Judicial tyranny (You may now kiss the, um, “bride”)

brideWhy bother having elections?  We have these unelected law school graduates in black robes regularly stomping all over the will of the people and their elected officials.  Want to make a rule or a law?  Run it past a judge first. 

The judicial branch was established by our Founding Fathers as a referee on the executive and legislative branch.  SOMEONE had to ensure those two acted in accordance with the elements of The Constitution. The problem has become that judges are simply making stuff up that aligns with the platform or wishes of their political patrons.

In 1973, a portion of The Constitution meant to prevent soldiers and police from just kicking down your door and searching your place willy-nilly was magically transformed into a “Right” to taxpayer-subsidized abortion.  No elected officials debated that or voted on it.  Unelected judges legislated it.

In May 2012, 61 percent of North Carolina voters agreed to codify the very reasonable, highly-logical statement that Marriage shall be defined as being between a man and a woman.  Right in line with the laws of nature.  

The liberal hordes — determined to erase all gender lines — did what they normally do when they can’t win at the ballot box: SUE.  While being cheered on by the drive-by media, lefties shopped around for just the right federal judge.  nice

While that was going on, the US Supreme Court declined to hear challenges to the same-sex laws in North Carolina and other states — saying that it was an issue to be decided within the states.  But that didn’t stop federal judge Max Cogburn of Asheville — a Massachusetts native appointed first by Clinton and elevated by Obama to his current post — from sticking his nose into the affair:

[…] “The issue before this court is neither a political issue nor a moral issue,” Cogburn stated in his ruling. “It is a legal issue and it is clear as a matter of what is now settled law in the Fourth Circuit that North Carolina laws prohibiting same-sex marriage, refusing to recognize same-sex marriages originating elsewhere, and/or threatening to penalize those who would solemnize such marriages, are unconstitutional.”[…]

Really?  What part of The Constitution does that? 

Didn’t we just have national news where New Jersey didn’t recognize a concealed-carry permit from Pennsylvania?

(For those of you telling us how important it is to elect Republican senators, think about this:  Cogburn got approved by the US Senate for his current position by a vote of 96-0.  That means NO Republican opposition.  Not even from our “Republican” senator Richard Burr.) 

judgeWe are really slipping into dangerous territory when unaccountable ideologues can wipe out, on the basis of personal beliefs,  a law approved by the people and their elected representatives.

Don’t think this stops here.  Wait until someone refuses to lease their property for a gay wedding or reception.  Wait until a preacher refuses to officiate a gay wedding, or allow his or her church to be used for a gay wedding and reception.  Businesses around the country are being threatened and fined by government agents all over the country for daring to refuse to conform.  

The Book of Genesis, with the retelling of the events at Sodom and Gomorrah, makes God’s feelings about homosexual practices pretty doggone clear.  Many Christians see The Bible as something to be taken literally.  Is it the place of the government — especially unelected, unaccountable government agents — to tell people they have to set aside their religious beliefs documented in thousands-of-years old scripture or the sake of modern-day political correctness?  What about the First Amendment protections for church-going folks? 

A good way to get around this might be to consider weeding government out of the institution of marriage.  (I know, I know — good luck with getting government’s tentacles off of something.)  Statists have taken a sacred ceremony before God and turned it into a bureaucratic exercise akin to registering a real estate deed or getting a driver license. 

When is enough going to be ENOUGH?  How long will we sit quietly by while the statist, progressive hordes rip this country to shreds?