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NC-03: Even More questions about that GRNC “recommendation”

  I know, for tax purposes, you can’t say “endorsement” — even though THAT is exactly what it looks like is going on here.  In a previous post, we raised questions about how Grass Roots North Carolina came to a  decision on a particular candidate…

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#ncpol: Dallas Woodhouse is very, very, very, very, very, very, very – (um) – SORRY.

At least THAT is (kinda) what the email said that he sent out to a bunch of NCGOP bigwigs last night: From: Dallas Woodhouse <> Date: December 7, 2015 at 6:37:22 PM EST To:[redacted] Subject:Apology for Fundraising Letter Mistake To: NCGOP Central Committee From:  …

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#nc-02: Kay and those endorsements

Kay Daly is betting big on voters being impressed by the conservative celebrity endorsements on her campaign website.  When she first announced, we were quick to point out that only one person on that list — George Little –could actually vote in the Second District….

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SC Primary: Um, THANKS ?????

              A former South Carolina state official convicted on drug charges has endorsed Ron Paul for President: South Carolina’s former treasurer who spent 10 months in prison on a cocaine charge says his experiences as a victim of the…