NCGOP’s lack of action on tax relief disturbing

The next time you’re filling up your gas tank at your local convenience store and cursing FILL IN THE BLANK (the store owner, the oil companies, George Bush …), think about THIS: At $0.389, North Carolina has THE HIGHEST per gallon tax on gasoline south of The Mason-Dixon Line.

Virginia’s gas tax is $0.197 per gallon, while South Carolina’s is $0.168 per gallon.  Tennessee’s tax is $0.214 per gallon.  Florida’s gas tax is $0.304 per gallon.

Why are we so much higher?

The conservative majority in the NC General Assembly HAD the chance to cap the tax rate, but dropped the ball before it adjourned for Christmas.  As a result, we got an extra $0.04 per gallon in cost as a nasty Christmas / Hannukah / New Year’s gift.

I know we need gas tax revenue to pay for roads.  But so do SC and VA.  How do they make do with such relatively low rates?

The guy running the convenience store has NO SAY over the price you’re paying for gas.  That astronomical gas tax rate is figured into the price you pay at the pump.  Your state representative and state senator can adjust that rate downward — if you and I put enough pressure on them.

People are hurting. They are struggling to pay their bills.  For most people, a car is a necessity in life.  Gouging people struggling to make ends meet with an unreasonably high gas tax rate is disgusting.  The legislators made sure to get that gay marriage amendment referendum approved before getting out of town, but couldn’t find time to provide some tax relief for their constituents.  The homosexuals are not draining money from my bank account and damaging the economy.

Your legislators will be in front of you SOON asking for your vote.  Be sure to get in their faces about THIS.