#ncpol: Dallas & Gramps seek another go-’round at NCGOP


They were charged with two major responsibilities:  (1) Get Pat McCrory reelected, and (2) Get Robert Edmunds reelected.  They failed on both accounts.  Yet, NCGOP insiders are swooning over the thought of two more years of Dallas Woodhouse and his grandpa Robin Hayes at the helm.  Let’s review some key moments from their era at the top of the state party:

  1. Duplicity and Skullduggery.   A hard-working young African-American man named Hasan Harnett sneaked up on the NCGOPe and won the chairman’s post fair and square.  He knocked off the party establishment’s hand-picked token candidate and pledged to open the process up to the people.  To the ruling clique, this would not do.

    NCGOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse led a smear / sabotage campaign against Harnett that began on his election day.  Harnett was locked out of party offices and his email account.    Stories were leaked to the media alleging incompetence on Harnett’s part. The ruling clique had money moved out of party coffers and then leaked stories about alleged fundraising problems. (Never mind that Harnett’s fundraising totals were in line with those of Hayes and other previous party chairmen during the same period.)  Allegations of criminal misconduct were leveled at Harnett.  Party insiders began efforts to have Harnett removed.

    Harnett was removed during a meeting that occurred while he was traveling out of the country on business.  Robin Hayes was conveniently at that meeting, claiming that he did not show up to run for chairman while at the same time retrieving a prepared speech from his jacket pocket.

    Dallas led a chorus of claims that Harnett was a security risk.  Meanwhile, Dallas’s brother — who can be seen all over MSNBC giggling with Dallas — leads a Hillary Clinton-aligned group that evidence suggests paid thugs to beat up old people at Donald Trump rallies.  *And, apparently, Dallas is not  a security risk.*

    To this very day, no one at NCGOP has pressed criminal charges against Harnett regarding the alleged misdeeds.  The clique was able to oust this outsider and return the chairman’s post to a trusted member of their coterie.  So,  damage to Harnett’s reputation be damned — the narrative conveniently got dropped.

    The current regime at the state party is steeped in duplicity, back-stabbing, and dirty double-dealing.  Donald Trump saved Dallas and his Gramps from presiding over what really could have been a major disaster.

  2. Robin Hayes.  Hayes is not — and never has been — a conservative.  He was a proud member, while in Congress, of The Ripon Society — an organization founded to oppose the rise of *rabble* like Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan in the GOP. 

    Returning Robin Hayes to the chairmanship is likely to seriously damage the party along the coastal regions of the state.  Hayes is a paid employee of an organization devoted to crippling commercial fishing — an activity vital to the economy of coastal North Carolina.  You can vote to keep your good ol’ boy useful idiot in office — at the expense of significant votes for party candidates along the coast.  (Ask Pat McCrory about crossing these fishing industry folks along the coast.)

  3. Michele Nix.   Talk about a disappointment.  There was all kind of talk about her being a grassroots warrior when she got elected vice-chairman.  Yet, she stood silently by and effectively facilitated the lynching (and HELL YES it was a lynching) of Hasan Harnett.  She’s carried water for the clique in business meetings.  It’s been the Dallas Woodhouse Show for over a year now, while we’ve been treated to little more than some occasional Facebook photos and videos from Nix.  Dallas has promoted himself, while the party’s overall communications effort has stumbled and bumbled.   I hear that Heather Grant, a 2014 US Senate candidate, will be seeking the state party vice-chairman post.  The clique will likely back Nix for reelection, because she has not been a threat to their agenda.   For her own good, and the good of the party, Michele Nix needs to move on to make room for someone serious about fighting against corruption and for limited government. 

  4. Carolyn Justice.  There is a lot of buzz out there that the former party vice-chairman, legislator and current political consultant will run for state party chairman.  A lot of grassroots folks have been speaking highly of her, but I still have my doubts.  While in the legislature, she aided and abetted the Richard Morgan-Jim Black alliance that disenfranchised a lot of North Carolina voters and screwed over conservatives in the House.  During her time as vice-chairman, she was even more invisible than Michele Nix has been.  As a political consultant, she’s proven to be pretty ineffective as a political strategist.  She runs in a lot of the same circles as Robin Hayes.  I am pretty convinced that this whispering campaign is merely a false-flag effort meant to discourage any other prospective candidates from entering the chairman’s race.  (Make some noise about running, but don’t actually formally announce.)   Justice needs to do a lot more sales work to convince conservatives she’s changed her ways. 
  5. Top-to-bottom change. If you really want to change the NCGOP, you’ve got to do more than take chairman and vice-chairman.   Look at what the current batch of savages in party leadership did to Hasan Harnett.  If you want to elect serious agents of change into the top jobs, you need to get them some help in the ruling party committees.  Get some people — grounded in reality — elected to those bodies.  Clean House.