#ncga: STILL paying themselves with campaign funds

Let’s look at our buddy Kelly Hastings’s end-of-year campaign finance report.  The Republican state representative from out west had NO opposition in 2016. He’s made a habit of paying himself AND family members out of his campaign fund.  

In his fourth quarter report, Hastings was a wee bit upside down.  He shows receipts of $1,758.42 but expenditures of $4,175.16.  Spending more than you take in?  *Where on Earth do you think he learned a bad habit like that?*

Of those expenditures, a total of $1,862.59 went to Hastings himself for “debt payment.” No itemization.  No details.  Nothing.  (Think the Department of Revenue or IRS would accept something like that if we tried that on our returns?)

For the record, according to Hastings’s own campaign report, he has used a total of $5250.75 in campaign funds this election cycle for “debt payment.”

And then there’s Hastings’s good friend and neighboring representative Tim Moore.  Like Hastings, Moore had no opposition in 2016.  He reported using $585 in campaign funds for something called “debt payment.”  

Between November 1 and December 5, the Moore campaign paid a total of $10,861.47 to American Express.  Again, there is no itemization.  No other details.  (And there were also no primary nor general election opponents.) 

Seriously, why do we even bother having a board of elections?