#ncga: Hager targets MeckGOP chairman

It appears Curtis Watkins brought a knife to a gunfight. ( Mike Hager appears to be packin’ heat.)  The majority leader has responded to Watkins’s tactics via an email to colleagues and supportershager

It was reported yesterday in the Daily Haymaker that Curtis Watkins, Chairman of the Mecklenburg County GOP, has been calling Republicans in Rutherford County seeking someone to primary me. A very trusted close friend was called and related the following to me;

“An individual called identifying himself as Curtis Watkins, Chairman of the Mecklenburg County GOP. He continued by saying, “NC House Leadership is not happy with your current representative”. He asked if I would primary you. Informed me that he could make sure I was “fully funded” to run a campaign against the incumbent Majority Leader. I told him that we didn’t operate that way in Rutherford County.”

As you can immediately conclude, Curtis Watkins is in violation of the Party’s Plan of Organization in addition to the unwritten rules with regard to the proper conduct of a county party chairman. I have lodged my complaints with the state party and local party officials. I believe Curtis Watkins should be removed from his chairmanship. I ask you to call the state party to voice your opinion also. 

If the above infractions are not enough, Curtis Watkins attempted to speak for House Leadership of which I am a member. Through this action he lied and propagated a story that casts a negative light on all of us. Under NO circumstances or scenario do I believe that anyone in NC House Leadership (Moore, Jeter, Stam, Avila, Hurley Arp, Fraley, Bradford, or anyone else) is involved in motivating Curtis Watkins to seek a primary opponent against me! […] 

Hager then turns his fire on Charlotte billionaire businessman / environmentalist Jay Faison:

[…] However, Curtis Watkins does have outside motivation for his actions… He is employed by Clear Path, an organization founded and financed by Jay Faison (www.clearpath.org). Mr. Faison is a wealthy businessman from Charlotte that is heavily connected with Big Solar in NC. Mr. Faison through Clear Path has pledged large sums of money to convince Republicans the overall (unfounded) value of renewables in reducing carbon emissions.curtis1-270x250

Mr. Faison is disingenuous, basing his support of renewables as the best measure to reduce carbon emissions. In the several conversations I have had with Mr. Faison he has consistently avoided discussing Nuclear, Hydro, or Natural Gas and how they are the cleanest (and cheapest) forms of energy production. If a reduction in carbon emissions was indeed his end goal why would he not begin the conversation discussing the cleanest forms of energy production?

I believe the truth is Mr. Faison is just another proponent of Solar Mandates and Subsidies with a desire to leverage state law to fund their personal profiteering off the backs of taxpayers and energy ratepayers.

I represent a major roadblock to Mr. Faison’s ability to achieve his objectives successfully, because I will NOT be bribed by any special interest to fund their desires at the cost of our citizens! I refuse to use the force of law to make the citizens of North Carolina (who are also energy ratepayers) subsidize solar while being forced to forced to purchase a more expensive and unreliable form of energy! 

I wanted to let each of you know the violation of trust by Curtis Watkins and let you know about Jay Faison (and his objectives). More importantly I wanted to let each of you know that I do not believe anyone within leadership or the caucus had anything to do with the actions of Curtis Watkins.


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Representative Mike Hager
House Majority Leader
District 112

16 thoughts on “#ncga: Hager targets MeckGOP chairman

      1. Let’s see, was Hager not the Majority Whip at that time and was not his job to count votes to get conservative legislation passed? Was he doing his job too good? Is that what you are saying?

        1. I’m saying taking advantage of someone’s absence because of an accident and that another legislator had left the floor for a moment to rush a vote through is not what I’d consider the good ethics an NCGA Speaker of the House should exhibit.

  1. While I have no affection for the Chair of Meck GOP, the rule everyone keeps referring to is that an ExComm member shall refrain from using their powers and the dignity of their office in a Republican Primary. There is no rule, however, that prohibits a Party Chairman from ensuring that there will BE a Primary. One may even argue that a Chair has a duty to recruit candidates. However, once a primary is established, the rule against involvement applies.

    1. This liberal Republican county chairman was trying to recruit primary candidates against a legislator in another county, not his own, and was doing it to find a challenger who would OPPOSE the NCGOP platform position.

  2. Article 9 of the Mecklenburg County Republican Party plan of organization states “Each officer and each member of the Executive Committee shall refrain from utilizing the powers of his or her office or position in any Republican primary for public office at any level.”

  3. If watkins did this he needs to resign
    Woodhouse needs to resign
    Lewis need to resign from his national committee man post

    It seems like the EC has alot of work to do jan 9th they need to move up the start time from 2pm to 9am cause there is alot of work too do

  4. Faison is an infiltrator, and Watkins is his sock puppet. Faison represents the liberal ideology of Obama on one of Obama’s key signature issues. Watkins is working for Faison’s Obama/Gore/Soros ideology, not the principles of the GOP. He needs to resign or be removed.

    Faison and any Obama Republicans who align with him need to be shown the door. They are a Fifth Column that our party needs to get rid of, a cancer that needs to be cut out.

    1. Thank you for your post. I was already reminded of Obama’s many enormous handouts of taxpayer funds to Solar and other alternative energy companies that gave to his campaigns. The Solyndra debacle was just one. Small government, Constitutional, non-Neoconservative, patriotic, and born again Christian Republicans make up a huge part of the Republican base. And we are so sick of the games and corruption. Much as I truly despise the Democratic Party, I do understand why so many people hate Republicans.

      Re: the Obama/Gore/Soros religion of Climate Hucksterism. Carbon Dioxide is the “Gas of Life” In times when the earth had more carbon dioxide than now, crops thrived. Therefore ALL life thrived. Apparently we need a little more. There are artificial growth environments for vegetable crops that blow in carbon dioxide. The plants develop bigger, faster, better. This hoax is being perpetrated by people with the stated objective of using it to bring about wealth distribution from the developed West to less developed nations. Taxes will be paid directly to the Vatican, Al Gore, Obama, G. Soros, and others with their hands in the till. Big multinationals that Republicans favor love this scheme. The money won’t even help the poor in poor nations. It never does. It will go to corrupt leaders as payoffs always have. Now, Dec.13, 2015, the super rich, liberal feel gooders have jetted off and lived high on taxpayer dollars, and accomplished their goal of agreeing on their climate hoax, true data and dissenting scientists be damned. It will be interesting to see if the national GOP do the right thing and refuse to fund this giant nail in the coffin of average Americans. They certainly haven’t put up much opposition against Obama’s tyranny thus far.

  5. Faison represents the same radical fringe as Tom Steyer, but is just trying to impose it on our party instead of the Democrats. Like Steyer and George Soros, he is probably doing so to feather his own nest in helping his investments that depend on government handouts and mandates. He is a rent seeker and far outside the mainstream of the party. Watkins is a junior rent seeker also trying to feather his own nest as to his paycheck. But there is more to it than just that.

    The ”science” behind the global warming theory was clearly exposed as a fraud by the Climategate emails. It is more like science fiction. An excellent scientific refutation of the global warming theory, complete with interviews with numerous leading scientists, was broadcast as a documentary on the UK’s Channel 4 entitled ”The Great Global Warming Swindle” and can be viewed on this link:


    British TV is willing to tell this story but you will not find it on the liberal American media.

    The immediate past president of the Czech Republic, Dr. Vaclav Klaus accurately summed up the nature of the global warming movement when he described them as ”a budding totalitarian ideology that is the greatest threat to freedom, democracy, and prosperity in the world today”. President Klaus himself grew up under communism and at a time that many who had experience nazi occupation were still living, so he recognizes a totalitarian ideology when he sees one.

    Thirty years ago, I first heard the term ”eco-fascism” and it perfectly describes the global warming movement, as their remedies fit well within classic principles of fascist economics. So, too, do many of Barack Obama’s policies, for that matter. They are much closer to classic fascist economics than classic socialist economics.

    The eco-fascist movement is trying to get its nose under the GOP tent in NC led by Faison, and it looks like they have already placed Watkins in position within the GOP..They need to be stopped.

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