#ncgop: PLEASE pass the non-disclosure agreement.

We are hearing some interesting things about the NCGOP Central Committee confab over the weekend.  First, we hear that all of the participants HAD to sign non-disclosure agreements.  (Apparently, there was concern about the details of the meeting leaking to a certain hell-raising conservative web site.) 

We also heard that wonderboy new-kid-on-the-block Dallas Woodhouse could not be bothered to actually SHOW UP.  (We understand he sent a recorded audio message in his stead.)   That’s pretty interesting — given that Dallas has been the public voice and face of the party since he was signed up. 

We also understand there is some bewilderment and frustration over the lack of fire in the fundraising department under the new regime.  Reportedly, Woodhouse took office promising in the ballpark of $600,000 in the first month — plenty to pay his salary and those of the staff.  \

From what we understand, the new regime at NCGOP HQ has scraped together a cool $20K.

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  1. Executive Directors do the administrative work and should NOT be the public face or voice of the party. That is the function of the chairman. Woodhouse’s lack of judgment appearing before the media is well documented in that YouTube video.

    It is also the height of arrogance to refuse to show up at a Central Committee meeting. Maybe he did not want to confront his failure to live up to his hype about fundraising.

  2. Non-disclosure agreement. Is somebody smoking dope down at the HQ? . Where did the motivation for that idea come from?

    Pass the bong man. Swwwwwwwwwupppp!!…..hold it, hold it, hold it (exhale) WHOOOOOOO. Man that’s some good chit. Hey maaaannnn, I just gotta idea, let’s get the sheep to sign a non-disclosure agreement that’ll be a great idea…..yeah, that’ll work man a non-disclosure agreement that sounds really oooh-fficial.

  3. When I click the hyperlink in the above story that reads “a certain hell-raising conservative web site.” it takes me back to the home page of The Daily Haymaker. Oh I get it now. The Daily Haymaker the hell raisin-est conservative website in North Carolina. Got it!

  4. Erstwhile Dee Stewart operative Katie Sullivan, now functioning as Political Director of the NCGOP, to the chagrin of many in the grassroots, sent out as email yesterday inviting the state Executive Committee to participate in a conference call Wednesday at 7:30 with ED Dallas Woodhouse. Chairman Harnett’s name was not even mentioned, and who knows if he was even invited.

    In the past, the Central Committee has used conference calls for various matters, all presided over by the chairman. Under Claude Pope, there were also conference calls for county chairmen on a regular basis, also presided over by the chairman. I have never heard of an NCGOP conference call presided over by the ED.

    Again, we see a still wet behind the ears ED stepping into roles that have always been the preserve of the chairman. What is going on here?

    1. Chairman Harnett is not establishment and held in contempt by those who are. Face it the Central Committee member are mostly made up of Establishment Republicans who have been serving way too long to be effective. Most of these members have been on that committee for YEARS. It’s hard to give up imagined power so they hang on.
      The worse part of this august body is not giving other Republicans the chance to serve. What I am referring to in this instance is by allowing two members on the Central Committee who have two seats on the Central Committee. Zan Bunn is Chairman of the NCFRW and Chairman of the 13th District. Kim Cotton-West is the NCGOP Secretary and Chairman of the 3rd District. How effective or fair does this serve as representatives to the entire membership of the NCGOP.
      Common sense should dictate by an amendment to the NCGOP Plan of Organization by not allowing one person having two or more seats while being in leadership position of another NCGOP club on the Central Committee. However this stupidity will continue without challenge from the executive committee. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Republicans are and stay divided.

    2. GU, you’re right about the old monthly State Chair-to-County Chair teleconferences. Perhaps you know this as well as I, but there are County Chairs who are pointedly unamused by what is happening over at 1506 Hillsborough Street, and it’s a cinch that whomever down there is supposedly heading up this con call, is going to have some unfriendly participants on the line.

    1. Henry Hinton is to the left of most RINOs, and he is a super fan of Thom Tillis and liberal ex-legislator Brian Brown who went to bat for Michelle Obama’s ”food deserts”nonsense. It is telling that this is apparently the first radio show that Woodhouse has gone on. It is also telling that Hinton invited Woodhouse instead of the chairman of the party.

  5. I got a fundraising call from the NCGOP just today. Guy was actually saying I had to stay involved in the party and fund it so we could get conservatives elected. Right. I told him to tell the party to go pound sand. I won’t be back unless we see the party actually beg me and grovel and apologize for all the names conservatives have been called. But also, they can apologize all they want, but until I see them holding their own accountable, like TrickyDick for example, no way jose will I ever lift a finger or give them a penny. #DefundTheGOP

  6. I was bothered by a statement last night that the ED has the fiduciary duties of the party. While on one hand, that fits with day to day operations….the chairman is who the people gave their fiduciary duties of the party to.

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