#ncpol: Meck GOPe commences carpet-bombing of Brawley

Again, it is astounding to watch how viciously and ruthlessly the GOPe goes after ANYONE perceived as a threat.  From a local TV reporter to a former legislator — the SOP appears to involve using an RPG to swat a fly.

Now we have Ruth Samuelson — Girl Friday to Pat McCrory and Thom Tillis — arching her back, showing her teeth, and hissing in the general direction of Robert Brawley:


Arguably, Brawley is a huge underdog in the race for governor.  But he sure is drawing the ire of all the right people. 

6 thoughts on “#ncpol: Meck GOPe commences carpet-bombing of Brawley

    1. Ruth Samuelson is an Obama Republican. Her being against someone makes that person she is against much more attractive as a candidate. Maybe Ruth can get her hero Obama to also attack Brawley.

  1. These are the same sorts of people who will puff themselves up full of indignation when you point out their votes for solar subsidies and toll road double-taxation and quote you the 11th Commandment, yet start viciously spreading insults and defamation about a conservative the second he primaries one of their patrons.

  2. LOL Being attacked by your opponent is the #1 way to raise money as an underdog. McCrory’s people must REALLY be nervous.

  3. Ruth Sameualson’s Resume

    Former Democrat
    Supports renewable energy ( wind, solar etc )
    Supports tollroads
    Supports light rail
    Support crony capitalism
    Best friend in the GA is liberal Pricey Harrison

    Complete opposite from Robert Brawley who is a Conservative Republican

    No doubt Robert Brawley is the best Republican candidate for NC Governor in 2016

    1. Almost all of that applies to McCrory and Tillis.

      Progressive Republicans hate Conservatives and will work with Progressive Democrats. It’s what they’ve done for decades. Raleigh is full of Progressive Republicans and Conservatives like Brawley are a threat to them. Good for Brawley.

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