#ncga: Speaker Moore’s new right hand man? A Dem.

legisThom Tillis’s chief of staff enjoyed cavorting with lobbyists of the female persuasion.  New speaker Tim Moore’s chief of staff apparently likes cavorting with the Democrats.  

Moore has tapped Clayton Somers of Chapel Hill to run things for him in the speaker’s office.  Until December, Somers was serving the McCrory administration as chairman of the North Carolina Turnpike Authority.  State board of elections records show that — from 2008 to 2012 — Somers voted in Democrat primaries.  For 2014, he voted ”nonpartisan” at primary time.  You have to be a registered Democrat or unaffiliated to vote in a Democrat primary.  We could find no record that he had ever actually voted in a GOP arsenio.fwprimary.  

Well, you apparently don’t have to register Republican, or even accept the basic tenets of the party platform, to get admitted to the House GOP caucus.  So, now it appears you don’t actually have to support Republicans at election time in order to advise the Republican speaker of the state House. 

Records show Somers is currently registered Republican, but his voting history sure looks like one of those things that make you say HMMMMMMMM. 

8 thoughts on “#ncga: Speaker Moore’s new right hand man? A Dem.

    1. No, it is not. It’s astounding how insensitive GOP leadership in both Raleigh and DC are to the record high level of distrust the base has for them right now.

      1. Why don’t Republicans understand a basic rule of war: “To the victors go the spoils”?

        The jobs and appointments rightfully belong to Republicans.

        If they keep installing Democrats, instead, they won’t get my help or my vote in 2016. They’re neither savvy nor loyal enough to deserve their offices.

        “Vote for us; We’re not as bad as the Democrats.”

        Yes, you are.

  1. To his credit, Tillis’ second Chief of Staff worked at Civitas. So you’re conveniently leaving that bit of info out to make your case.

  2. What? A progressive leftist would demand, that reaching across the aisle be a perequsit for Republican/conservatives!

  3. I’m as Republican as it comes. I’ve never voted for Republican in the General Election. The primary? You bet your bottom dollar I’ve voted in democratic primaries. I go in as a unaffiliated voter, and request the democratic ballot.
    I then vote for the WEAKEST most LEFTEST LIBERAL I can find. I want to make sure that the Democrats don’t have a shot in November.

    1. Do you really use such a stupid strategy, or are you just trying to make excuses for this bad appointment? Anyone playing such stupid games should be avoided in political appointments as much as active liberal Democrats.

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