#nc-02: Does THIS WOMAN have ANY shame? (Any at all?)


booThat’s what Renee Ellmers has.  This woman must really think her voters are stupid.  Hell, her scam has worked for nearly six years now. Renee Ellmers

When she ran against Bob Etheridge in 2010, she blasted him for campaigning on the taxpayer dime.  In 2014, and again this year, she’s been doing the same thing. 

In 2012, she publicly blasted the marriage amendment to the state constitution, and then ran ads proclaiming herself a “fighter for traditional marriage.”

Now, she’s taking to Twitter with some statements that are sure to evoke angry lightning strikes from the heavens:


Whaaaaaaa ????  HOW does that wash with all of her votes for debt ceiling increases ????

Oh, it gets even worse:



AAAARRRGH!!!!   This takes lying to an all new low.  HOW do those tweets wash with, oh,  THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS (for starters) ???

Oh, and we all remember the three hours she spent in Pinehurst trashing the effort to defund ObamaCare, and how she mocked Mark Meadows and Ted Cruz for trying to defund it?   Well, get a load of some of the latest on her Twitter feed:


By the way, she’s voted for all kinds of spending measures last year AND this year to keep funding rolling to ObamaCare.

Oh, I could go on.  But my blood pressure is climbing too high.  We’re seriously creeping into pathological liar territory.  If we can’t believe what she says on the issues, how in the hell are we expected to believe all of those denials vis-â-vis McCarthy-ism ?????


18 thoughts on “#nc-02: Does THIS WOMAN have ANY shame? (Any at all?)

  1. “and then ran ads proclaiming herself a “fighter for traditional marriage.”
    Now, that’s a HOWL!
    “If we can’t believe what she says on the issues, how in the hell are we expected to believe all of those denials vis-â-vis McCarthy-ism ?????”
    “McCarthy pulls out, Ellmers lawyers up”. Score a huge BA-ZING on that one!
    Nee-Nee is sounding like the Hildabeast: “I was for traditional marriage, before I was against it. I was against illegal immigration before I was for it. I was for the Keystone Pipeline, before I was against it. I e mailed my daughter that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, before I told the public it was the video”
    Next (like Hillary) Nee Nee will be wearing “the wig of the day” to cover up her bald spot.
    Your voters may be a little slow on the uptake, Nee Nee, but now we’ve got your number. As the old saying goes: “Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!”
    By the way, has your husband filed for divorce yet (on the grounds of adultery)?

  2. Remember Gruber, the guy who gave us the Obamacare lies? Well this lying bitch is trying to Gruber the voters of the 2nd District.

    Send her home in the March primary!

  3. The proof is in her record. Glad that Mr Duncan is calling her out on those things. Time to elect someone honest.

  4. Jim Duncan fits the bill very nicely!
    A massive door knocking campaign by the Tea Party volunteers and Unaffiliated volunteers at “likely primary voter’s” doors will win the Primary!

  5. Her clone in the 6th is doing the same. The good Reverend Walker campaigned against business as ususal. Then became business as usual on his first vote and has not looked back since. The going rate to sell out to Boehner is 10 grand. Good deal on a preacher’s soul.

    1. Consider yourself blessed. You have two principled conservatives challenging Walker. Wish those of us in the 10th and 13th districts were so fortunate.

  6. It is the West Coast Offense. Renee is mixing it up so that her challengers cannot pin her down. Like the Scarlet Pimpernel she is here, there and everywhere.

    1. Are you referring to her West Coast ”friend” Kevin McCarthy of California?

      Her lies will make good campaign ads when matched up against her actual record. She will be made to look as dishonest at Hillary, which Ellmers is.

  7. Too many voters actually listen to the hyperbole and rhetoric of politicians and are too lazy to check their record, especially that record that happened more than six months before an election. Ever notice how the “conservatives” get religion right BEFORE an election, ie Richard Burr?

    1. My memory is very long and I remember the “Stand Conservative with Richard Burr” slogan of six years ago. I knew better and voted for one of the brave no-names who primaried him. Unfortunately, a lot of gullible conservatives gave him another six years. I’m all in for Larry Holmquist and will work my tail off to deliver my county for him and Ted Cruz.

      1. God bless you, Toxhandler, and thank you for your kind words and support!

        I’m doing everything I can to tell people there is a viable CONSERVATIVE alternative to six more years of our “Invisible Man” in DC, Richard Burr. I appreciate everything you’re doing to get the message out as well.

        Hang in there. We’re going to win on March 15th!

        Larry Holmquist

    2. The NCGOP is not supposed to take sides in primaries, but they did at the Hall of Fame dinner. In spite of having a primary with three announced candidates for US Senate, they did not give equal access to all three. With Dallas Woodhouse usurping the chairman’s role, the party gave establishment Big Government Republican Bichard Burr the keynote address and the two conservative candidates nothing at all. That is grossly unfair intervention in a primary by the party apparatus. All of them ought to be fed out of the same spoon.

      The state party is not going to have a leg to stand on to complain about local party leaders openly working for the conservatives against liberal Burr in the primary..

  8. Nee-Nee thinks, like a good Democrat, that if you say something often enough, it becomes true.

    Just tell your constituents a pack of lies, one after the next, in tweets, taxpayer-funded mailers, or radio ads, on all aspects of your voting record……and they will eventually forget the truth.

    Better yet, get Mark Zuckerberg and the Chamber of Commerce anti-American globalists to re-write your voting record on amnesty and immigration.

    Unluckily for you, Nee-Nee, we in NC2 know the REAL Renee Ellmers, and have completely had it with your lies, fraud, and betrayal.


    1. She is Grubering the voters. Gruber was the guy at the heart of the Obamacare lies, so ”Grubering” has become a political term.

  9. “Time to go back to the trailer court, Renee.”
    Score one big “Ba-Zing” for Jelly Biscuit!
    “Nee-Nee thinks, like a good Democrat, that if you say something often enough, it becomes true.”
    BINGO, Kathy. Nee-Nee is sounding like Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton (pegging all the needles on the Lie Detector Graph every time they speak)!
    Jimmy Kimmel Live: “How can you tell when Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Renee Ellmers are lying?”
    “Every time they open their mouths”!
    Ba-Da Bing, Ba-Da Boom!
    To paraphrase any North Carolina Christian Minister: “It sure is a cryin’ shame that MISSUS Ellmers violated the Seventh Commandment!”
    Larry Holmquist: Please forgive me sir, because (as you know) I’m a little slow on the uptake. I have been fooled, ripped off, and disappointed by liars before (many times). If God made fools, I’d be the first one in line.
    I want to believe you sir, but it seems to me we were told the same lies by Senator (AKA: False Prophet) Richard Burr! I spent two days in surgery getting the knife removed from my back!

    1. OK, Radagast, let me see if I understand this.

      Just because you’ve been lied to by Richard Burr, you’re assuming that I’m lying to you also. Well, that makes perfect sense!

      Tell you what. Please call me at 336-558-6549. I’ll give you the names and phone numbers of four people that have known me 25, 30, even 40 years. Call them and ask them if I’m a man of my word. Ask them about my passion for saving our country. Ask them if I’ve got the guts to do the right thing in the U.S. Senate.

      I’ll look forward to your call. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll assume your doubts about my honesty have been addressed.

      Larry Holmquist

      1. I was not questioning YOUR honesty sir, I was just commenting on how we’ve been lied to by the current occupants (Ellmers, Burr & Tillis). We elected them to put a stop to Obama, and they are going along with everything he proposes! I was just trying to say: “We’ve heard it all before”.
        Anyone who DOES try to keep their promises (like Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Trey Gowdy, Michelle Bachmann and the other few) are ridiculed and ostracized (even by their own Party).
        If you practice what you preach, I’ll be the FIRST one in your corner!
        But you’re right, on one point. I should not judge YOU based on your processors’ broken promises. Mea Culpa.

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