#ncga: *Tap! Tap!* Is this mike on? (*Crickets*)

Well, the George Little political organization hosted a fundraiser for state senator Tom McInnis here in Moore County last night.  How did it go?  Check out this pic from one of our moles and see for yourself:

Yep.  That is the senator himself speaking at the front podium in this large, sparsely-populated ballroom at National Golf Club.  McInnis currently represents Anson, Richmond, Rowan, Scotland, and Stanly counties.  In  2018, his district will drop Rowan and Stanly, but pick up very-Republican Moore county.

(For what its worth, my moles tell me the above photo captures nearly all of the attendees.)

McInnis has picked up primary and general election opponents from Moore County — and there are still six more days left in the filing period.  My moles in the room tell me that senate president Phil Berger was a conspicuous no-show last night.  It was probably a smart move. (*Though, “King George” is probably not too happy about it.*)

The husband of McInnis’s GOP primary challenger sits on the Moore County GOP executive committee, and said challenger also happens to be a sitting GOP elected official within the county.  Interference in the primary race by Raleigh establishment types might not be taken too kindly by Moore Republicans.  

13 thoughts on “#ncga: *Tap! Tap!* Is this mike on? (*Crickets*)

  1. I was at the meeting, it shows less than half the 50 attendees. Also, Mr. Berger had surgery last week and was unable to travel. Might do some good to get your facts straight.

  2. If Republicans in this district want to maintain a shred of respect, they’ll send Tom packin’. Nothing but a Democrat with an R beside his name. He never has cared to represent his current district…only shows up when its time for reelection. Do us all a favor guys, don’t let this Tom go back to Raleigh!

    1. Ryan, you are a LIAR! We have never had a senator in the 25th District who put more time and effort into visiting ALL areas of the district and not just the ones that will get him the most votes than Senator McInnis. Also, you might want to check his conservative record. He’s more conservative than the majority of those you are obviously supporting. This is a shame! Just remember, you will have to answer for your lies one day.

      1. Conservative? McInnis voted with the far left and the homosexuals to repeal bathroom privacy (HB2) and to authorize local governments beginning in 2020 to pass ordinances that restrict religious liberty. He is also in the hip pocket of Obama’s green energy movement which is working to jack up our electric rates to subsidize the corrupt crony capitalists of Big Wind and Big Solar. McInnis is a leftie and he needs to go..

      2. You afraid to use your real name Truth Anyone? At least Ryan had the guts to use his real name. Hold on to your seats Tom is not the man he presents himself as. I know some things you don’t.

  3. He does look to have a good rating. Better than Tillman, but did vote for the HB2 compromise.
    Still studying this one.

    1. That was no more of a compromise than Lee’s compromise at Appamattox or Cornwallis’ compromise at Yorktown. It was a full blown surrender. Cooper wrote the language and these cowards and liberals swallowed it hook line and sinker. The language of the main part of the bill allows Cooper to do pretty much what he wants, and he has through executive order. Our legislative leaders only response to that has been a little crybabying but no action.

      Even worse, Cooper’s language gave local governments powers they did not have before all of this started, beginning in 2020, which will allow them to treat behavior characteristics like homosexuality as protected classes and have them prevail over religious liberties. Wait for the local ordinances forcing Christians to provide services to blasphemous homosexual “weddings”.

      When McInnis voted for HB142 that did all of this, written by Cooper,, he forfeited any expectation that a conservative would even think about voting for him. If any bill was the acid test of liberals and conservatives in the last long legislative session, that was it.

      As to ratings, in the last few years, Civitas has gone to the dogs, due to pressure from county club Republican posing as a conservative John Hood. The last rating was a particular joke.

  4. Anyone who is SO out of touch with Conservative Christian America as to have voted AGAINST BATHROOM PRIVACY for men and women has a loose screw! God created us MALE and FEMALE and anything else is a LIE. Obviously McInnis is not a candidate I could vote for.
    Are there no Jesse Helms people left in N.C.? God Help us.

    1. Those who voted for HB142 that repealed HB2 are either cowards who knuckled under to left wing pressure or they are liberals themselves. In either case, they all need to be replaced in the primaries by real Republicans.

      1. I don’t need to be told what the HB2 Compromise was, and what a Conservative, or Christian is. One can only select from what’s on the ballot.

        1. Why call a surrender a “compromise”? Our cowardly leadership rubberstamped the language that Cooper wrote and handed to them.

  5. ”Truth, Anyone” keeps claiming that McInnis voted against more big government regulations than most any legislator but has yet to cite a single specific vote he cast to do so. Government regulations are, of course, adopted by the executive branch, but can be nullified by the legislature.

    Here is my challenge to you, “Truth” – cite specifically what bills you claim McInnis sponsored to nullify any regulation. If you cannot do that, cite any bills McInnis voted for to nullify any executive branch regulation.

    Will we hear from you? I doubt it.

    Here is a bill that McInnis voted for that delegates MORE powers to regulate – HB142. It delegates to local governments beginning in 2020 powers they never had before to enact local ordinances regulating local businesses and other entities as to “discrimination” which can make behavior groups like homosexuals protected classes and give them “rights” superior to our religious freedom. That is one of the most left wing bills the legislature has ever adopted (Roy Cooper wrote the language) and McInnis voted for it.

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying, but I had decided not to continue my engagement here. Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist glancing back one more time and just saw your question. I’ll be glad to fill you in on some of Senator McInnis’ direct contributions to reducing cumbersome regulations that stifle business and individuals, however, lets get something straight. Getting rid of unnecessary regs is a group effort for the most part, and I appreciate the work of all the conservative legislators who have worked on this problem for those of us who are trying to make a living out here.

      I’m sure you are familiar with the Omnibus Bill that collectively addresses ridiculous regs in all facets of government. Included in the Omnibus Bill was regulation reform that addressed expired septic tank permits that was presented by Senator McInnis. Before the great recession, many land owners who were planning to build on their property were approved for septic tanks but put off building when the economy tanked. Years down the road, when things began to improve, these same individuals came back and due to changes in government regs were unable to get the same permit on the same land bringing their plans to build to a halt. Thanks to Senator McInnis, those expired permits can now be renewed. This has affected more people than you can imagine, landowners and home builders to name a few, and was acknowledged by the Homeowner’s Association with an award for the Senator.

      Another stand alone bill presented by the Senator was the “Grill Bill.” North Carolina has not allowed restaurants, big or small to grill outside and serve unless you were a grandfathered BBQ restaurant that was in operation before the Dems put these government regs into place. This bill does away with that regulation and allows restaurants to safely participate in outdoor grilling. Again, this bill has opened the door for businesses to expand their services. If you aren’t part of the restaurant industry, you can’t possibly understand the benefit of this, but it can be the difference between success or failure, especially for the smaller restaurants and was acknowledged as such by the NC Restaurant Association.

      So, as much as you may personally dislike the Senator because he is bold and stands up for what he believes is best for his constituents, you cannot deny that these bills cut regulations and benefited the people of North Carolina.

      I do not plan to continue this back and forth because I have come to understand after checking into this site that it’s much like a National Enquirer that is full of lies, half-truths, and other issues that are taken completely out of context. In fact, President Trump would call this “Fake News” and I agree.

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