#nc-02: Does THIS WOMAN have ANY shame? (Any at all?)


booThat’s what Renee Ellmers has.  This woman must really think her voters are stupid.  Hell, her scam has worked for nearly six years now. Renee Ellmers

When she ran against Bob Etheridge in 2010, she blasted him for campaigning on the taxpayer dime.  In 2014, and again this year, she’s been doing the same thing. 

In 2012, she publicly blasted the marriage amendment to the state constitution, and then ran ads proclaiming herself a “fighter for traditional marriage.”

Now, she’s taking to Twitter with some statements that are sure to evoke angry lightning strikes from the heavens:


Whaaaaaaa ????  HOW does that wash with all of her votes for debt ceiling increases ????

Oh, it gets even worse:



AAAARRRGH!!!!   This takes lying to an all new low.  HOW do those tweets wash with, oh,  THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS (for starters) ???

Oh, and we all remember the three hours she spent in Pinehurst trashing the effort to defund ObamaCare, and how she mocked Mark Meadows and Ted Cruz for trying to defund it?   Well, get a load of some of the latest on her Twitter feed:


By the way, she’s voted for all kinds of spending measures last year AND this year to keep funding rolling to ObamaCare.

Oh, I could go on.  But my blood pressure is climbing too high.  We’re seriously creeping into pathological liar territory.  If we can’t believe what she says on the issues, how in the hell are we expected to believe all of those denials vis-â-vis McCarthy-ism ?????