The queering & feminizing of American culture

I remember that moment in fifth grade so well.  The permission slips were sent home for SEX ED.  If your parents were “cool enough” to sign the paper, you got to go inside the classroom with the papered-over windows to watch that twenty-year old film that was supposed to explain ALL the mysteries of that boy-girl dynamic. 

Compare that to what the lefty counterculture that controls our public school system is trying to do to first graders in Charlotte TODAY:

Facing outrage from Republican state legislators, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Tuesday reversed plans to use “Jacob’s New Dress,” a picture book about a boy who likes to dress like a girl, in all CMS first-grade classes.

The book had been selected as part of the anti-bullying program. After a teacher complained to lawmakers, Charles Jeter, the district’s government liaison, says he talked to both sides to “find a resolution without the General Assembly finding a resolution.”[…] 

O-kay.  So, we’ve moved from needing a permission slip, in the mid-to-late 70s, for eleven year olds to hear about the whole sperm-and-egg thing, to today where they’re forcing parents to explain to their six year olds WHY a boy named Jacob would want to wear a girl’s dress. 


[…] Tuesday afternoon, Jeter emailed about two dozen Republican legislators to say CMS had agreed to pull the book and substitute “Red: A Crayon’s Story,” about a crayon that looks red but sees himself as blue.[…]

Gee. So, we’re NOW substituting ONE overt piece of gay propaganda for another more subtle example of gay propaganda?  (Look at Charlie J. earning that money.) 

Turn on your TV today.  Flip to any piece of entertainment.  Can you find even ONE show that doesn’t feature some kind of homosexual political theme?  

(No joke.  I got hooked on a TV show on Starz called ‘Black Sails’ – billed as a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island.”  All the legendary pirates are there, swigging alcohol, chasing after whores, and raiding ships.  The show’s creators managed to turn Captain Flint — one of the leading pirate characters — into a closeted gay.  There’s even a secretive gay romance featuring Flint woven into the series.  Stevenson’s book had nothing to do with the pink rainbow agenda. But modern-day Hollywood found a way to stick in in there.) 

In the 1950s, Robert F. Kennedy and Joseph McCarthy expressed concerns about the radical left taking over Hollywood and academia and therefore subverting our culture and democracy.  That kind of talk was beaten down and painted as bigotry.  Now, here we are 60 years later and it’s all happened.  

Try defending your decision to shield your six year old child from the wonders of the gay lifestyle, and you will be branded a BIGOT.  Try standing firm behind your Christian values when opposing the force-feeding of yourself and your family the gay lifestyle and political agenda.  (You’re a bigot.)

Leftists, since the 1950s, have harped on the concept of “diversity” — an acceptance of a full-range of views and opinions. Now that the lefties control a good chunk of what we watch and learn, ‘diversity’ now means accepting their agenda 100 percent and without question.  

In China and Japan, their kids are light years ahead of ours.  Their kids are learning how to dominate the world economy.  Our kids, thanks to the leftist dunderheads we’ve let inside the gate, are learning about Jacob and his pretty dress. 

Gayness is better represented in academia and culture / entertainment than it is in REAL LIFE.  If you turned off the TV, and stayed away from school campuses, you’d be surprised at how little the gay agenda actually intersects with your life.

You may wish to partake in activities that are different from what the rest of us do within the privacy of your own home.  And that’s fine.  But stop slamming the rest of us who hold dear our Christian values and wish to teach our kids the about the wonders of the boy-girl dynamic.  Respect is a two-way street.  

The leftists are as obnoxious with feminism as well.  (Back to ‘Black Sails.’  There are a number of scenes where you have whores getting in the faces of pirates and telling them off.  The ruffian pirates react with tucked tails and humbled facial expressions.  I’d bet a gazillion dollars that, in history, no female ever did something like that and lived to tell about it.)

Have you see the new ‘Star Wars’ movies?  The main characters in each are butt-kicking girls.  The guy characters are supporting characters who would not survive were it not for the heroic lead butt-kicking girl.  Turn on the TV and you’ll find a plethora of shows where the main character is a butt-kicking girl surrounded by guys who could not walk and chew gum without her help.

The days of John Wayne and Steve McQueen are GONE.  Butt-kicking, man-hating gals (and boys who dig dresses) are where it’s at in our culture.  And we’ve let it happen.