McCrory-Diaz-mckillipIn 2014, things at NCGOP HQ appeared to be all about Thom.  This year, they appear to be all about Pat.

Let’s see, you have McCrory loyalist and former press guy Ricky Diaz handling party communications.  You have Dallas Woodhouse, who ran McCrory’s Carolina Rising PAC, now running the state party apparatus.

THIS web site has now popped up.  (The domain was registered on March 30, within just a few days of Ricky Diaz’s arrival at party HQ.)  The site is all about Roy Cooper — the Democrat running for governor.  Not about the party.  Not about the whole slew of candidates — and the platform — that will be put in front of the voters in March and November.

Check out — for instance — today’s edition of The N&O.  Loaded with Pat McCrory, anti-Cooper ads.  The ads were clearly the specialized targeted kind typically placed and managed by a professional ad agency.  Stuff like the web site — and those ad campaigns — cost lots of MONEY.

The GOPe has been moaning to us about how BROKE the state party is.  Where is this money coming from?  I am willing to bet that future campaign reports will show pass-through transfers from the governor’s reelection campaign to the state party.

Some could argue that it’s important to prop up Pat — because he has coattails.  Really?  Seriously?  How well did that go over in 2012?  McCrory won BIG, while a whole slew of Council of State candidates crashed and burned.  Dan Forest made it through by the hair of his chinny-chin chin.  Pat and the GOPe did nothing for him or any of the other CoS candidates.  Dan won because of a hardcore Tea Party base of support and his own hard work.  

There were no coattails then.  There will be none in 2016.

 If it’s going to be merely an extension of the McCrory for Governor campaign, just admit it. Admit that ALL OTHER GOP candidates will be on their own.