Dare GOP chairman: Hayes confessed!

We posted an item a short time back where the Dare County GOP executive committee passed a measure demanding NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes appear before them to clarify his business activities regarding the commercial fishing industry and state regulators.  

Well, Dare County GOP chairman Browny Douglas has sent us an update via email about this matter:

[…] Robin called me last tuesday to let me know it was going to be hard for him to get to dare but invited me to an upcoming meeting in columbia. He admitted his involvement in mfc appointment process. He said no one paid him. I told him i never said anyone did. They did not have to because he is one of them. He has been after the comm fishing industry since 95.

What he did by tricking the guv into those appts was give total control of N C coastal waters and their resources to the CCA thru the mfc.An already corrupt outfit. Special interest is now in charge from the guv down. Only the G A can save science. Otherwise it is political rule

Robin does not represent the states best interest in mind or heart.
I repeatedly would not agree to this meeting.
I will not be at columbia. Dare excomm business with robin stays in dare. Not ALPAM![…]

Here is the notice for the Al-Pam meeting Douglas and Hayes reference:


(According to Douglas, Columbia is about a 30 minute drive from Manteo, where he and his executive committee had asked Hayes to meet them.)


19 thoughts on “Dare GOP chairman: Hayes confessed!

  1. It appears that coup installed Chairman Hayes is trying to squirm his way to a more friendly down east audience. This dude needs to answer for his indiscretions directly to the Dare County Republican Executive Committee. A man with the conflicts of interest problems Hayes is carrying has no business serving or running for the party chairman position.

  2. Since the meeting is in Columbia, I’d be interested to know what the Tyrrell County GOP has to say about all this.

    1. I’d be interested in that too. In fact, I’m curious about what a lot of the eastern county Republican Committees think.

      I haven’t attended an Al-Pam meeting in years. I wonder who’s running that outfit these days?

  3. Hayes pulled a dirty underhanded trick on Governor McCrory when he did the bidding of the radical environmentalists, knowing all the time that it would serious undermine the governor with part of his base. That reason alone should mean that Hayes needs to be dumped as NCGOP chairman, as it was obvious that holding that office is what gave him the access to get to the governor to screw the commercial fishermen and at the same time Hayes put a knife in McCrory’s back, too. Those commercial fishing votes he lost could easily have put him ahead of Cooper.

    No wonder that double dealing Robin Hayes won’t go near Dare County. Hayes has had a leadership role in the Ripon Society, a national liberal Republican group originally organized by the Rockefeller Republicans, so it is no surprise that he goes to bat for liberal policy. What would be a surprise would be if delegates tolerate this liberal continuing in his role as NCGOP chairman after the Jone convention.

    Wasn’t Hayes on salary or retainer by the environmentalists? If so, he was paid, whether he was paid separately for this particular task or not.

    Hayes clearly puts his liberal policy agenda ahead of the interests of the Republican party and of our former Republican governor. He should be ashamed of himself, not running for reelection.

    1. Agree, Robin Hayes is a Member of North Carolina Wildlife Federation which presented, planned the Shrimp Trawler Petition with NO SCIENTIFIC DATA and NOT following the MAGNUSON-STEVENS ACT = LIVING MARINE RESOURCES PROVIDE AN IMPORTANT SOURCE OF FOOD AND RECREATION FOR THE NATION, AS WELL AS THOUSANDS OF JOBS AND TRADITIONAL WAY OF LIFE FOR MANY COASTAL COUNNUNITIES. HEALTHY FISHERIES AND HABITAT FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL AMERICANS. Do you eat NC US Wild Seafood? Hayes is not following the Federal Magnuson Stevens Act.

  4. Between Hayes and Tillis, this area has seen the underbelly of the beast. You have to wonder where else they meddled in the local elections.

  5. I would be VERRRYYYYY interested in hearing what Alpam, and every other exec. committee in the state has to say about a direct conflict of interest, a GOP chair that cost the Republican party a Governor, a GOP chair that has DIRECT! ties to a twisted special interest that puts their interest in front of PEOPLE, and coastal communities. A GOP chair that has aligned himself with two supposed House members, John Bell, and Jimmy Dixon to derail measures the Senate proposed in the last long session to force the MFC to obey the law they are mandated to uphold. A GOP chair that has not only aligned himself with an extremely suspect special interest, but has reached oit to a rabid NGO that has held the bridge project over Oregon Inlet for years. I still say the SELC finally acquiescing to the bridge was Pat McCrory’s payoff for Jimmy Dixon’s sorry appointments to the MFC that cost Pat McCrory the race. We spoke our mind at the polls, now give us a chance at Robin Hayes. If John Bell, and Jimmy Dixon want to come out of the closet, we’ll take them, also. Don’t ever forget Tom Murray, and Tim Moffitt: they came to my county and told us “we would have to reinvent ourselves ” after “they” got gamefish. WHERE are they now? TWO comfortable seats that He overturned, since He is the one who establishes rule and authority. Don’t EVER! forget that, Robin, Jimmy, and John. LITTLE people have a Big voice.

  6. The thing is we are still so far out from convention that grandpa could bail out now and they could get someone just as bad to run in his place.but with out the great baggage he brings

    I hope grandpa sees this through and I hope the convention delegates will see the light and do what is right and totally reject him at the convention

    As a organization this party needs a reboot it is like a car that has been driven and driven and only gotten washed and no other maintenance had been done too it for too long so it looks good on the outside but is going to soon leave you broken down on the side of the road

  7. What is unbelievable to me is this dude has even confessed to using his position as party chairman to further the positions of organizations he is a part of. What ever happened to the concept of conflict of interests. This Chairman seems to have no sense of shame. I have clearly lived too long. I never thought I would see a time of such wide open conscienceless corruption. Lord God, it’s time we stop it.

    1. Shameless indeed. We’re talking about the same individual who gave a ride to Cleveland to two well respected Durham County delegates, one a former Chairman, then abandoned them to find their own way home after he found out they were Cruz admirers.

  8. Browny Douglas, Dare County Executive Committee thanks for your efforts to expose Robin Hayes for not following the wishes and state and federal laws of US Marine Fisheries, NC Commercial Fisheries, and NC Marine Fisheries, and (US Federa), NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

  9. Why does everybody put on their tin foil hats? I’m not stopping in Colombia because of my good friends the West family that helped me regain my chairmanship. I’m stopping in Colombia because I have a deep fear of long bridges. Especially the Alligator River bridge. That gives me the Willie’s every time.

  10. Members of the Coastal CONsevation Association are thinnly camoufaged as enviromentalist. They are funded by the corporate marine industry. They are greedy. They have disdain for anyone who commercial fishes. They do not care if America is dependent on imported questionably unhealthy seafood.They are the answer to this question. What kind of individual would let their pleasure interfere with another individuals livlihood? They came to N C in 93-94 and impressed Gov Hunt with some muscle money. Sadly that has been the case up to present. Their target is control of Americas coastal waters and its resources. They now, in N C, have what they want because of Robin Hayes. The N C State flag should be removed from the state property in Carterett County where The DMF is located. A flag with the letters CCA and maybe a picture of GOP Ch Hayes and MFC member Chuck Laughridge would be more appropiate.

    Browny Douglas

    1. Sounds like Robin is every bit the sleazy rent boy for the special interests that Thom Tillis is. I strongly suspect we will see Amnesty Amigo Tillis endorsing Hayes for chairman, and that should send every Republican who is not sold out to Mexico running in the other direction. They are two peas in a liberal pod.

      1. After this dude names Craig got most everyone’s endorsement 2 years ago but the delegates at convention then clearly rejected him. I would be surprised if lots of people came out and endorsed Grandpa at least publicly. The Craig fellow theoretically needed the endorsements so delegates would know who he was but Grandpa does not need the same level of marketing plus they probably know it would back fire when it came time to count votes if they push him too much to early

        if they insteed say look here look there everything is so great see look here look there see everything is so great everything is wonderful yea see yea everything is wonderful yea we told you everything is wonderful just vote grandpa – see with this method they can just distract the delegates from the real problems with the party and then 2 more years of the status quo can play out unchallenged

        but I really hope the delegates will see the real problem in the party and vote for real change from top to bottom

  11. Tommy Boy carried Robin’s water when he was working for the state, not the feds. Should it be a surprise to ANYONE that he is for sale? HE, Robin, Dallas, Bell, and Dixon are all for legalization of prostitution. Maybe they should move to Nevada, where it all wouldn’t seem so sleazy. BIRDS of a feather…….

  12. I, and many GOP stalwerts from Craven County, are looking forward to our trip to Columbia to hear what Chairman has to say about his involvement in this. I believe the Governor lost as a result of Hillsborough Street ignorance or complicity on three issues…the Film industry losses in SE North Carolina, toll roads and this Dept Marine Fisheries issue.

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