NCGOPe pushing hard for WOODHOUSE ????

dallas-woodhouseThat’s the word we’re getting out of our fair capital city.  Former TV news heart-throb, AFP-NC executive director, C-SPAN fixture, reality show stat, and Pat McCrory / Thom Tillis promoter Dallas Woodhouse is reportedly ONE of two finalists for the executive director position at state Republican Party HQ.  Sources tell me Woodhouse has been frantically calling key party figures all over the state in recent days lining up support.   Meanwhile, sources close to Raleigh’s consultant class and the governor’s office are among the establishment types reportedly applying pressure to party activists to OK the hiring of Woodhouse for the state party’s top staff job.

Here is an example of something the Democrats could have fun with if Woodhouse gets the executive director job.


14 thoughts on “NCGOPe pushing hard for WOODHOUSE ????

    1. The ec does not pick the ed the cc does this is part of the problem with the ncgops structure and why the plan of organization still needs big changes

      1. No, but the ExComm may amend it’s own meeting agenda to include a motion directing that the CentComm hire so-and-so by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

  1. This is the whole point of the state party, as far as the NCGOPe is concerned; securing high-paid patronage jobs for friends and allies. While the rest of us have to actually produce something of value to get and keep employment, all these hacks have to do is be reliable foodies to the right people to have 6- figure jobs lined up for them.

  2. No worries Chairman Harnett has a say. And he has a candidate in the final three. Mr Vernon Robinson his the Chair and Vice Chairs man.

    1. So those are our choices?

      We’re talking about 16-20 million from the RNC being diverted if they don’t have confidence in this choice. Is that true?

  3. Dallas Woodhouse’s mission in life is to shill for Tillis and McCrory – whether he has to lie or establish a money funneling outlet to do it. Sigh. I hope that the GOP is not seriously considering this. If so, that flies in the face of the message that was sent to them at the 2015 convention.

    1. Walter Jones’ chief of staff just retired and one rumor I heard is that he is in the running, and may be the chairman’s choice. It seems to be all rumor right now.

  4. Surely the Chairman won’t hire Woodhouse. I’m shocked frankly that he’s even “in the running”. After all, who will run Carolina Rising? tee hee

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