Clinton arguing about ”what ‘is’ is”. What he did was violate the state Plan of Organization by endorsing a candidate in a primary. Why can’t he man up and admit it?

    This is the problem the party gets for hiring someone who had absolutely no background or experience in the GOP party structure in NC. Things like this just went over his head. The Central Committee should be ashamed of its power politics in hiring this goofball.

    One obvious problem is that Woodhouse does not seem to comprehend that he needs to follow the rules. That is the problem that now has the IRS investigating the organization he previously ran, Carolina Rising, and it is the basis of his transgression in this situation.

    When will the GOP cut its losses with Woodhouse and get someone who is capable of doing the job?

  6. Well damn. Give the man credit for even acknowledging an error of this type. It’s refreshing to see a desire from the new ED to take a corrective measure of any kind on something like this. I bet it’s not repeated.

    I think you’ve been a bit lacking in generosity toward Woodhouse right here at Christmas time, Haymaker. He made an error and owned up to it. You guys are known for giving credit where it is due.

    Todd Bennett
    Farmville, NC.

  7. If an employee sent out a letter that was contradictory to company policy, and the letter included the name and signature of the Chairman of the Board, without the Chairmans knowledge or approval, I’m pretty sure there would be only one ending to that story.

    1. What makes you conclude that Dallas Woodhouse sent out the letter? How do you know this wasn’t done through the RNC as it often is? Seems to me Mr. Woodhouse was apologizing for not minding the store. The buck stops with him in so many words. Admirable.

      1. RNC does fundraising for itself. The NCGOP does the fundraising for the NCGOP. Woodhouse has clearly admitted signing the chairman’s name to the letter without telling the chairman or allowing him to review the letter.

  8. I knew that whole Dallas v Brad Woodhouse was a ruse all along. Must be working together to destroy what little was left of the NCGOP. They all deserve each other. Rove should be proud.

  9. This “apology” should have gone out to the members of the NCGOP Executive Committee as well, as they are who the Central Committee is responsible to. January 9 won’t be here soon enough. Please re-read the comments of John Steed, Patrick (2) and Straightalker above and realize the problem that has to be handled. Regarding candidate recruitment we are lucky, in Craven County, to have three NC Legislators who have agreed to run again with our full support. Thanks Norman, Michael and John. I would hate to try to fill those spots with the NCGOP in such disarray.
    Carl Mischka, Craven County.

    1. Dallas Woodhouse did extend a written apology to me last night (one that, by rights, should have gone to every Republican in North Carolina), and posted his apology on Facebook.

      Although his “recollection” of what happened and what was said differs from mine significantly, I accept his apology and am ready to redouble my efforts on my campaign against Richard Burr.

      However, it will be interesting to see how the NCGOP Executive Committee chooses to handle this matter when they meet on January 9th.

      Larry Holmquist

  10. Woodhouse needs to resign! No wonder so many people are leaving the GOP, with dishonest brokers like Woodhouse having most of the power. What a disgrace! My Republican Women’s Club knows we cannot endorse anyone because of other primary candidates. Why does Woodhouse not know that? I suspect he does, but thought he could get away with it. AND BTW, RETURN THE $$ STOLEN FROM THE CHAIR AND VICE-CHAIR, ELECTED BY WE THE PEOPLE, SO THAT THEY CAN CARRY OUT THEIR DUTIES!!

  11. Woodhouse has not been in his position long, but this is not the first instance of his saying something wildly inappropriate. It seems to be a pattern with him.

    When Brian Brown resigned his House seat in Pitt County, the GOP chairwoman railroaded in a doctor who supports the Obamacare Medicaid expansion as a replacement, giving far short of the legally required notice of the meeting to stymie any other candidates. The doctor was also Tim Moore’s choice. The NCGOP General Counsel, an elected officer of the party, had ruled that the meeting was not legal. After the county chairman went ahead with the meeting anyway and announced that the doctor was the new appointee, a complaint was filed by a local Republican, and it was after that when Dallas Woodhouse intruded into the picture.

    In spite of the party’s General Counsel ruling that the meeting was not legally called, Woodhouse took it upon himself right after the filing of the complaint to tell both the local Greenville newspaper and local Greenville radio station that ”the doctor will get the apppointment”. In the first place, Woodhouse is only the hired help and should never have been the one talking to the media. The most appropraite person was probably the General Counsel, but otherwise it should have been the state chairman. And Woodhouse should never have advocated ramming this thing through in spire of a massive violation of the Plan of Organization or contradicted an elected party officer. Also, since a complaint was pending with the party, the party did not need to be taking sides until it was resolved and by doing so, woodhouse made the party look corrupt.

    Then there is the case of Woodhouse drunkenly babbling things on camera to a TV reporter about the Carolina Rising operation that indicate illegality in the way that organization operated. If the Cental Committee saw that video, they should have known that Woodhouse was unfit for office and should never be allowed anywhere near the media.

    Woodhouse is too big for his britches and needs to get the sack.. The NCGOP can do a lot better.

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