NCGOP’s weak response to l’affaire Hayes


Here’s the official word from NCGOP’s — apparently NEW — lawyer Josh Howard:

“Early this morning, the North Carolina Republican Party was made aware of several indictments surrounding the conduct of a major donor to both major political parties and two of his associates. The Party has been cooperating with the investigation for several months, including staff members providing statements and responding to various document requests. The Party, which has its day to day operations managed by professional staff under the direction of the NCGOP Central Committee, remains fully operational and focused on its mission at hand.”


You learned about indictments surrounding the conduct of a major donor to both major political parties and two of his associates?  (NOBODY TOLD YOU ABOUT YOUR CHAIRMAN GETTING INDICTED ?????)

Also, it’s interesting that the state party put out a release Monday  claiming Robin Hayes would hang around until after the state convention, but then leave office “due to complications from hip surgery.”  Nobody knew that Hayes had a court date the next day in Charlotte? (Nobody?) 

Did Hayes mislead party staff and leaders about what was happening in the near future?  Or did party staff and leaders purposely choose to mislead Republican activists and the people of  North Carolina about what was coming?  (It’s pretty tough to keep a federal indictment and first court appearance for a celebrity QUIET.)

Why should anyone have any confidence in what’s left up there?  There is no vice-chairman.  The chairman is indicted.  The same central committee that has been tolerating and dismissing Robin and Dallas’s antics for years is still sitting there.


You want to instill some confidence?  Get started with a clean sweep.  Get the indicted one out of office and out of there as quick as possible.  Bring in new blood that hasn’t  been tainted with the stink of Raleigh or DC  politics yet.

8 thoughts on “NCGOP’s weak response to l’affaire Hayes

  1. The State GOP was cut throat. They told the GOP Caucus what to do….Or tried to…
    Not all of us fell in line….But then,, they didn’t support all of us.
    Follow the money.
    If you support a candidate, I suggest that you donate to that Candidate’s Campaign directly.
    Do not donate to the State GOP if you expect it to get to Good Grass Roots Conservative Candidates.
    Clean Sweep is in order.

  2. If folks turn a blind eye long enough….and fail to clean their own house….someone will come along and do it for them!

    Perhaps this latest scandal will wake some folks up within the Party Leadership!

    We see felonies committed at the local level….the State level…and instead of taking a very dim view of such misconduct….folks just start whistling and acting like they are walking by a graveyard at midnight!

    Is it folks have their own skeletons to keep hidden and they fear if they say something…..they will get found out too?

  3. Weak responses are the stock in trade of the “professional staff” on Hillsborough Street.

    One need only examine recent history to recognize this.

    Is it any wonder that elected representatives and party officials are calling for heads to roll?

    1. The weak response of the NCGOP to the 9th district debacle could cost us that seat. It was pathetic.

  4. The “information-only” Executive Committee call last night was pitiful. Planted Hayes apologists, like Scott Cumbie, were in full force. Please do yourself a favor and read the indictment before you put your credibility on the line defending the players in this affair.

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