#ncpol: A not-so-conservative #DaoudCrowd

daoudThe DaoudCrowd has become a part of the North Carolina political lexicon.  It’s got its own Twitter hashtag.  Its hero — 6th district GOp chairman AJ Daoud — posts online frequently under that pseudonym.

AJ ran briefly for state GOP chairman but, as we all know, withdrew at the last minute.  Now, he’s made known his intentions to seek the GOP nomination for North Carolina secretary of state.  (AJ ran unsuccessfully for the post in 2012.) 

Well, he’s got a formal campaign announcement coming up Monday:


Hmmm.  Look at that steering committee.  Jerry Tillman solar subsidies, gas tax hike, and “campaign office” on a Raleigh golf course.   Bill Cook and Ron Rabin — Ok, cool.  Jeff Tarte — tholl roads, solar subsidies, coffee-shop bouncer, scared of Nicole Revels.  Pat Hurley  — RINO, basically a seat-warmer.  Jim Hastings — former NCGOP chairman, IRS target.  Jamie Boles — sponsoring legislation that benefits his business, target of Nick Picerno’s wrath, keeps his job in Raleigh only because no one else wants it.   Glen Bradley — OK, cool. Jason Saine — solar subsidies, $19,000-plus in clothes.   David Lewisum, REALLY ????

Granted, to win statewide, you have to reach out to all segments of the party.  But this DaoudCrowd has quite an establishment, ruling class flavor to it — one that might not impress voters ready to rip the ruling class a new one in 2016.  

This is quite a departure from the route he took in his run for state chairman. Hopefully, if AJ gets the nomination, he won’t quit against ‘Old Lady’ Marshall. 



11 thoughts on “#ncpol: A not-so-conservative #DaoudCrowd

  1. While this is not a good sign, it is not necessarily indicative of selling out to the left either. Campaign steering committees are often little more than window dressing with no real input into the campaign.

    What will tell the tale is seeing who his consultant is, or his campaign manager if he does not have a general consultant. If it is Dee Stewart or Paul Shumaker, the pair of liberal Obama Republicans who sold their souls to Tom Steyer, George Soros, Al Gore, and the other Green Left honchos to push Obama’s green energy policies in the NC General Assembly, THAT will show he has sold out to the left. It would be enough for me to just skip over the Sec of State race. I do not plan to vote for ANY Stewart or Shumaker candidates in March OR November. They are no better than Democrats.

    1. BOE said to our treasurer do not worry, it was for a late filing report that occurred on dominant account. Accountant sent letter if report necessary if no activity. BOE said, no money in account, no fine. Hope this helps

      1. AJ it would help if this was true, if it was true there would be documentation of the fine waiver.

        You just can’t keep lying to folks and expect support.

  2. Anyone wondering if this is the deal that the establishment offered him to back out of the race for chairman of the NC GOP?

    Daoud is the real deal, solar panels on his bus and windmills at his back. Surely a candidate you can count on… … This time? ….Winner winner chicken dinner !

    1. Rumors had me getting a million dollars to back out of chairmans race. My wife Angie and I are expecting our new Bentley and our Lear Jet taking us to Bahamas this weekend……SERIOUSLY?? Truth is, we had deals from both sides thrown at us. When we rejected them, our tires were flatten. Group of people came to our suite and wanted to fight our group. People drove to my wife work to get a copy of her personal file. THE TRUTH IS prior to going on stage, Angie and I prayed and I spoke what I felt. I didn’t want to fragment our family (NCGOP) and Angie took the BS so hard, we had to go away for few weeks so she can get over it. We had folks who we had to our wedding, who borrowed money, who prayed with us, going out and trash talked us during convention. Angie took this hard because WE VALUE our friendships. All hard learning lesson. Now we know why quality people shy away from public service

      1. You think running for chairman of our state is hard? Wait until God forbid your are our nominee and the dems dig up dirt on you both.

        1. Straight Talker. I can handle attacks from liberals anytime. Its those who break bread with you, help them out during personal crisis, those for whom profess a friendship, that hit home during convention. We must unite or WE will be loosing all conservative have gained. Blessing all

  3. Brant,
    Thanks for posting about my announcement. As I explained to a few, Chad Adams being one, that my principals have not waivered. Originally Howard Coble was Chairman of Steering Committee but his passing had changed things a bit. Few points, there been no quid pro quo from Comvention. Most on our committee had contacted me and offered support feeling that I had the best chance any republican has EVER had in defeating THE MOST LIBERAL public official every elected in NC. Upon word getting out a month ago via News and Observer Marshall fired off an email (copy on Facebook) that the committee had some congressional and legislative support of AJ, and she faces “the most serious republican threath in long while”
    The steering committee is not formed to follow those political view but to show UNITY in defeat of Marshall, who by the way, is eligible for a 100k plus retirement pension at this point, WHICH IS OUTRAGEOUS. The committee is composed of folks from all different parts of the state. Sheriffs are also part of the crew and former Rep Glen Bradley, so lets show that we have a group of different parts of the state, various elected officials of different poltical beliefs.
    Let me again state that my beliefs have not changed since being elected district chair (as you reported 3 years ago of the first non establishment district chair elected) to convention to now.

    All I like to do is to clean up outdated management to help small business, limited goverment and save dollars as I did while serving on Lottery Commission.

    Finally, fine was for late filing on inactive account that BOE said don’t worry about it.

    Hope to see you and readers Monday 10:30 Old Capitol on Salisbury Street. I am available to answer any question at AJ@AJDaoud.com.

    Remember the goal is to remove the longest serving liberal, who cost Wake taxpayers 1 million dollars with her open televised encouragement of “Occupy Forces”.(on you tube)

    Blessing all.

  4. In addition to the state fine I wonder if Mr. Daoud will obey the rules of the North Carolina Republican Party Plan of Organization and resign his position as Chairman of the 6th Congressional District as required? I am in the opinion Mr. Daoud will forget all too conveniently to do so. Therefore if he is not elected as Secretary of State he can retain his job as chairman and remain important to the NCGOP.
    Mr. Daoud I would urge you to at least do one act of legitimation and give up the chairmanship of the 6th District. We will see in a couple of weeks if this has been done or “conveniently” forgotten.

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