#ncpol: A fool and his newspaper column.

robcThank goodness McClatchy continues to prop up that geriatric relic RobRielleWho Christensen.  If they didn’t, where else would we find such a glaring, prominent example of lazy reporting, and contempt for his readers and everything capitalist and American? 

RobRielleWho’s latest screed is comparing the current concern about “Syrian refugees” to events that occurred during his middle-age years — The Second World War:

The most dangerous place to stand during the past few days has been between a politician and a TV camera, as they try to one-up each other in showing how opposed they are to admitting Syrian refugees.

North Carolina politicians have joined the national clamor to stop the trickle of Syrian refugees – many of them women and children fleeing war and terrorism – citing the possibility of terrorists sneaking in.[…]

First of all, this imbecile is — once again — disseminating liberal spin as pure fact.  The drive-bys and Obama-lama-dingdoing worshipers can say it as much as they want.  There is NO proof of the claim the FLOOD of refugees is “mostly” women and children.   The United Nations — that bastion of right wing extremism — is reporting that two-thirds to three-quarters of them are MEN.  The UN also reports that the “refugees” are also coming from other extremist hotbeintoleranceds like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq,and Somalia.

(Never mind the facts that (1) one of the Paris terrorists was a female suicide bomber and (2) the jihadis have shown time and again they have NO PROBLEM strapping a bomb vest onto kids, women, the elderly and mentally retarded. 

Oh, and it sure is inconvenient to mention that Alabama US senator Jeff Sessions found FIFTEEN “vetted” refugees who turned out to be terorrists. 

But the old coot wasn’t finished:

There has been loose talk about registering American Muslims and canards about Muslims cheering in New Jersey after the World Trade Center was attacked.

We have seen this all before in North Carolina – only before it was Jews and the Japanese who were the targets.[…]

Canards?  Unfounded?  The Washington Post reported on those very celebrations !!!!  There Rob goes again — repeating what he’s read on liberal websites and heard from his leftist comrades.

Rob downplays that these shameful events from history were perpetrated by his favorite party — THE DEMOCRATS.

So, Rob is against registering certain people with the government?  Does that include sex offenders and gun owners? 

The legal immigration process registers people all the time with the government. We try and track all kinds of non-citizen residents all the time.  Really, what is the problem here? 

Br3_We_CcAAOEBQWhat’s being talked about now is not comparable with throwing law-abiding citizens into internment camps.  Rob SHOULD know better.

The state government as well as the IRS and the rest of the federal leviathan do a pretty good job of registering and tracking us — from driver licenses, to voter registration, to social security numbers, to gun licenses, and the taxation process.  What harm could it do to register one more group of people who have recently come from a region filled with people who don’t mind beheading or blowing up Westerners? Folks whose “faith” includes a lot of talk about a thousand-year caliphate and wiping out non-believers?  Europe is in chaos as a result of doing what Rob and his comrades want us to do HERE. 

Once again, Rob Christensen displays his ridiculousness for all to see.  He provides yet one more example of why McClatchy and the rest of the drive-bys are failing and people are flooding to the Internet for their information.  You’re more likely to find a full exploration of the facts and SOME TRUTH online.