Intel keeps pouring in from that special non-disclosable meeting this weekend.  Apparently, the NCGOP’s fundraising has been outsourced to a private outside entity. That’s right.  I’m told a nice lady named Joyce Kohn — who we’re told helped ol’ Dallas fundraise at AFP — has been brought on board to turn on the cash spigot at NCGOP HQ.

THIS is an interesting move since one of the key reasons for hiring Woodhouse was his alleged talent for shaking the money tree.

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  1. I know Joyce.. Shes connected and good at the job.. People like Wake County Commish Paul Coble a strong conservative used her.. right person for job…

  2. The party has fairly regularly, but not always, outsourced the low to mid end of fundraising with direct mail houses and telephone bank firms. I do not recall it outsourcing the higher end where people want to actually talk to someone important in order to write a big check, instead of an operative. The danger with someone like this in a position like this is that contributors will often write a smaller check than if they were solicited by someone important. I wonder what her compensation basis is, a percentage?

    One thing the party needs is a heavy hitter appointed as Finance Chairman who knows and can shake down other heavy hitters. That is something Chairman Harnett should get on immediately.

    This looks like ol Dallas just hiring his buds. I wonder if this woman has worked with Shumaker or Stewart? I am told be a legislator that Woodhouse had connections with both Stewart and Shumaker while he was working at Carolina Rising.

    The previously article mentioned that Woodhouse arrogantly refused to even turn up for the first meeting of the Central Committee after his hiring. Did he leave the info on this fundraiser in his recorded message to the committee?

  3. I know Joyce and she will be a great fundraiser for the party! People should applaud this move IF they want the party to actually raise funds.

  4. This woman lists public relations as one of the things she does. It seems that she is hard at work doing public relations for herself on this thread. She will probably generate even more testimonials. But they all seem to be from Wake County.

    What one really wonders is not whether this woman can raise some money, but why Woodhouse claimed to be such a wonderboy himself on fundraising and then had to farm that activity out to a consultant?

  5. I am from Randolph County, not Wake.

    Anger and contrariness for the sake of arguing accomplishes nothing and anyone who takes that approach only hurts their own cause.

    just saying.

    1. If that last swipe was directed at me, I reiterate that the question is not whether this woman can raise some money, but why it is that Woodhouse has to rely on a consultant immediately after he told the Central Committee that he himself was such a hotshot at fundraising. It looks like the reality is that at Woodhouse’s other organizations, he also outsourced fundraising. The fact that this woman is doing PR for herself does not speak ill of her, but that she seems to be astute at what she does. That is another part of her skill set and she is demonstrating it.

      Woodhouse’s chief rival for the ED position, from what I am told, actually had a detailed fundraising plan. Woodhouse is depending solely on outsourcing.

  6. It’s a pretty good bet that rank and file Republicans won’t be shelling out any cash for those now running the GOP. A little crony capitalism anyone?

    1. The rank and file NEVER dish out any cash, that’s the problem, the clout of NC Grassroots is zero right now…

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