#ncpol: Dallas & Gramps seek another go-’round at NCGOP


They were charged with two major responsibilities:  (1) Get Pat McCrory reelected, and (2) Get Robert Edmunds reelected.  They failed on both accounts.  Yet, NCGOP insiders are swooning over the thought of two more years of Dallas Woodhouse and his grandpa Robin Hayes at the helm.  Let’s review some key moments from their era at the top of the state party:

  1. Duplicity and Skullduggery.   A hard-working young African-American man named Hasan Harnett sneaked up on the NCGOPe and won the chairman’s post fair and square.  He knocked off the party establishment’s hand-picked token candidate and pledged to open the process up to the people.  To the ruling clique, this would not do.

    NCGOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse led a smear / sabotage campaign against Harnett that began on his election day.  Harnett was locked out of party offices and his email account.    Stories were leaked to the media alleging incompetence on Harnett’s part. The ruling clique had money moved out of party coffers and then leaked stories about alleged fundraising problems. (Never mind that Harnett’s fundraising totals were in line with those of Hayes and other previous party chairmen during the same period.)  Allegations of criminal misconduct were leveled at Harnett.  Party insiders began efforts to have Harnett removed.

    Harnett was removed during a meeting that occurred while he was traveling out of the country on business.  Robin Hayes was conveniently at that meeting, claiming that he did not show up to run for chairman while at the same time retrieving a prepared speech from his jacket pocket.

    Dallas led a chorus of claims that Harnett was a security risk.  Meanwhile, Dallas’s brother — who can be seen all over MSNBC giggling with Dallas — leads a Hillary Clinton-aligned group that evidence suggests paid thugs to beat up old people at Donald Trump rallies.  *And, apparently, Dallas is not  a security risk.*

    To this very day, no one at NCGOP has pressed criminal charges against Harnett regarding the alleged misdeeds.  The clique was able to oust this outsider and return the chairman’s post to a trusted member of their coterie.  So,  damage to Harnett’s reputation be damned — the narrative conveniently got dropped.

    The current regime at the state party is steeped in duplicity, back-stabbing, and dirty double-dealing.  Donald Trump saved Dallas and his Gramps from presiding over what really could have been a major disaster.

  2. Robin Hayes.  Hayes is not — and never has been — a conservative.  He was a proud member, while in Congress, of The Ripon Society — an organization founded to oppose the rise of *rabble* like Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan in the GOP. 

    Returning Robin Hayes to the chairmanship is likely to seriously damage the party along the coastal regions of the state.  Hayes is a paid employee of an organization devoted to crippling commercial fishing — an activity vital to the economy of coastal North Carolina.  You can vote to keep your good ol’ boy useful idiot in office — at the expense of significant votes for party candidates along the coast.  (Ask Pat McCrory about crossing these fishing industry folks along the coast.)

  3. Michele Nix.   Talk about a disappointment.  There was all kind of talk about her being a grassroots warrior when she got elected vice-chairman.  Yet, she stood silently by and effectively facilitated the lynching (and HELL YES it was a lynching) of Hasan Harnett.  She’s carried water for the clique in business meetings.  It’s been the Dallas Woodhouse Show for over a year now, while we’ve been treated to little more than some occasional Facebook photos and videos from Nix.  Dallas has promoted himself, while the party’s overall communications effort has stumbled and bumbled.   I hear that Heather Grant, a 2014 US Senate candidate, will be seeking the state party vice-chairman post.  The clique will likely back Nix for reelection, because she has not been a threat to their agenda.   For her own good, and the good of the party, Michele Nix needs to move on to make room for someone serious about fighting against corruption and for limited government. 

  4. Carolyn Justice.  There is a lot of buzz out there that the former party vice-chairman, legislator and current political consultant will run for state party chairman.  A lot of grassroots folks have been speaking highly of her, but I still have my doubts.  While in the legislature, she aided and abetted the Richard Morgan-Jim Black alliance that disenfranchised a lot of North Carolina voters and screwed over conservatives in the House.  During her time as vice-chairman, she was even more invisible than Michele Nix has been.  As a political consultant, she’s proven to be pretty ineffective as a political strategist.  She runs in a lot of the same circles as Robin Hayes.  I am pretty convinced that this whispering campaign is merely a false-flag effort meant to discourage any other prospective candidates from entering the chairman’s race.  (Make some noise about running, but don’t actually formally announce.)   Justice needs to do a lot more sales work to convince conservatives she’s changed her ways. 
  5. Top-to-bottom change. If you really want to change the NCGOP, you’ve got to do more than take chairman and vice-chairman.   Look at what the current batch of savages in party leadership did to Hasan Harnett.  If you want to elect serious agents of change into the top jobs, you need to get them some help in the ruling party committees.  Get some people — grounded in reality — elected to those bodies.  Clean House. 



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  1. Tonight I opened my letter from the Desk of Robin Hayes Chairman (illegitimate), North Carolina GOP etc. declaring that he is running for Chairman in June. Good Lord, help us.

    I’m praying for good people to attend precinct meetings, county conventions, and district conventions. We need more credible people in leadership positions. If we can go in to a state convention attended by good delegates we have a chance. If not…

    1. A telling mailing, especially the way Robin Hayes edited his resume to leave out the troublesome parts. Nothing about his affiliation with the longtime liberal GOP organization, the Ripon Society, and old Rockefeller Republican bunch. Nothing about his affiliation with radical environmentalist groups, and that connection has even been scrubbed from their website. Nothing about his worship of establishment kingpin and anti-conservative Karl Rove. And an accompanying letter that was nothing but pablum.

  2. A lot of Hayes letters showed up today in the mailboxes of delegates to last year’s state convention.

    Once upon a time, the Vice Chair was by all accounts, the person we all thought she was. My cousin the county chair, thinks Nix got suborned because she works for First Citizens bank, which is owned by the family of a certain North Carolina Congressman. I’d vote for Heather Grant in a heartbeat.

    You’re probably correct about Justice being a false flag, no conservative is she. I still remember her badmouthing the anti-toll roads people one night at a fundraiser because they wouldn’t get behind the Tillis campaign.

    Changing the Party for the better requires changing the District Chairs.

  3. You’re being too hard on Michele Nix, she’s done about as good of a job as anyone could have done. There was no need for her to go down with the Hasan ship.

    Heather Grant doesn’t have the energy or stamina to be Vice Chair, don’t forget she ran for Insurance Commissioner and then pulled her name out for health reasons.

    1. Positive Change needs to happen at the Chairman and District Chair Level so if Grant wants to make Positive Change then she should run for a Chairmanship (district or state) the Vice Chair position is not the position in this organization currently causing the problems or has any power to fix the problems if someone wins that position

  4. Robin Hayes? Another term as Woodhouse’s figurehead sock puppet? NOOOOOOOO! Both have too close ties to liberal establishment kingpin Karl Rove. Woodhouse ran a Karl Rove front that backed liberal Senate candidate Thom Tillis/. Connections to Rove shoudl be a kiss of death.

    Woodhouse is nothing but an incompetent drunk self-promoter.

    Robin Hayes is an anti-grassroots establishment hack. Not only is Hayes a member of the liberal Ripon Society, but he has close ties with radical environmentalists who are at war with our commercial fishing industry: http://www.beaufortobserver.net/Blog-3931.112112-11936.112112-NCGOP-chairman-Robin-Hayes-worked-to-kill-NC-fishing-industry.html

    Hayes strongarming the delegation over a horribly anti-grassroots national rules change at the 2012 National GOP convention should mean he should get zero support from the grassroots, EVER. The weak sisters appointed to the state Board of Elections who betrayed Re[ublicans over the past four years are names that Hayes sent forward in his previous term as chairman.

    But the very worst thing is that Hayes is nothing but a pathetic front man for an overly powerful and politically incompetent executive director.

    Carolyn Justice is not a believable alternative. Not only is there her connections to corrupt liberal GOP sellout Richard Morgan, which should be a disqualification in itself, but we need to remember that Justice was spoonfed to the executive committee as the handpicked candidate of the establishment clique. Liberal Thom Tillis even turned out the House caucus to support her by calling a caucus meeting just before the executive committee meeting at the same location to get those people to the meeting to vote. Justice’s ties to liberals Thom Tillis and Richard Morgan are good reasons that we need a different alternative.

    I think Nix has her heart in the right place, but succumbed to massive intimidation.

    The Central Committee is a major place that we need to drain the swamp, beginning with the district chairmen and working up to the state chairman. We need a grassroots candidate.

  5. The problem is that the NC GOP Establishment which controls the state party doesn’t stand for anything much. In the last election, the Democrats went hardcore left and took control of the Supreme Court, the Governorship, and the Attorney General’s Office–the Big Three. Had Trump not been leading our ticket, the NC GOP would have been totally smoked. We have to have a strong conservative message led by real conservatives. It’s that simple.

  6. Lets make it clear no one that witnessed Mr. Robin Grandpa Hayes running the last executive committee meeting should want 2 more years of that for the party

    Lets make it clear no one should run for Chairman or ViceChair without properly under standing the hows and whys the last convention elected Chairman was removed from power and replaced one week before a called state convention

    Lets make it clear for the NCGOP to be strong again the organization needs an honorable central committee and it would be hard to name a honorable member of that committee at this time. VOTE IN HONORABLE DISTRICT CHAIRS

    Lets make it clear the thing i say have been called bat s##t crazy and hysterical by party leaders when you ask for things like historical references to budget data and when you do not like back room deals when it comes to determining the Chairmans salary for a organization that runs on donations. A organization that I have been told cannont be run like a business because it is a political organization. But also one that does not want to either be accountable to the donors

    NC Republicans need to just say NO to Robin Hayes running again for Chairman of the party

      1. While attending Dan Forest’s Christmas Party, I got some insight on why some folks were not called upon at that ExCom meeting on the budget. One member who was never recognized by Hayes from the chair had arrived early to look at the budget, with an HQ staffer hovering over him. This ExCom member noticed that while the previous year’s budget had a line item for travel, the new one did not and asked the staffer about that. He was told that travel had been split among several line items. and those all carried names that one would never suspect were travel like ”grassroots support”, and they all added up to more than the previous year’s travel line item. Obviously Hayes must have been told that this member had connected some dots they did not want connected and so he was ignored when he tried to get the floor. It was disgraceful the way Hayes ran that meeting. One really wonders what else was hidden in this clandestine budget by the Woodhouse / Hayes regime.

        1. you are pointing out hysterical observations on a meeting that is now historical

          it was weird at the last min to have a viewing kind of like having a open casket at a wake

    1. Why should we change anyone on the Central Committee? The only one who really thinks for herself is Nix. The rest of us are into group-think. We put our boy Dallas in control, and Dallas was shown the ropes by Karl Rove. Hasan did not sit quietly as a token chairman, so we had to gin up a reason to get rid of him. Hayes makes the perfect token chairman and lets our boy Dallas run the show. We need to reelect everyone on the Central Committee because you grassroots peasants do not deserve any voice in the party. We need to let Dallas do our thinking for us. Robin will do that. The current Central Committee will do that. You grassroots types are just peasants. We are the elite.

  7. Spending valuable resources and energy to correct the NCGOP is a futile and ever failing effort. All political parties, by their nature tend to corruption. Conservatives, to be politically successful MUST operate outside such self-defeating political bodies. That Ripon Society “tip of the iceberg” should indicate the wide ranging control of the GOP by the same Establishment that controls that “other” party. It’s all an orchestrated game to keep us under control. WHERE are the conservative candidates for state and federal offices coming from? I would suggest a conservative movement, w/o Roberts Rules, would be more productive. We preserve our independence by being ACTIVE independents. Nuff said.

    1. Fortunately or unfortunately, the GOP is the only game in town. Until you conservative independents build a structure to recruit and support candidates, you are a non-player. If you want to prove yourself, build a structure and find some conservative candidates to run, either in a GOP primary or as Unaffiliateds in November and try to get them elected over some of the RINOs. There is a target rich environmental out there in the House. You seem to be all talk and no do. If you want anyone to follow you, it is time for action, not words. You have been talking this Unaffiliated game for a long time and it seems to be a bridge to nowhere. Conservatives need to get the most value for our time and money, and it is simply not there with your suggestions.

  8. What we need to do if we are gonna try and have someone run against Robin Hayes is start planning now. We can’t have it where we just talk , we need to think of people in certain counties and districts to run for Chair and Vice Chair. District chairs we need an overall change. Let’s Say NO to Robin Hayes.

  9. Interesting read. As a lifelong conservative Republican who is also black, I have stayed away from the party apparatus. Just as I was considering a move to get involved, I witnessed what happened to Hasan Harnett. What a shame. Trump’s momentum could be the catalyst to a new conservative movement that offers new ideas, new faces and new alliances. Conservatism works for everyone. I hope to see some newness from the NCGOP.

    1. Black Republicans have a habit of coming to misfortune when Hayes is around. Vernon Robinson was a contender for the new 13th Congressional district, but we all know Hayes’ man won the nomination. Hayes engineered the ouster of the late Tim Johnson from the NCGOP Vice Chairmanship. When the first draft of the previous 13th District was published in 2011, many of the counties in the district (Rockingham, Person, and Granville) were familiar with and had previously voted for Bill Randall and so of course, a second draft was made that took those counties out of the 13th so that Randall would be disadvantaged in favor of George Holding. The Chairman at the time? Robin Hayes. And then there’s Hasan Harnett, and we all know that story.

  10. Michelle Nix did what she had to do, keep quiet and try to be a good bridge builder between the Tea Party and the Establishment. If she would have raised a ruckus over Harnett being ousted from his Chairman seat then GUESS WHAT she would have been removed from her vice chair position.

    Want to make sure a good Chairman gets elected to lead the NCGOP and can stay there!!! then you MUST attend your District Convention, just attending your County Convention isn’t going to cut it anymore. The Central Committee is 31 seats, (13 of which are District Chairs) those are elected in odd-numbered years at District Convention. National Committeeman and Committeewoman are elected in Presidential Election Year at the State Convention, they are NCGOP CC votes too!!! Finally, get involved in Auxiliary groups (Women’s Club, Men’s Club, Young Republicans, College Republicans, etc) these count for 7 CC Votes!!!!

  11. All you need now is that unethical creep Ken Robol to take over as webmaster of the NCGOP. How in the hell that guy is still employed at a local community college is unbelievable after all the illegal and under handed operations he was involved in.

    I wonder if he and Harvey West are still meeting these days?

  12. JUST THE FACTS. Nix used her position with NCGOP as a stepping stone for her run in Walter Jones seat. Out in the mountains to the coast she turned off her supporters with her power plays and ego. Did you know she treathen every activist, elected or not with ” My Way or Highway” push. She for herself, not the good of activist. BAD NEWS

    1. That is pretty big accusation there ? When you say something like that you need to back it up with proof ?

    2. The word I have heard is that the conservative candidate in that race to succeed Walter Jones will be State Rep. Michael Speciale (R-Craven)

  13. Does anyone even know when the precinct meetings or county meetings will be? I have called and emailed, facebooked our local county officers (that I could find) and can get no information. call the state party HQ just to find out WHAT MONTH they are in and after several attempts finally got a telemarketer (who told me she was not a Republican) to tell me that she would have someone call me since she didn’t have that info.

    I admit it has been 10 years at least since I attended a precinct or county convention and it was in a different state. After going to my county party several times during the fall campaign to only see a few old men sitting around in the back of the office not doing anything and having to go to another county just to get a Trump yard sign, I don’t have a lot of hope that anything will be different this year.

    I wanted to go just to help make sure that the party is actively trying to support Trump at all levels for the next two years.

    Anyway, if anyone has ANY idea when the party precinct meetings will be and post that here, it will be appreciated.

      1. thanks for this info. unfortunately, the only information you will find on our county’s website or facebook page is how to sign up to help in the 2016 campaign!

        1. Every county party that wishes to send delegates to the state convention MUST advertise the county convention at least 15 days prior in that county’s newspaper of record. Watch for it. Many counties (especially rural ones) hold precinct meetings on the same day in March immediately prior to the Convention, rather than separate precinct meetings in February.

  14. We need to get a chairman who is capable of holding a press conference, which Hayes is not unless he has Woodhouse there to hold this hand. Hayes is past it. The chairman is the one who should be the party’s face with the media, not a hired gun ED.

  15. This looks like the same old same old. Yawn. The GOP is useless. Carolyn Justice and Hayes ar no conservatives. Opportunists? Yes. Effective? NOOOOO

  16. The Republican Party needs to do what it did in a similar polarized factional situation in 1975. We need a new face, who has no baggage from the past factional conflict. Otherwise the factional animosity just continues and hurts our party. Both of the names for chairman have as much baggage as the lost luggage office at JFK airport. Neither fits the bill.

    In 1975, the party was trying to recover from the Holshouser-led (really led by his top political operative Gene Anderson) party purge of 1973-74. Both Holshouser’s ”Old Guard” and the grassroots / conservative / Gardner / Helms wing realized the party did not need another no holds barred fight for control. What was needed was a new face who had not been a player in the 1973-74 battles. Fortunately, both sides put the party first and found such a candidate whom they could agree on; Bob Shaw of Guilford County (later a state senator),, buried the hatchet and unified behind Chairman Shaw.

    After Holshouser left office, the party was dominated by Senator Helms’ Congressional Club until the election of Jim Martin as governor. The ”Club” backed chairmen of this period, Jack Lee and Dave Flaherty were also well chosen to continue to heal the wounds. Both were personally staunch Helms conservatives who valued the role of the grassroots but were both also respected by the Old Guard. During this period the Old Guard disappeared as a political force within the party.

    The party in 2017 needs to find its Bob Shaw, and the two names mentioned in the article are non-starters. One would hope they would drop out if a consensus building candidate emerges, but we will probably not be that lucky. The real problem the party faces today is finding someone who will have the trust and backing of both the grassroots party workers and the contributors. Such a candidate will have to be recruited and will almost certainly have to overcome the present party establishment which is not likely to climb down from its power trip.

    Who could fit this bill? One possibility would be a conservative legislator who has some background in the party organization, and probably from the more conservative Senate. One name that comes to mind as a possiblity is Sen. Joyce Krawiec, who has conservative credentials and also is a former state party vice chairman. Unfortunately, we do not have too many legislators these days with a strong party background. Another possibility would be a successful present or former county chairman with a grassroots appeal, Keith Kidwell who ran for the last vacancy would be a possiblity, but I think the one who would be a superstar in that role would be Jim Duncan.

    The important thing is to get someone with the right stuff to come forward and the sooner the better.

    Then there is the role of the Executive Director, another place where a change is badly needed. It is a very unusual circumstance that an ED becomes a lightning rod for controversy within the party, but that is exactly what we have presently, and that needs to change by bringing in someone new who will not be a center of controversy. In the past we have always had ED’s who properly took a back seat to the chairman, and we will need to find someone with a background in the NCGOP who can do that while making sure all of the balls stay in the air. We also need a Central Committee who will work with the chairman in selecting an ED who will work with both. The current Central Committee trying to run over the chairman (Harnett) and put in someone who would be a rival, not a team player with the chairman, is a root of much of our current party split.

    The party cannot afford to have either the party workers or the party contributors sit on their hands, and a continuation of the current party split is likely to have one or the other happen. We need to find the figure who can bring everybody together, and that name in not in the race as yet.

    1. Krawiec….she was VC for all of six months, then she jumped ship for a better gig. That is a description of an opportunist, not a paragon of dedication.

      Kidwell…..let him alone to go for a District Chairmanship…a lot of us agree that new district chairs are needed.

      An argument can be made that it is the condition of the NCGOP, that made McCrory a casualty. Of course,the inverse is also true that McCrory made the NCGOP as it currently is. I suspect that Dan Forest is mindful of that, be interesting to see if he works to recruit the kind of Chairman candidate that you’re talking about.

  17. MORE 411. Jim Duncan has no interest in party chairmanship. After he got screwed out of his run for Congress by Redistricting, he was approached to be chair after Hasan mess, “No Fing Way” He done with party. FYI Dan Forest will not gotten involved in Chair race. After last convention he swore never again he favored his close friend and got pushed into Collins Gang.

    1. I, too, heard that the coup plotters had approached Jim Duncan, and that he rejected their overtures. I heard that from someone who knows Duncan well. The interesting part was that he said he would not accept the chairmanship that way; that if he wanted to be chairman, he would run for it, properly, at a convention. That speaks volumes for his character, and it also says that his answer was not a ”hell no under any circumstances”.

      It reminds me of King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia who was offered the crown of a united Germany by a quasi-revolutionary convention in 1848 and responded that ”I would not pick up a crown from the gutter”. His son Wilhelm, attained the crown of a united Germany by more conventional means a couple of decades later. Jim Duncan also refused to pick up the crown from the gutter.

      As to Dan Forest, he is smart not to make an open endorsement. It turns my stomach to see the parade of elected officials trying to push their weight around in endorsing chairman candidates. Our real leaders like Senators Helms, East, and Faircloth never did that. Forest would be much smarter to have his key allies recruit and back a candidate that he is comfortable with, while he stays above the fray.

      If I were Dan Forest, I would have someone close to me on the phone to Jim Duncan right now.

      1. I always say Let “we the people” run the party and have the elected officials stay out of party business.

  18. Hayes very flawed chairmanship, where his actions and some inactions probably cost the GOP three statewide offices this last election, should be blistered by his opponents. Hayes major blunders include the following:

    1. Boards of Elections. Hayes sent over the names for appointment to both the state and county boards of elections at the end of his previous term as chairman, with the county boards serving two years and the state board four. While multiple counties had problems with Hayes substituting his own names for those the county sent up, and some of Hayes substitutes were people known to connive with the Democrats, the real problem was in his very weak State Board of Elections slate. Hayes appointees regularly treated Republicans on the county boards like dirt while they pandered to the Democrats on the county boards. Where this particularly hurt us in the November election was when the State Board of Elections frequently sided with the Democrats on early voting locations and times to match them to times and places beneficial to Democrat machine voting. These Board of Elections shananigans could easily have cost our candidates for Governor, Attorney General, and State Auditor more votes than they lost by. We need a state chairman who will put the right sorts of people on the State Board of Elections, and not monkey around with county appointments. County parties are much better judges of local people than the state chairman is.

    2. Hayes carrying water for his radical environmentalist friends to the detriment of the Republican Party. Hayes involvement with environmentalist groups hostile to our commercial fishing industry have been well documented on this site. Commercial fishing leaders have been active at many levels in the GOP for decades, and it was senseless to attack them and try to put them out of business. Particularly damaging was Hayes strongly pushing three environmentalists opposed to the fishing industry for appointment to the Marine Fisheries Commission just prior to the election. The blowback from this blunder cost McCrory thousands of votes down east and may by itself have made the difference in McCrory losing. Hayes clearly cared more for his environmentalist buddies than for the success of the GOP. He threw McCrory under the bus for their benefit.

    3. Hayes and Woodhouse trying to throw Trump under the bus, which hurt McCrory, not Trump – After emergence of the Billy Bush locker room talk open mic tape, Hayes issued a press release in his name, undoubtedly written by Woodhouse, that denounced Trump for those comments and asserted that McCrory was not like that. After that blunder, there were numerous reports, including a number posted on this site, of Trump voters voting only for Trump and in no other races. This stupid Woodhouse / Hayes blunder probably cost McCrory and other Republicans thousands of votes. Anyone with any political savvy, which neither Hayes nor Woodhouse possess, would have either stayed silent or tried to turn the attention to other issues.

    4. Both Hayes and Woodhouse failed to take meaningful steps to counter Operation Blueprint and its most public manifestation, Rev. Barber’s Monday freak shows. Of course one of the most effective counters would have been trotting out our black NCGOP chairman to counter Barber, but Woodhouse and Hayes and their cohorts made sure we did not have a black NCGOP chairman to do that, and even before Harnett’s ouster, Woodhouse blocked Harnett’s attempts to hold press conferences on behalf of the party.

    Abbott and Costello would be about as effective as this pair of buffoons. Our party must do better.

  19. Another thought here – Why is the NCGOP enamoured of failed former Congressmen as NCGOP chairmen? First Cobey and now Hayes. Cobey was ”one and done” after running a poor reelection campaign. Hayes got thown out of Congress by his constituents because he betrayed them and voted for NAFTA after promising to oppose it.

    These failed Congressmen had no background in the party organization. They were never county or district chairmen, and, heck, not even a precinct chairman. They never served on a county executive committee or the state central committee. They were handed an ex officio seat on the state executive committee as a Congressman but never attended. Their own political campaigns were designed by consultants, not themselves. They lacked any experience in the party structure, even more so than Hasan Harnett lacked much experience..

    Both relied on someone else to actually function as chairman. The current story of Woodhouse being the real chairman while Hayes is the figurehead is well known. Those who remember Cobey will remember he also had his very own Woodhouse figure in Bill Peasley. The election of Cobey as chairman left Peasley, under the title as NCGOP staff counsel, a paid full time job, as the person really running the party. Not only was Cobey a figurehead, but so was the ED, Debbie Beatty, a nice woman but someone who was always a follower rather than a leader, and also under Peasley’s direction.. Cobey did what Peasley told him to do, just like Hayes being a creature of Woodhouse. Peasley at least had some background in the party, as a former county and district chairman, unlike Woodhouse, who was totally new to the party, but it was Peasley who set up the secretive behind-the-scenes clique that annointed subsequent state chairmen up until McCrory became governor, and also Peasley who came up with the strategy of the state chairman trying to dictate who the six officers elected by the executive committee would be instead of leaving it to an open and free vote of the committee from nominations from the floor, as it had been previously.

    Peasley was as controversial within the party then as Woodhouse is today. He survived in his party role under Cobey’s successor, handpicked by the secretive clique that Peasley helped set up, but the next chairman after that decided that Peasley was just too much baggage, and kicked him to the curb.

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