#ncga: Tim Moore’s utterances have expiration dates

In December, House Speaker Tim Moore promised his caucus that no HB2 repeal bills would come to the floor without a majority vote within the GOP caucus.  In February, Speaker Timmy swore to his troops that he was not involved in secret meetings with Democrats to repeal HB2.

This month, we learned that Moore had dispatched his lieutenant David Lewis to host secret meetings to line up a handful of Republicans to team with Democrats to repeal HB2.

Today, the little guy from Kings Mountain was all over The N&O talking about how he and the Senate were working on a deal to repeal HB2 — but they were going to allow you to SUE the state if you felt your personal values were being attacked or violated.  (*Isn’t that nice?*  Opening up the state to MORE lawsuits.)

Let’s go back to 2015.  Legislation called The Religious Freedom Restoration Act was being kicked around on Jones Street.  Pat McCrory AND Speaker Timmy both had a nervous breakdown over this legislation.  Here’s Speaker Timmy’s hometown paper in 2015: 

With the passing of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, North Carolina legislators are considering a similar bill. But other lawmakers and business leaders alike are concerned about what that would mean to the state’s brand.

Gov. Pat McCrory said this week that a house proposal to alter the state’s religious freedom laws made no sense. Cleveland County Representative and N.C. Speaker of the House Tim Moore has also spoken out on what a Religious Freedom Restoration Act could mean for the state.

“I think we need to show that if we approve this bill, that it will improve North Carolina’s brand,” Moore said at an impromptu press conference at his office Tuesday. “Anything we do, we have to make sure we don’t harm our brand.”[…]

Here we are in 2017, and Moore is including much of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in his HB2 repel bill.   *What a difference TWO YEARS makes.*

(Of course, it’s BAAAAAACK because Speaker Timmy is having a hard time getting conservatives to jump on the repeal bandwagon with him. The revival of the RFRA is merely bait.)


[…] The bill is important to many House Republicans, but the session’s “main goals are to focus on job creation and improving roads and education,” he added. Moore also wants to know how the religious freedom legislation meets those goals and what it does to improve the N.C. “brand.”

THIS is coming from a guy who has been focused like a laser beam on repealing HB2 this legislative session.


So, what have we learned here?  If Tim Moore tells you something, you better act on it QUICK.  If you don’t, it stands a good chance of becoming meaningless and without merit or guarantee in an hour, six hours, twelve hours, or maybe twenty-four hours.  Or two years.