NCGOPe’s Love /Hate relationship with Josh Stein

The GOP leadership on Jones Street lashed out hard at Attorney General Josh Stein for hamstringing efforts to carry out death sentences in North Carolina. Meanwhile, another top legislative Republican is teaming with Stein on some legislation in what some observers might describe as a, um, sketchy PR stunt.

Here is what the kids call “the deets” or “the 411”:

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein announced on Monday that he planned to investigate Uber as part of his office’s attempts to strengthen consumer protections against data breaches.

The announcement came up during a news conference in which Stein, a Democrat, teamed up with Rep. Jason Saine, a Lincoln County Republican, to advocate for legislation that would require companies that experience data breaches to notify consumers more quickly.

Saine said he plans to introduce the proposal during the General Assembly’s short session which begins in May. He hopes to gain support from both parties.

“Obviously with the attorney general and I before you, it’s already a bipartisan effort,” Saine said at a news conference on Monday. […]

*Bipartisanship? Holy Thom Tilli$$$, Batman!*  (Sounds like someone is trying to earn brownie points in order to avoid being prosecuted for basically the same thing that got Fletcher Hartsell run out of Jones Street and into the hoosegow.)

The last time I checked, ol’ Josh no longer has a vote on Jones Street. But,  I digress.

it’s a nice thought to force major corporations that have no brick-and-mortar presence in NC to report data breaches sooner.  But North Carolina already has laws on the books dealing with this — as do 47 other states.




2 thoughts on “NCGOPe’s Love /Hate relationship with Josh Stein

  1. This guy is one of the relatively few House GOP members that showed up specifically to oust Chairman Harnett. No surprise that he is involved in so many endeavors that are not helpful to local Republican organizations.

  2. Josh Stein is one of the most obnoxious far left Democrats in Raleigh. Stein joined left wing national lawsuits against President Trump on a number of issues, such as attacking President Trump’s extreme vetting of travellers from countries with acteive terrorist organizations. Stein played games abusing his office to interfere in lawsuits on policy in which he was not an attorney of record such as the Voter ID suit, muddying the water enough that our appeal was not heard at the SCOTUS.

    ANY “Republican” who buddies up with Comrade Stein is an Obama Republican and an enemy of the GOP grassroots.

    Saine needs a primary.

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