#ncga: Rabon, Cobey & GOPe cronies come out of closet for Grange

Raleigh is making it clear who they want to succeed Rick Catlin in TammyCovil_HollyGrange-2Wilmington-centered house district 20.  Our pal Lady Liberty has managed to get a copy of an invite to a fundraiser for Holly Grange, one of two Republicans seeking the seat.  It reads like a Who’s Who of the GOPe and Common Core lobby.

(Grange’s opponent, Tammy Covil, is a leading statewide Common Core opponent and current member of the New Hanover County Board of Education.) 

One of the more interesting names on the sponsor list is Senator Bill Rabon (R).  It’s awfully interesting to see a member of Jones Street’s upper chamber taking sides in a primary for a rsz_002seat in the lower chamber. 

It’s also interesting to see Bill Cobey — former congressman, former NCGOP chairman, and current McCrory appointee to the state board of education chairman’s slot — billed as a “special guest.”  (There is a legendary story about Cobey — during his one term in Congress — regularly getting lost for hours at a time in the US Capitol complex. But, I digress.) 1vXrOt.So.156

Cobey and Covil served together on the state commission reviewing Common Core.  He and Covil were frequently on opposite sides of the issue. 

The event will be hosted at the home of really rich guy Fred Eshelman.  He dumps a lot of money on GOPe types in Raleigh, and got appointed to the UNC Board of Governors.  He quit that job out of frustration over his perception of not enough spending on the UNC system. 

The event sponsor list also includes Jennifer Harjo (the county’s public defender), and local GOPe celebs Parks Griffin and Woody White.  White, currently serving on the county board of commissioners, lost a bitter primary race in 2014 to now-congressman David Rouzer. 

Raleigh and the GOPe are making it clear they want Holly Grange on Jones Street.  Tammy Covil would join the shake-things-up caucus in the House — raising questions, looking out for our interests as opposed to those of the lobbyists.

This is a great example of the length the GOPe is going to shut out and shut down Tammy_Covilgrassroots conservatives.  Tammy Covil would be a reliable, dependable conservative voice in the General Assembly.  But it’s clear she’s going to need some help. Check her out HERE and HERE and do what you can for her.


26 thoughts on “#ncga: Rabon, Cobey & GOPe cronies come out of closet for Grange

  1. Tammy Covil is the real deal — a principled conservative who time and again has fearlessly taken on the duplicitous establishment. Read her scathing rebuke of the Common Core cronies who just sold out our children’s educational future at Lady Luberty 1885’s site (that’s YOU hapless Bill Cobey). Please donate what you can to help Tammy win. She is one of our last best hopes. Please help her!!

    1. What could Mrs. Covil say about spending all the time and money to end the Common Core project with no results. Again, what experience does she have in developing and or having an opinion on NC’s Common Core. You have to be a leader, professional and have the ability to work well with others to develop curriculum standards. More importantly you have to have the higher education basics to form an opinion about what our state needs.

      We don’t need a redo—we need to move forward. She has had her opportunity to make a difference.

      1. Common Core is wrecking for our children and grandchildren. If you are for it, like Granger appears to be, you are part of the problem.

  2. Bill Cobey is the one who started the backroom clique of the establishment cronies controlling the NCGOP, with his sidekick Bill Peaslee, who was really the original brains of that establishment operation. On another site, this was often referred to as the Cobey dynasty, and Claude Pope was the first chairman since Cobey who was not selected by that group in the backroom, because McCrory told the clique that he wanted to do the selecting, and kicked aside their designated heir for Pope.

    Cobey was once a conservative, but started going bad when he started listening to Peaslee, who was the one who recruited him to run for chairman. Given Cobey’s drift to the left, it is not surprising that he has gone over to the dark side on Common Core, too.

  3. I see some familiar names on this invite. The GOPe seems to have no problem with elected officials who vote on their excom business meddling in primaries. Again, lack of principles and core principles. Do as I say, not as I do. Vote Covil! Her opponent sounds like a puppet of the good old boys. Her ties to the Clinton/Blumenthal machine sound dangerous at best. I am sorry I ever supported Woody White and people tried to tell me and I didn’t listen. Mea Culpa! Rabon has been a puppet of RC Soles from the beginning.

    1. Woody White has always been in bed with the Cobey clique. White was their initial candidate for NCGOP state chairman in 2009, but after actively campaigning for a while, withdrew in favor of the Cobey machine’s new candidate, Tommy Fetzer. The machine saw White likely to lose to a grassroots challenger and switched horses.

      I would have still supported White over Rouzer simply because the Cobey machine was a much lesser evil when compared to the Boehner-Cantor DC clique that Rouzer is affiliated with.

    2. Yep, I was one of the ones who said that White was no maverick in the Ilario mold. Told you so, told you so. LOL. Vote Tammy Covil, she’s the real deal. Sadly I thought that her opponent was a conservative when I lived down there.

  4. Lol y’all worried about Woody, Parks, and Cobly when the event is hosted by a Billionare (founder of PPD)

    Sorry, but this is game over…

    1. So, you establishment types think elections can always be bought? So did Eric Cantor. Where is he now?

        1. Money is a big plus, but its not the deciding factor in this race. The Grange-Clinton connection has all conservatives and many moderate GOP voters fuming. This is a game changer. This election is anti-establishment and Covil is as conservative and anti-establishment as one can get. Check back on March 16th.

          1. Um, Covil is an ELECTED school board official, LONG-TIME active party member and an APPOINTED CO-CHAIRWOMAN of a state commission. Grange is a first-time candidate, West Point graduate, NRA firearms instructor, and active community volunteer. So how exactly is Grange the “establishment” in your bizarro world? Because a bunch of NC20 residents are enthusiastic about supporting her? No wonder it’s always so hard in New Hanover to recruit new solid, conservative, experienced, leaders willing to run for office. We like Tammy too – how’s that for a fun fact. But this phony labelling and slandering of fellow conservatives is just sad and desperate. Tammy would have been a shoe-in had she and her supporters not jumped for the throat of Holly Grange on the first day. It left a bad taste in everybody’s mouth, and cost her the planned endorsement of outgoing Rep. Catlin.

          2. ”Establishment” is a somewhat misleading word. A better term would be ”Big Government Republicans” or ”Obama Republicans”. Grange has surrounded herself with supporters of the leftwing Common Core in this event, and her ties to cronies of Hillary Clinton through her company and husband make her an awful choice for any elected office.

            Covill is a North Carolinian. Grange is a yankee carperbagger from Obamaland. Covil is the one who represents North Carolina conservative values.

        2. Name calling? You always take the establishment tone or slant in your opinions expressed on this board. Anyone can see that. So your pushing the ”inevitibliity” of a liberal establishment candidate is just par for the course with you.

          Our General Assembly needs a real North Carolinian like Tammy Covil, not your transplanted damyankee, who is tied in with the Hillary Clinton mafia.

          1. Don’t think I have heard that one since about third grade. I guess that says something about some posters maturity level!

          2. Stick to the facts, you are letting this get to personal.

            How did Mrs. Covil contribute to the State Board of Education? Better yet how has she contributed to our local school board?

            The candidate we need is someone that can build relationships across the table to get things done instead of shutting everyone out.

            How can Mrs. Covil support our local or state education when she doesn’t believe in higher education. What qualifications does she have?

          3. Tammy Covil is for limited government. Granger is in with the big government crowd. That is the most important qualification – who is going to fight for principles. We have way too many Go Along – Get Along politicians and that is the big problem in government.

            We need more like Ted Cruz or Jeff Sessions and fewer like Richard Burr or Lindsay Graham.

  5. Amen to helping Tammy! We need her in the House. If Speciale and I can stay there, and have Tammy come on board, along with some other good conservatives who are running, we could grow the ability of conservatives in the House to stand up against corruption and for limited government. I really hope she makes it.

  6. The present day GOP elite, as represented here, is the buy friends and influence people crowd. The sooner we conservatives are shod of them the better.

  7. There are several of us that are going to make signs, and have a welcoming committee at the end of the street, for those coming to support Grange, come and join us! We are going to have a sign that says Cobey + Grange = COMMON CORE!

    1. I have yet to see or hear ONE SINGLE WORD that Holly Grange actually supports common core. In fact, I’ve heard her say just the opposite in an interview – that she is in agreement with Tammy on this issue. Seem as if folks like you just like to make things up when you support their opponent, rather than resort to any actual facts. Character assassination is more then just juvenile, it backfires by hurting all Conservatives in the minds of voters.

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