#ncgop: PLEASE pass the non-disclosure agreement.

We are hearing some interesting things about the NCGOP Central Committee confab over the weekend.  First, we hear that all of the participants HAD to sign non-disclosure agreements.  (Apparently, there was concern about the details of the meeting leaking to a certain hell-raising conservative web site.) 

We also heard that wonderboy new-kid-on-the-block Dallas Woodhouse could not be bothered to actually SHOW UP.  (We understand he sent a recorded audio message in his stead.)   That’s pretty interesting — given that Dallas has been the public voice and face of the party since he was signed up. 

We also understand there is some bewilderment and frustration over the lack of fire in the fundraising department under the new regime.  Reportedly, Woodhouse took office promising in the ballpark of $600,000 in the first month — plenty to pay his salary and those of the staff.  \

From what we understand, the new regime at NCGOP HQ has scraped together a cool $20K.