#ncpol: The Round Rev and the search for morality

barberhandsThe round, jheri-curled one apparently believes progressivism has collapsed into a state of immorality(or amorality).  *Amazing.  I think we’ve finally reached him.*

Yes.  The folks who are always telling us to shut up and keep our morality to ourselves NOW say they have to get some of that there morality.

Here’s Bill Barber, a/k/a “St.William of Mickey D’s”, writing in the latest issue of something called “The Nation”:

[…] In the South, we’re building a broad, new movement rooted in right and wrong, not left and right.[…]barber1

Hmm.  Not left and right.  But right and wrong.  I’ll give you two guesses — first one is wrong — on which side he thinks is WRONG.  MORE:

[…] After the Civil War, when the peace had been won and Reconstruction had begun, The Nation sent a writer through the South to report on the fledgling democracy. Both the heirs of William Lloyd Garrison and the new black citizens of Dixie understood that winning the South could mean a new America. Fifty years ago, when the South stood in the throes of a Second Reconstruction, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. filed reports on the civil-rights movement for this publication. King soght not only to document the South as it was, but to envision the nation as it should be. “Throughout our history, the moral decision has always been the correct decision,” he insisted. And the struggle for that moral decision, King added, was being waged in the South.
Fifty years later, it is easy for progressives to write off the South. Whatever flag flies over them, statehouses across Dixie harbor extremists who have gerrymandered voting districts and, now freed from the Voting Rights Act, havebarber.fw launched a raft of new anti-voting legislation. To many liberals, these George Wallace look-alikes are precisely what the South’s new Duck Dynasty deserves. In any case, the conventional wisdom goes, the struggle for the South is hopeless. […]

Freed from the Voting Rights Act?  Who is he talking about?  Most all of the states of the Old Confederacy are still being covered by the VRA. 

And lefties apparently neeeeeeeeeeever gerrymander.  I guess The Round Rev forgot about the whole hullaballoo over  redistricting in the 90s and 2000s.  Shaw v. Reno, anyone?  (And WHO was in charge in Raleigh, then?)  And then there are the two congressional districts we have guaranteeing a black winner.

And anti-voting legislation?  Requiring you to show ID to prove WHO YOU ARE is anti-voting?  

I beg to differ. As a preacher rooted in the Southern freedom movement, I find myself strangely hopeful at the beginning of 2016. Like Dr. King, I hold this hope as a moral conviction and a practical concern. But I, too, do not hold it without attention to the South as it is.cm2

Freedom movement?  Is that what you call the folks in favor of dependence on government and generations of families enslaved unto the bureaucracy of the Department of Social Services?   Is THAT freedom

Wait.  There’s more,um, “wisdom” ahead:

[…] Over the past decade here in North Carolina, we have witnessed the power of moral dissent to challenge the forces of injustice. Our adversaries have hijacked the concept of morality and shifted it to such personal matters as abortion and homosexuality. But by taking back the moral high ground on issues like Medicaid, voting rights, and poverty, our Moral Mondays movement won the support of a dozen major religious denominations and rallied tens of thousands in the streets of our cities and towns.[…]

Really?  Fighting to defund Planned Parenthood for trafficking in dead baby parts is NOT the moral high ground?  That’s awfully bizarre logic coming from100percent-unimpressed an alleged man of God. 

Barber and his ilk are trying to redefine morality, just like they are trying to redefine the concepts of boys and girls.    There is arguably nothing moral about forsaking our communities’s less fortunate to the cold purgatory of social welfare agencies.

Want to restore morality?  Give parents more power over the education of their kids.   I can remember the era when it was common to have at least one stay-at-home parent.  Government has gotten so big and the cost of living has exploded to such an extent that parents can’t afford to stay home anymore.  Raising kids has been subcontracted to subsidized daycare and the public school system.  Instead of celebrating Trayvon Martin and Ferguson’s Michael Brown — as Barber did — how about highlighting that Baltimore mother who tracked down her son and smacked the bejeezus out of him for partaking in that city’s rioting?