NCGOP funding Nelson Dollar in primary

Yep. That is what the Cary Republican and House Appropriations Committee chairman’s campaign report (pg. 6) says:


DollarInteresting.  Filing for the primary was slated to begin in early December.  Why not wait to see if he drew an opponent?  (Word on the street, even then, was that he was getting one.) If he drew an opponent, wait until after March 15th to fund him.  Bob's_big_boy_statue_burbank_2013

I could see a scenario like that if this crew in Raleigh actually cared more about the rules and fairness than they do about protecting the clique from the outside-the-beltline rabble. 

Now, you have money RAISED to support Republican candidates against Democrats being used by one Republican candidate against another.

The size of the donation got me thinking back to THIS story — where Charles “Big Boy” Jeter cut a bunch of $15,000 checks out of caucus funds ON A SUNDAY for his pals.  Dollar was on that list.  According to the books kept by Big Boy himself, those transactions mrn2occurred on August 16th.  And here Little Lord Nelson is reporting a $15,000 contribution the very next day. 

If Dollar KNEW this money came from the House Caucus — checks written by Jeter — and he still documented the donation as being from “The North Carolina Republican Party”, do we now have an issue with legal implications that the state board of elections or (*ahem*) others need to examine?

For anyone interested, Dollar’s primary opponent is Mark Villee. 


9 thoughts on “NCGOP funding Nelson Dollar in primary

  1. Curiously, there are two contributions from Dollar to the NC House Republican caucus in that report, one on Oct. 20 for $7,500 and another on Oct. 28 for $11,000. Is this the same money or some of it? If Dollar has not returned the money, then he is being improperly financed in a primary.

    If Dollar has not returned this money, then the party really needs to use every tool to stop these caucuses from getting involved in primaries.

  2. They told us last month that if we didn’t approve the budget, they’d shut down everything, turn off the lights, close NCGOP HQ and burn the Party checkbook. In hindsight, that doesn’t sound so bad.

    1. If any part of this is true the NCGOP has more than a lot of ‘plainin to do to the ExCom and CC when next we meet. I am getting really angry about the way some staff diss us on a regular basis and think it is time for all to have a “Come to —–” moment. The staff attorneys lies on the proposed resolution to the James/ Lewis matter in High Point is a good example of the disregard for and lack of respect shown the voting members of the ExCom, which I believe IS the governing body of the NCGOP! Weigh in all, this is an important matter in this crucial election year.

  3. It’s about time we have a complete investigation regarding these charges as openers-also Nelson$’s involvement in working as a consultant for other State House members and also his wife’s new job!!!How did she come about a new job so quickly after hers was eliminated.
    Let someone in the approprite position get this started NOW
    Ron Margiotta

    1. He doesn’t. Dennis van Berwyn. That’s part of the point. He DOES for the House caucus. read the story linked inside this post.

    1. Now why would anyone hate Nelson Dollar? He has been a lynchpin for getting progressive legislation passed in the NC House and stopping conservative legislation. Nelson Dollar wants to save the Polar Bears. That is why he is working hard to support President Obama’s green energy agenda in North Carolina. Who cares if it means his constituents have to pay higher electric bills, and taxpayers have to pay higher taxes? Nelson Dollar doesn’t care. Who cares if his policies are contrary to that silly old Republican platform? Nelson Dollar realizes that saving the Polar Bears is a lot more important.

  4. I cannot speak for the funding but I can say Nelson Dollar supports “Toll Roads” (Triangle Expressway). It appears he loves to “Double Tax” his Folks in House District 36. In Seven terms he has supported all efforts to Toll, double tax, and sell I-77 to “Mobility Partners” (Parent Company is “Cintra” from Madrid, Spain). His effort shows he could care less about his voters in Southern Wake County, but rather how he can be promoted in the state GOP. Its all about “Nelson”. Its time to show him the door.

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