#ncga: The battle for a Jones Street majority

legisThe US Senate race has been sucking up so much oxygen during this campaign season.  I thought it might be time to check in with some folks who are intimately familiar with the battle for the majority in the General Assembly.

I spoke with two good sources of mine — one elected and one NOT — who are arguably in the inner circle of the Republican legislators’ political operation.

My sources tell me the best case scenario  Republicans can hope for is holding the line / breaking even or the slight possibility of gaining ONE seat in each chamber.  Right now, the worst case scenario in the House looks like a loss of five to six seats.  Right now, the worst case scenario for the Senate looks like a loss of TWO seats.

Both sources tell me the political climate across the state is worrisome.  “I’ve never seen so many people either seriously angry or completely apathetic in my life,” said my elected source. “Getting out the vote is going to be a special challenge this year.  There isn’t much out there to fire up the voters to turn out in force.”

I asked my sources about the lack of advertising defending the Republican majority’s record during the past session. So much of the advertising in the US Senate race has been focusing on the General Assembly.

“We’ve got a number of really tight races out there,” said my unelected source. “We’ve got money but it’s going out the door quickly to help out in some of these challenging areas. Normally, you’d expect the state party apparatus to step up and do that PR work.  To say the folks in Raleigh are disappointed in the folks at NCGOP HQ would be a serious understatement. ”