#ncga: The House’s dirty laundry gets aired


State Rep. Justin Burr and Speaker Tim Moore have been publicly trading barbs over the past few days.  Well, Burr has gotten in the last word — for now — in this affair:




While we’re at it, how about the condo?  Did he buy it with campaign funds ????   (oh, yeah.  That trip to Europe.  Who paid for THAT????) 

8 thoughts on “#ncga: The House’s dirty laundry gets aired

  1. I remember his attack on Tillis and how the Senator elect was hurt and outraged by it. He clearly thought well of Burr. Now Burr after losing the Speakers race attacks the winner publicly. Would anyone want that kind of leader? I hear he’s talented but marginalizing yourself only hampers ambition and long term vision of the caucus he wants to lead. I hear he’s in his 20s? Humility and patience is needed not trashing his own. Im guessing maturity will come with tethering that anger. Good luck. I hope he can sell that to his people.

  2. It seems that Mr. Burr may be on to something. Irrespective of his frustrations with Thom Tillis in the beginning, no one had any idea how Tim Moore would govern. Now they do and it isn’t pretty. I applaud his courage as well as the documented facts about the failure(s) of this particular speaker portrayed in his re-election announcement. Tim Moore’s response is beneath the dignity of the office of the speaker and it only underscores the rumblings that have been heard for months now about how he (Moore) is governing.

    1. It shows that Justin Burr seems to have some rather large gonads. He now has a massive target on his back from the Tim Moore mafia.

      NC Republicans can do a lot better than Tim Moore-gan and his power plays against conservatives.

      1. Justin always seemed like a good guy from the time before he ran his first campaign. the problem with the republican party is nowadays you do not know who to trust and it used to not be that way. I can only imagine it worse being a legislator staying on the proper path.

        Keep it up Justin Keep it up !!!!

  3. We progressives like Tim Moore and we like him a lot. Why are you conservatives so down on him?

    Tim Moore loves Polar Bears and wants to save them. Who could be against that? That is why our solar energy friends gave him more money in the last election than any other legislator, and that was before he was Speaker or even a major contender for Speaker. Yes, he let his lieutenants like progressives David Lewis and Nelson Dollar be his point men on supporting President Obama’s green energy policies, but it was Tim Moore who was the key player in the background making things happen. Tim Moore was willing to throw his own party platform under the bus in order to support President Obama’s agenda on green energy. What a great way to reach across the aisle. He was also willing to throw his own constituents and voters all across North Carolina under the bus to support the President and his green energy agenda, because he realizes it is necessary to raise their electric rates a lot in order to save the Polar Bears.

    Now Justin Burr is horse of a different color. He was one of those nasty conservatives in the House who signed that letter to Tim Moore demanding a lot of budget changes to cut spending, and one of those cuts was the subsidy from taxpayers to our green energy friends. Burr and those other neanderthals, who hate Polar Bears, thwarted President Obama’s green energy agenda when they were successful in forcing those budget cuts for taxpayer handouts to solar energy.

    To advance the progressive agenda and President Obama’s policies these days, it is not Democrats we rely on so much as it is progressive Republicans like Tim Moore, David Lewis, Nelson Dollar, Kelly Hastings, Charles Jeter, and Jason Saine.

  4. Justin Burr as a good guy! Ha….What’s the saying….. don’t throw rocks in glass houses!! He should be careful what boxes he is opening. I certainly have heard he isn’t squeaky clean himself!

  5. Let’s look at Reality:

    1) Representative Burr introduced a bill to spend $1,000,000.00 to put George Washington portraits in the schools in North Carolina. (George Washington portraits are already available for free through some non-profit organizations.)

    2) Representative Burr ignored the requests of the local Republican Board of Commissioners in Stanly County by passing legislation that increased the size of the Stanly County Board of Commissioners from five members to seven members. By doing so, he is costing the taxpayers of Stanly County $45,000 to $50,000 per year.

    3) Look into the campaign expenses of Representative Burr and you will find many questionable expenditures, including the purchase of Brooks Brothers suits and rent checks made out to himself! He is his own treasurer.

    4) As a long-time member of the Stanly County Republican Party, I totally agree with House Speaker Tim Moore that our district deserves better.

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