#ncga A Saine for a Saine: A GREAT Super Bowl bet

That tubby little parasite Jason Saine is getting in on the ol’ bet-a-pol-from-the-other-state meme that has been beat to death for DECADES around Super Bowl time:

From: Rep. Jason Saine saine
Sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2016 5:03 PM
To: @House/Members; @Senate/Members
Subject: Will You Accept the Challenge? Go Panthers!
Dear Colleagues:
In the spirit of charity, competition, and the Carolina Panthers, I (representative of Lincoln County which includes Denver, NC) have entered into a friendly wager with my rival Representative Lori Saine of Colorado! 
We have agreed that the Representative Saine from the losing state in Super Bowl 50 will volunteer one hour for every point by which their team loses to Habitat for Humanity. I would like to invite you to join me in this Battle of the Saines for a great cause.
I hope you’ll pledge to help me in cheering on the Carolina Panthers and supporting Habitat for Humanity. Keep pounding!
Rep. Jason Saine
*Please let me know by Noon tomorrow (2/4/16) of your acceptance of this challenge to be included in the fun!
lori_saineThis got me thinking.  Remember when I did the story about the ACU ratings of our legislators?  Well, the ACU rated Colorado’s too.   Colorado’s Saine earned a 100 percent rating from the ACU for 2015.  North Carolina’s Saine only earned a rating of 82 percent for 2015.
How about this?  If the Panthers beat the Broncos, we get Lori Saine and the Coloradans get our little big-spending butterball?