#ncga: Solar goons OWN MeckGOP?

fingaThe professional and political connections of Mecklenburg County GOP chairman Curtis Watkins are making this election season more and more interesting.  We’ve learned that Watkins has been busted trying to recruit a primary opponent for House Majority Leader Mike Hager.  We’ve learned that Watkins is also a big dog with a solar industry firm. (Mike Hager is an opponent of government subsidies and mandates for solar energy.) That connection — and his firm’s business interests – put him in direct contradiction to the party platform’s call for an end to solar subsidies. 

Now, we’re learning of Watkins’s ties to Jay Faison — the Charlotte billionaire who wants to remake the GOP into the big-government alternative energy party.  Watkins serves as executive director of The ClearPath foundation — the Faison-funded group pushing the billionaire’s green agenda.   He’s also actively involved with NCSEA — the lobbying group at the forefront of trying to protect and preserve North Carolina state government’s subsidies and mandates for alternative energy.

So, it appears the green crowd has infiltrated the NCGOP, and is seeking some scalps. 

1 thought on “#ncga: Solar goons OWN MeckGOP?

  1. Hey, that is not all our green energy friends own in the NCGOP.

    Civitas outed how some of our most hard core environmental activists put out big bucks and bought two progressive Republican consultants, Dee Stewart and Paul Shumaker. Buying them helped us buy their clients, not just in the legislature, but also Shumaker’s client Richard Burr.

    One of Dee Stewart’s former employees is sitting at NCGOP headquarters as Political Director, and the Executive Director is also close to Stewart and Shumaker.

    We have your party infiltrated, suckers!

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