#ncpol: Beaufort Co. GOP chairman calls for Woodhouse ouster

It appears the natives are getting restless.  Check out this email sent by Beaufort County GOP chairman Keith Kidwell to his colleagues and other party leaders around the region and state:


Sunday evening I received an email that discussed a letter that was mailed out by the NCGOP that was a clear endorsement of a particular candidate. Since I had not received the letter in question, and not being the type of person that who jumps to an uninformed conclusion, I started doing some reading at an online publication to see what it had to say. On Monday I called Chairman Harnett and asked him what had happened. He indicated to me that Director Woodhouse the NCGOP Executive Director had in fact prepared, had printed and the Chairman’s signature applied to a letter endorsing a candidate and soliciting funds for that candidate without consulting the Chairman at any point. It would appear that this is clear violation of the party plan of organization and possibly has legal ramifications, as well as an extreme display of poor judgment.

Having been in management my entire life I find it reprehensible for someone to assume it is OK for them to sign or have someones signature applied to any document without specific permission. Mr. Woodhouses position as the NCGOP Executive Director, which would by it’s nature mandate sound managerial judgement always be exercised has clearly failed in displaying that basic standard. This also puts the NCGOP in a very bad position in that it has violated the trust of our leadership, which is one of the main issue that drives so many Republicans to change to unaffiliated. We are the standard bearers of Free and Fair Elections! Then we do something like this? The most important job we have to do as party officials is to win free and fair elections. This action flies in the face of everything Republican. How do we dare to complain about voting anomalies, or democrats failing to follow rules, and then we can not even follow our own party rules?

Today I read an apology from Director Woodhouse, but I do not feel this is sufficient. I leave it to you to pick from the following possibilities.

1. Director Woodhouse lacks the managerial experience and judgment to serve in the job he is in,.
2. This was done with forethought and the Director felt it is better to ask forgiveness than ask permission that would be withheld.
3. The Director just ignored the law and the plan of organization.

None of the above possibilities are qualities one would expect from a person in the position of Executive Director of the NCGOP. With that in mind we are in the process of drawing up a resolution that will seek to have the NCGOP Executive Committee/Central Committee terminate Mr. Woodhouse’s employment.

I welcome your input and comments.

49 thoughts on “#ncpol: Beaufort Co. GOP chairman calls for Woodhouse ouster

  1. This warrants firing. I can’t believe the NCGOP would allow him to forge the Chairman’s signature — isn’t that illegal?

  2. The honorable thing for Woodhouse to do is resign he is clearly not the managerial leader the state office needs but scary part is what worse replacement would the CC members that voted for Woodhouse in the first place try to stuff down the throat of the CC member that were smart and wanted nothing to do with Woodhouse to start with

    The Republican party in this state is at war with itself and one of that main problems is the plan of organization that allows a small group to gain so much power and use there votes for their own self serving interests

    The only interest I have is that the NC GOP would be the best conservative for the people party and would be the state looked to by all the other states in how to get it right that we all could be proud to wear the big R on our voter card

    1. Would love to know who is in charge of deleting Facebook post @ncgop? Several asked why there was no mention of Trumps visit to Raleigh and they deleted it. Also, it was asked about Dallas’s endorsement of Dick Burr and they deleted it. What a joke Hassan and Dallas have become. In fact it is down right sickening!

  3. It’s typical for staff to draft fundraising letters and brief the chairman especially when the chairman doesn’t raise money. It’s obvious the current chairman couldn’t handle the push back and threw his staff under the bus.

    1. It is typical for the staff to draft letters. That is correct. But it is also typical for them to submit them to whomever’s signature is going to be on the letter before they are sent out. Woodhouse has admitted that he did not do that. The ED did not put the chairman in the loop, so the chairman’s fingerprints are not on this fiasco. Only those of the ED are.

  4. Punitive. I’ve worked with Keith before, but I disagree with him on this. Hell, a little gratitude is actually in order. The Party was DAYS away from some very bad things happening. Dallas has done something about it without asking any credit and with no Finance Officer. We need some folks on both sides to stand down, damn it.

    I’ve been critical of the Central Committee sometimes, but I’m glad for division of power. Geez.

    Todd Bennett
    Farmville, NC.

    1. Farmville is in Pitt County, where Woodhouse improperly stuck his nose into the controversy over the railroading of an appointment to fill a legislative vacancy, defending a very improper and illegal meeting conducted by the county chairman to the media when the party should have been neutral since there was a complaint pending. Woodhouse went against the ruling of the party General Counsel, an elected party officer, on that. Woodhouse is as lawless as Obama.

  5. It would be different if he had not owned up. He did. I know his General Counsel sees promise in him and wants to be at Dallas’ assistance. The rest of the crew needs to work together and prepare for a very critical 4 months ahead.

    Everyone stand down.

  6. Gratitude for what? Woodhouse has abused his position of influence from day one. He doesn’t have any boundaries and has been trying to do the Chairman’s job all along…… well the CC hired him to do that so they got what they bargained for.

    A hand full of establishment hacks hijacked the entire NCGOP. Instead of hiring a respectable Exec. with experience they hire a self promoter with no and ability to raise $. And he hasn’t. RNC has kept NCGOP operational.

    He has no respect for party structure and couldn’t care less about the Plan of Organization. This is only one of many “infractions”. Time for him to exit….. stage left.

    The Ex. Comm. has the ultimate authority but CC thinks they can run the show. Not any more.

    1. the thing people also need to remember is the vote of this years convention was the voice of the NC republicans and a rebuke of pasts leaders of the the state party as well a rebuke of R’s in office that do not stand for the party platform

      so yea is it the EC committee’s job to help guide the party when the convention is not in session and do everything we can to keep the state party promoting the party platform values so we can forward the conservative cause and this does mean that the EC needs to hold people accountable and take stands when we hear of questionable happenings

      then some in the party to not like when people take stands for the conservative cause but the problems we deal with today are just symptoms of problems that have been building for years that never get dealt with and just keep getting pushed ahead

      1. I wonder what will happen to the party when the few remaining voices who remember how it used to operate in the 1970s die off? I can’t imagine today’s “decentralized” Millenials etc putting up with the thick hierarchy and duplicity that is the current NCGOP. Heck I’m Gen X and I couldn’t stand it anymore. Glad I’m out and my dues no longer support it.

        1. these millennials you are talking about are liberals to begin with since they have been trained this way in our public school systems and the media and people in the republican party want to pander to them by lowering the standards that republicans used to fight for to capture peoples votes at all cost while gutting the party at the same time so they can maintain their own personal interests

          this is the war against conservatism in the national, state, and local republican parties all across this nation

  7. Mr. Woodhouse resign or be fired is totally absurd. Why do I say this? Dallas has the protection from the lords above. McCrory, Burr and team RNC GOP will make sure this can’t happen to the “Golden Boy”. Republicans in NC are so fractured there is no worry by this establishment group to see a hair touched on Dallas’s head.
    I see in my crystal ball when the Burr endorsement smoke blows over yet another letter from the Executive Director of the same intent and purpose. This letter will come out for all out support for our governor, even though Mr. Brawley’s joins into the gubernatorial primary . Then the third and final letter of intent follows endorsing Jeb Bush.
    Can or will NC Republicans take control of their own fate?

    1. The “lords” don’t make decisions for the Party. Unless Ex. Comm. folds under social pressure then Ex. Comm will do the right thing in January and send Woodhouse and Lewis packing.

      1. starting the meeting at 2pm the EC will not have any time to get anything done. I can hear it now “none of this other stuff matters you EC people have to pass our budget stupid then a fast adjournment ” I think every EC member should show up to the CC meeting so maybe the ball can get rolling sooner otherwise time will run out and the EC will be pushed around by the people trying to control the power

        1. I’ll be there and I’m not going to even consider or support any action on the budget unless it comes in the aftermath of issues that matter to us,

  8. I’m with my Beaufort County Party Chairman on this one. The unequal behavioral expectations and dual enforcements of the Plan of Organization must stop. This latest infraction is a very blatant example, but it is not the first such incident. Over the years, how many endorsements have come down from on high in primaries from elected officials and others serving on The Executive Committee and Central Committee? Just this past election cycle our Governor endorsed a Senate candidate in a primary. Come to think of it, he also endorsed in two Party Chairman’s contests, too.

    When these types of things happen at other levels of the Party we immediately hear, ‘Woo, what about the Plan of Organization?’ If our rules are in effect for one end of the Party they should apply equally to the other end. It’s only right that we all have the option to endorse or none of us have the right to endorse. Some can and some can’t is tyranny.

    The present situation is particularly troubling. Those of us back home are wondering just who is running this party and for whom are these horrible decisions being made. It makes us think our party has been hijacked.

    People are sick of rules applying for some and not for others. Many of my friends that were working side by side with me in the Party in recent elections are long gone. Others are primed to go at any time. We need to reform this party now. If we do not, the consequences will be severe.

    1. The most blatant example was in the 2010 primary runoff in the 8th Congressioinal District by then state chairman Tom Fetzer. In the first round the NRCC’s preferred candidate ran fifth and the Tea Party candidate, Tim D’Annunzio, came in a solid first. The 8th was a targeted district, so the establishment was aghast. Pushed by the Washington beltway establishment, which Fetzer always sucked up to, Fetzer held a press conference as NCGOP chairman and openly endorsed the number two candidate and called D’Annunzio ”unfit for public office”. The number two guy won the runoff and proceeded to prove himself an absolute dud of a general election candidate who was clueless on issues. Many Republicans use the LIbertarian line as a substitute for ”none of the above” and November saw an exceptionally high Libertarian vote as that Fetzer endorsed candidate crashed and burned and the GOP lost its shot at that targeted seat.

      Fetzer should have been impeached and removed from office for that blatant violation of the PoO, but of course that did not happen. It is time that there are consequences for these bad acts. Ignorance is no excuse as the party cannot afford having ignorant people in important positions any more than it can devious people..

      1. A lot of us still thought the Party was on the up and up back in Fetzer’s time (though I personally didn’t think much of him). The events that have transpired since the June 2015 State convention have, I believe, fully pulled the curtain back on the cesspool of corruption on Hillsborough Street for everyone to see. Not sure when the rot started, but it accelerated in earnest after the 2010 elections.

  9. Dear Friends:

    I realize some of you are concerned about recent events. I would like to take this opportunity to address those concerns and how we got here.

    The letter was written, printed and mailed before any person filed with the NC Board of Elections to challenge incumbent Senator Richard Burr.

    We simply made a mistake by not sending the letter to Chairman Hassan for edit, review and approval. I deeply regret this. Upon learning of this, I quickly apologized to the Chairman via text and via telephone as soon as we were able to speak.

    This letter was written and approved weeks ago. There was no candidate that had filed a statement of candidacy or other FEC paperwork that would indicate a run for the US Senate. As far as the State Board of Elections, the Federal Elections Commission
    or IRS was concerned there was no primary.

    It seems reasonable to me to lean on a those factors in determining when one is a candidate. Filing the basic paperwork which allows one to raise funds for an election is a key way of finding out if a primary is in fact going to take place.

    With that said we should have consistanly used the phrase “U.S. Seat currently held by….”

    IDirect mail programs are meant to help maintain the heavy expense of operating a state party. The sole purpose of a direct mail program is to raise money for the party. Quite frankly that is where my focus was.

    We maintain the Chairmans electronic signature for letters like these as well as other business purposes. We send the Chairman letters, press releases and other documents that contain his name all the time. We just goofed on getting his approval as we always otherwise do.

    State parties are in no way permitted to allocate any funds to support any single candidate or activity. The North Carolina Republican Party has and will continue to uphold that principal. The funds raised by each program of the NCGOP are used collectively to enable our staff to help motivate voters to elect our candidates.

    In the coming months, as in every past election cycle, the North Carolina Republican Party will continue to use the appropriate language in all materials, in accordance with state law, federal law and the North Carolina Republican Party’s Plan of Organization.

    I take these responsibilities seriously.

    Your note referenced a pattern, but I am unaware of any other time a item was sent with the Chairmans name on it without his prior approval. We regularly sent Chairman Harnett press releases, letters, ect that have have the Chairmans name attached to it.

    My staff and I know that Chairman Harnett needs to sign off on these items. In this case it simply did not happen. I am ultimately responsible for that mistake.

    We are putting additional measures (including written authorization and log) to avoid this in the future.

    As I indicated we could have worded the letter differently, and will do so in the future.

    I enjoyed it and hope the Chairman did too.

    Our finances are vastly improved and I credit the Chairmans hard work, along with the process, procedures and support my team has provided.

    I enjoy working with Hassan, and despite this hiccup, I believe we have worked well together and achieved measurable success for the NCGOP. I have spoken with the Chairman and I believe we are focused on the future

    I regret that I have been unable to earn goodwill or your trust as activists.

    I need to work harder to earn those in the future.



    1. You sound like Bill Clinton saying ”it depends on what ‘is’ is”. Your excuse simply does not flush.

      At the time you sent out that letter, and at the time you made one candidate the keynote speaker at the Hall of Fame and left the other two candidates out completely, there were two other ANNOUNCED candidates for US Senate. Your actions were totally improper.

      Lets look at the presidential race. Only this week were the candidates for the NC primary finalized. Under your theory, you could have hyped and supported your preferred presidential candidate up until that time, including in your letter and at the Hall of Fame.

      The excuse you give makes it imperative that you be removed from office in order that the party not establish a precedent that it is okay for party leaders to take sides in a known primary right up until more than one candidate files. That should not and must not be the party rule, and to lay down the markers that it is not, you need to be removed to establish a clear precedent that it is not.

      You still do not apologize for your endorsement transgression. You defend it, and you seek to establish an awful precedent around it.

  10. Sorry this line

    I enjoyed it and hope the Chairman did too.

    Is out of place.

    It refers to so some successful meetings the Chairman and I have had together. It is an honor to work with him. It’s also an honor to work for the NCGOP.

    1. Dallas, who at the NCGOP is in charge of deleting conservative post on the party’s Facebook page? Questions were asked about Trump’s campaign visit to Raleigh and the fact there was no mention of it. And, it was deleted. Comments were also made about your involvement with big time Rino Dick Burr and the fundraising letter and I see they were deleted. Please remember Dallas not everyone agrees with you and your endorsements of these horrific RINOS. How’s Thom’s eu genetics campaign coming along? Really conservative huh? Is Burr still touting defunding Obama Care as the “dumbest thing he had ever heard of.” How about the cloture vote for Loretta Lynch? Would they have done the same for Adolph Hitler? How about the 1.2 trillion dollar Cromnibus which funded executive amnesty, Obama Care and everything this president wanted! Pat yourself on the back Dallas you and your establishment hacks brought us Donald Trump!

  11. John: I simply stated the timeline of events and also stated we should have operated differently. The party has not endorsed anyone and it can only be done by the respective committes.

    My point of writing is to assure people we are not
    taking sides. We are striving to preform at a high level. But no question we made errors here. I take responsibility. I hope we can work together to defeat democrats

    1. When you send out a letter that advocates reelecting a particular candidate, when there are other primary candidates running, you are, in fact, endorsing that candidate and that is entirely the way it comes across to the recipients of that letter. The fact that you are that tone deaf illustrates why the party desperately needs a different ED.

      You also show your lack of understanding of how the NCGOP works when you claim that endorsement in a race like the US Senate primary can ”only be done by the respective committees”. You do not seem to even comprehend that neither the Central Committee nor the Executive Committee, nor any other committee has the power to endorse anyone in a US Senate primary or most other primaries.

      The NCGOP needs someone who knows what he is doing as ED.

    1. Whether it is ”committes” or ”committees”, there is still no power to endorse in NC in a US Senate primary. Haven’t you ever bothered to even read the Plan of Organization?????????

  12. I was really referring to when the Exec. DOES endorse like with Judges. Last time they met twice to do that.

    I missed the phrase in question in the letter. I am responsible for that. I understand you have every right not to take my word for it, but there was simply no ill intent here.

    1. Haha…. You make me laugh dallas if not for how you carried you sweet tea and swaggered down the isle at the last executive committee meeting when some other chap who asked you what we all were thinking if it was a long island ice tea and you said no

      But more funny trying to compare judge endorsements to this case. Judge endorsements are because they nonpartisan races and that is why the EC makes any stand in the primary

      Your job is to push the party Platform not any person and turns out the person you were trying to push does not support the party platform much look at his congressional ratings

      With that said I do think these primary rules are bogus but I understand the intent

      1. He again shows he is clueless, and totally unfamiliar with the Plan of Organization. You are absolutely right that there is a specific rule as to judges that came in after the races were made non-partisan that is different from the rule for primaries in partisan races. I would certainly expect the party’s ED to be aware of that. How much else is he clueless on? How much bad advise is he giving because he shoots from the hip with wrong information?

  13. John (and others) I respect and admire your passionate desire to see the rules followed. It is mine as well. I am fortunate that we have a party that has so many passionate believers.

    I thank you.

    1. Another place the rules should have been followed was in filling the legislative vacancy in the State House in Pitt County. The county chairman railroaded her candidate in by calling a meeting with much less than the required notice so that her candidate, a doctor, could not be properly vetted and other candidates did not have time to get in. A party member in the country filed a complaint with the NCGOP. The NCGOP General Counsel correctly ruled that it was an illegal meeting, but when Dallas Woodhouse spoke to the local Greenville newspaper and radio station he proclaimed that ”the doctor will get the appointment”.

      Why did Woodhouse take a side at all in the media when there was a complaint still pending? That was completely improper and made the party look corrupt. Why did he go against the correct legal position of the party’s General Counsel? The General Counsel is an elected party officer, and the ED is only the hired help. The particular position that Woodhouse took was also highly improper.

      There seems to be a pattern here with Woodhouse.

      1. I’m in a county bordering Pitt. From my vantage point it seemed like a scheme put together by the Speaker and that Pitt County Chamber of Commerce crowd led by Hinton. Woodhouse cruised in and sealed the deal. Am I wrong?

    1. You are correct Sir if this country would turn back to the Living God of Jesus Christ then this country would not need Republicans or Democrats.

      1. I’d love to see another revival in this country. The Founders were right: Our system of government is only possible with a moral and ethical populace.

        Even though I enjoy living right much, there are some days I contemplate the glories of the other side. Then I think of the grandchildren. Next thing I know I’m scraping the bottom of the Ranger, mending sails and making provisions for one more try.

  14. For the Record we on the staff did all we could to
    stop that Pitt County meeting. We contacted everyone we could think of to convince the Pitt Chair to follow the rules.

    I did correctly state that the law gives the district exec the power to make the appointment.

    We were powerless to stop it. In 5 days the appointment became law with or without the Gov’s signature.

    The point at that time was plainly state the circumstances and it was now an internal party matter, which was eventually handled by the Central Committee.

    Nobody was more frustrated by that Pitt County episode than me. It showed some problems with the plan and the statue.

    1. How does it become law with a totally illegal meeting? Why should you tell the media that ”the doctor will get the appointment” and bless a travesty like that? The party should have acted forcefully to stop it, perhaps even seeking an injunction. Instead you publicly bless a railroad job. Disgusting.

    2. From my understanding, BEFORE the illegal meeting, the party General Counsel DID make extensive efforts and phone calls to Pitt County to try to stop rogue county chairwoman Ginny Cooper from conducting the illegal meeting., but she blew those efforts off and did it anyway. It is AFTER that meeting that the state party’s actions were disgusting. Instead of standing up and fighting for what was right, like Boehner you meekly went along with it like Boehner always went along with Obama. You, as ED, in effect endorsed it with your statements to the media accepting it. Was that because whoever was behind rogue chairwoman Ginny Cooper (many suspect that it was liberal Speaker Tim Moore or his local operative Henry Hinton) asked you to back off?

      The minimum that should have happened with anyone standing up for the rules at NCGOP was a letter from the party, preferably signed by the chairman, stating that the purported meeting was illegal and invalid and its results a nullity, and it should have been sent to the Speaker, the Clerk of the House, the Minority Leader of the House, and the Governor. The letter should spelled out in detail why the meeting was illegal, and that Cooper was advised of that beforehand. That is also what should have been told to the local media.

      Instead, we now have a squishy House member who was illegally appointed and supports the Obamacare Medicaid expansion.

  15. We simply did the best we could with that issue. I accept others thought other options should be exercised. I do think the focus had to be directed towards the chair not the appointed member. The member did not set the date. We can declare the out of order but the law gives almost absolute power to the district EC. We talked lots options but at the end of the day the statue (which I will advocate changing) gives them the power to do what they did. I hate it. No court would allow our Plan of Organization (party rules) to trump the written law. The meeting grossly violated our rules but I don’t think was against the law, which is how the courts would look at it. And exactly how much $$ should we spend on something highly unlikely to work. That money then can’t be spent on electing Republicans to office.

    This is simply a case of having no good options.
    We may have to agree to disagree with how it was handled.

    1. The problem is obvious. You treated the guy improperly railroaded through by a rogue county chairman as ”the member”. He was not. He was the nominee of an improperly conducted meeting, nothing more, until your inaction resulted in him getting sworn in.

      At a GOP event, I was in a conversation among two experts on election laws and three people concerned about this travesty. Here are the main points made by the experts in this area:

      1) The NCGOP in the past has cracked the whip on local party organizations that failed to give correct notice on a meeting to fill a vacancy in public office, forcing local parties to conduct new meetings to correct notice errors. A county that adjoins Pitt was one of those which was compelled by NCGOP to hold a new meeting to correct its notice problems with its original meeting. Why was this not done by NCGOP in the Pitt situation?

      2) The statute and the Plan of Organization do not conflict with one another. It is very possible to comply with both. The stature says nothing at all about procedure such as call, notice, quorum, or other procedural issues. Lack of such detail implies that the statute envisions meetings to fill vacancies being conducted by the normal procedural rules for such committees. Those rules are set out in the Plan of Organization.

      3) The statute does not even mention any role of the county chairman in these meetings, and nothing that could be interpreted as giving her the power to set procedural rules at her own whim that are contrary to those in the Plan of Organization. The only document that mentions a role of the county chairman is the Plan of Organization. Her entire role in these meetings derives from the Plan of Organization, not the statute, and that hardly puts her in a position to disregard other provisions of the Plan of Organization.

      4) Since there is no conflict between the statute and the Plan and the two are in harmony rather than in conflict., the most likely result in court would be the court enforcing both together. One simply gives the detail of how the other is carried out,

      5) If a court did not directly follow the procedural aspects of the Plan or Organization, the likely standard would be ”reasonable” procedures, and courts usually refer to something close to the situation they are dealing with to determine what is reasonable. In this case, the Plan of Organization would meet that standard, so if not enforced directly (which is still most likely), it would likely be enforced indirectly. Either way, the Plan is likely what the court would look to for procedure. It is highly unlikely that the court would look at the whim of a biased county chairman who went into the meeting with a personal agenda, especially with her super short notice.

      6) Invalid notice of a meeting, unless legally waived, invalidates everything that occurred at the meeting. One or more committee members objected to notice at this meeting, so there is no waiver by all members, as would be necessary.

      7) It appears that someone high up the food chain wanted the result of this shanghaied meeting to stand, and the bogus legal argument that a county chairman at her whim can make up whatever rules she wants that you espouse was constructed as a smokescreen to try to make that happen as an excuse for inaction..

      8) This is a terrible precedent that opens the door to a lot of mischief at these meetings, and is not in the interest of the Republican Party.

      9) The GOP should have worked the Governor’s office hard to reject this bogus appointment, and taken a firm position that the meeting was illegal in those discussions. Instead, it appears that the discussions involved the party wringing its hands that nothing could be done in their discussions with the governor;s office.

      10) The farther along this process went, with governor appointment, swearing in, etc., the more difficult it was to stop so time was of the essence. The party staff held the issue for the Central Committee, an exercise in stall ball, where the delay made any successful remedy less likely.

      11) The party could have paid for an attorney to handle the matter or asked for a GOP attorney to handle it pro bono. They also could have offered the complaintants from Pitt County to have the party join in a lawsuit if they funded an attorney to handle the matter. Lawyering up by itself might have backed down the Pitt County chairman.

      In the last session of the legislature, we had a disappointing involvement of the NCGOP staff with filling a legislative vacancy in Davidson County, which got a lot of coverage here on the Haymaker. There were two men seeking the seat, one backed by Tillis, and the other by much of the local party leadership. A committee member who was the swing vote had a church meeting in Virginia the same day and asked the NCGOP Political Director if there was any way he could participate in the meeting if he went to Virginia. She told him he could vote by calling in and he went on and travelled to Virginia. When he called in, the Tillis side had a majority of those physically present and they voted to disallow the telephone vote. The NCGOP Political Director was present at the meeting but failed to say a word. That Political Director shortly afterward took a job with Tillis’ campaign. That meeting was sandbagged by NCGOP staff. Now, we have had this travesty in Pitt. The grassroots should be furious at the way these vacancy filling meetings are being mishandled by the NCGOP staff. .

  16. It should be clear by now that this Executive Director has no idea what his job and does not care about party platform or plan of organization. He was hired to do the Chairman’s job. The Central Committee members that voted for him should be ashamed of themselves.
    Get his office keys and send him packing.

  17. Woodhouse’s excuse about campaigns just starting when a candidate files is probably something thought up after the fact as an excuse, rather than something he actually checked at the time. Anyone who follows politics knows it is s bogus argument. Many candidates announce and start their activities well before filing and often before completing any paperwork with the FEC. Congressional candidate Kay Daly, for example, was even running TV ads not only well before filing but also before there was any indication of her candidacy on the FEC. Those who follow politics, such as the NCGOP ED, know who has announced as a candidate. They do not need to look up who has filed,

    1. Its simple Rinos want to keep Rinos in office but real conservitives know that Rinos are a disease in the bloodstream of the NC Republican party

  18. Anyone want to take a guess on whom said this? A top Senate Republican has admitted Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the United States is a “huge mistake”. Yep, Dallas Woodhouse’$ main man Dick Burr! Any paid RINO supporting Dick Burr after all the crap he has pulled with OBAMACARE, Thad Cochran, voting to exempt himself and staff from the cost of Obama Care, and cloture for Loretta Lynch should be removed from office!

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