#ncga: What did Bob Steinburg KNOW about aide’s thievery?

As Bob Steinburg and his inner circle rage on about an alleged political conspiracy against his top legislative aide and campaign manager, we’re going to stick with documentation and cold-hard FACTS.

Team Steinburg’s decision to go after the Dare County district attorney who prosecuted Diana London has resulted in the prosecutor himself releasing all of his notes related to the plea deal he struck with London.

One of the more interesting tidbits from the D.A.’s document dump?   In a timeline of the case created by the prosecutor, it is revealed that Steinburg himself attended a business meeting between London and her victims in this larceny case.

Mind you, this was not legislative business.  It was all dealing with London’s private marketing business. 

Why would a legislator be so intimately involved in an LA’s side business venture?  (Apparently, she was involved in HIS side business as well.

The document dump also revealed that this was not London’s first go-’round with accusations like this.  The Dare County prosecutors compiled some 404(b) information — evidence of similar, relevant prior behavior — to support their position before the judge.

They documented two specific cases in New York that occurred prior to London going to work for Steinburg:

After a couple of attempts in contacting both witnesses in the Diana London cases in New York I received a text message and then follow-up call from Mr. Offir Gutelzon, husband of Michal Gutelzon. Offir Gutelzon explained that he hired Diana London as a nanny back in 2012 and had her babysitting at their house for 2-3 hours a day a few days a week.

He advised that just before Thanksgiving in 2012 his credit card company called and notified him of suspicious activity with his credit card.

The card was canceled and Gutelzon worked the charges out with the bank and got another card sent. After working a more few days, Diana London called in and advised that she couldn’t work for a week or so that she had to go up north and take care of her dad who was sickly.

After another two week lapse the New York City PD made contact with Gutelzon and advised that they had found their credit card in the possession of Diana London as she was arrested on another case.[…]

Caught in possession of a stolen credit card while being arrested for SOMETHING ELSE.  *NIIIIIIIIIIICE.*


[…] Gutelzon advised that he never heard anything back from the NYPD nor the New York State court system and he wasn’t aware of any criminal charges stemming from their credit card use.

He never pressed any charges as he thought the NYPD handled it. He advised that he thought she was arrested on a bigger charge and they overlooked his situation.

Offir Gutelzon explained that he was under the understanding that Diana was caught doing a similar crime and when confronted she explained that she was doing it for her boyfriend.

Gutelzon explained that Diana was a smooth talker and they never would have expected her to do this and he learned a very good lesson from this experience.

When asked when the last time he spoke with her, he explained when she quit working in late 2012. He also was not familiar with the other victim Molly Moreow.

Offir Gutelzon was very cooperative and advised that he would be willing to help in any way he could but just didn’t know much more about that situation he could advise as he never sought charges and thought the NYPD took care of it.

I still have the NYPD complaints in a folder on my desk. After calling the NYC Clerks office and speaking with Deputy Clerk Susan McGale (646) 386-4507, I found that the other case was in reference to Diana London stealing her roommate (Molly Moreows) check and cashing it as her own. Identity theft and Petite Larceny. Mrs. McGale explained that the prosecutor decided not to prosecute. In fact the cases were never docketed! No convictions, no court reported activity with either case.[…]


8 thoughts on “#ncga: What did Bob Steinburg KNOW about aide’s thievery?

  1. So Heavy D get to keep stealing from people and it’s OKAY?! How can you be a Republican, and be against increasing entitlements, when you steal? At least they get theirs legally. Diana London? Not so much. Hallelujah, thank God she’s finally been caught!

  2. Firstly, I find it interesting our DA thought it was ethical on his part to release this information. Since he did, it brings up many more questions for me. The timeline. A Civil case which London was threatened with a felony BEFORE the DA had the evidence they needed to charge her with a felony? Did anyone else notice that? While London is no angel, and should be held responsible for her crimes, there does seem to be a political element to these charges. We also do know Steinburg was invited to meet with the owners of Pigmans by the owners of Pigmans themselves. That visit is posted on his FB page. If it was so hush-hush and about London’s side business, why would Steinburg post it on his FB page with pictures? I’ll wait for more information before I jump to conclusions. All of these charges were never proved in a court of law. I don’t think they are ALL true but we’ll probably never know what’s true and what is not.

    1. When she pled guilty, she admitted to the criminal charges. She could have pled “no contest” which would agree to be treated as being guilty without admitting guilty, but from what I read she did not do that. She pled guilty which is an admission of guilt, and that is all the proof a court needs. There are also her own words out of her own mouth on the tape admitting guilt.

      The only politics I see in this thing is the agreement to continue the case until after the general election to give Steinburg a break. Apparently he does not appreciate the favor that the District Attorney did him on that continuance.

      There is an old saying that when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

    2. The information that Womble released was public record. Consider the evidence against Diana London, and wonder what a jury would think of her actions. Obviously she has a multi state history of being arrested. It seems that London was represented by a smart attorney who understood how this would play in court. My guess is she would been convicted of being a felon on these charges. Buying almost $800 worth of Itunes on your employer’s credit card and then purposely stealing their identity to create a PAYPAL account to hide charges would have hit that felony ball right over the fence. And I think at this point, we can infer that Bob Steinburg isn’t the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to Diana London. By the way, a grand jury indicted Diana London on the embezzlement charge. The District Attorney’s office had no choice but to prosecute. I imagine the District Attorney is taking heat for giving her the opportunity to plead down to a misdemeanor. London, should be thanking him. And I may be wrong, but criminal case aside, I believe that she could possibly still be sued civilly by the plaintiffs for damages. After all, that’s any easy case to make when you have already verbally admitted guilt and plead guilty. I find it amazing that friends of Bob need more proof than was presented, but given her history , there is probably more out there and they may get their wish for More!

  3. Lauren Chamberlin must be one of those morons who will support Bob “Slimeburg” Steinburg no matter what he says. Slimeburg claims to be a Conservative Republican who believes in Law & Order, except, as we now clearly know, when it comes to his friends. He needs to fire this convicted criminal London, period, before she steals from the voters of North Carolina. Or, we need to start a Voter Recall against him. It’s really that simple.

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