#ncga: A NCGOP surrender on spending?

Statists LOVE to tell us that spending MORE of other people’s money is vital to good governance.  Democrats live and die by that principle.

But the NCGOP — with a tenuous grip on the seats of power in Raleigh — appears to be jumping on the bandwagon.  Here’s NC House Speaker Tim Moore’s mouthpiece:

“It’s clear the Republican -led General Assembly has our state on the right track after raising annual spending on K-12 schools more than  $1 billion this decade.”

Yes.  That is our GOP leadership in Raleigh crowing about a $1 billion increase in spending.  Public schools are just as good as any other government agency at wasting money. 

So much money ends up getting trapped at the administrative levels within the state’s school systems.  As an example, here’s some reporting on what’s happened here in Moore County and in Rockingham County.

I had one critic of our local schools tell me: “Over in our central office, we have so many doctors making six figures, I sometimes think I’m in a hospital or medical clinic or something.”

We depend on the alleged conservative party to be watchdogs — to be good stewards of our money.  Now, it appears the NCGOPe is quite comfy with the statist mantra of “spend it if ya’ got it.” (And, in some cases, spend it if ya don’t.)

There are studies galore showing the biggest spending school systems are among the worst performing. The focus of the alleged “conservative revolution” should be quality, and not quantity.

7 thoughts on “#ncga: A NCGOP surrender on spending?

  1. Getting rid of Common Core and getting a better curriculum, as well as cutting out the administrative fat at the top is what would improve our education. In spite of the stirring that was done, thanks to Bill Cobey and others, we still have the guts of Common Core in place. Our GOP did not do the job where it should on education. Throwing money at it is not the answer. More school choice would help. We run our schools on the same basis that the Soviet Union used to run its economy, and with the same results.

  2. If Republicans are debating how much they are spending on anything other than highways or national defense, they have already lost the argument.

  3. ” Never reinforce failure. ” An old Infantry adage, lost on politicians who will reinforce a stale ham sandwich, and call it delicious.

  4. It seems that our gop are either drinking the Kool aid or they spineless bottom feeding dirt bags who have turned thier backs on the conservative principle. Either way we should vote the dirt bags out and replace them with real conservatives.

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