#NCGA Sen. Jeff Tarte — respect his authoritah !!!

CartmanWhen we last saw state senator Jeff Tarte he was babbling maniacally ON CAMERA at two constituents who simply wanted to ask him about some legislation he was sponsoring. (He sicced NCGA security on one of the constituents — a young woman accompanied by a number of small children.) 

This kind of behavior has emboldened us to take a closer look at exactly what this head case from Mecklenburg has been doing on the taxpayers’ dime. Tarte introduced a bill to make it illegal to EVEN HOLD a cell phone in a moving car.

tarte1He’s trying to extend all kinds of corporate welfare goodies to some deep pockets that have been very generous to him, Thom Tillis and other capos in the Meck Mob.

Ol’ Jeff also wants you to know that your *silly* religious beliefs about gay marriage and caring for your children are NOT worth a penny of respect.

Now, ol’ Jeff wants to FINE you $200 if you are in the passing line driving below the speed limit.   (Wait.  I thought the gentlemen in the silver and black cars with the blue lights WANT us to drive below the speed limit.)