#NCGA: Protecting Tillis. Running out the clock. Blowing a great opportunity.

runnI had an interesting talk today with someone who has floor privileges in the legislative building to go along with his flashy job title.  We talked about the passion being exhibited by grassroots activists to get House Bill 1061 passed into state law. 

My source tells me that the powers-that-be on Blount Street, at NCGOP HQ, and in the House chamber are pushing the theme that any and all controversy should be avoided in order to help grease the skids and ensure smooth sailing for Thom Tillis in November.  Part of that strategy involves avoiding debate and discussion on subjects like killing Common Core.  The powers-that-be DO NOT want to hand Kay Hagan a new issue to pound Speaker Thom on in the Senate race, according to my source. 

My source says Republican honorables on Jones Street are being hit with immense pressure from the governor’s office and state party headquarters about the “importance” of not rocking the boat during the short session and providing fodder for the general election campaign. THAT includes avoiding any efforts to chip away at Common Core.  (Gov. Pat AND his education advisors are pretty big fans of Common Core, by the way.) 

crewWhy is Tillis holding on to his House seat and the speaker’s job?  It’s already come out that he will be missing much of this week’s action on Jones Street so that he can hit the DC fundraising circuit.  He’s not representing his current constituents.  He’s not running the House.  He’s not leading the House Republican Caucus.  He is holding the state government reform agenda hostage to his selfish political ambitions. 

The only reason I can think he’s still hanging around is to maintain leverage over potential donors and fellow legislators.  But what good is that — now that he is the GOP nominee?  Karl Rove and the NRSC have the fundraising game covered for him NOW. 

Waiting until next year’s session — after Tillis is gone — to try and kill Common Core will be pointless. Just like piddling around while ObamaCare gets implemented — it won’t take long for the bureaucratic monstrosity to take root and become nearly impossible to kill off. 

Frustrated conservatives in the state Senate should use Tillis’ role as Senate nominee, and the national media scrutiny that goes with it, to their advantage. They should ram through legislation repealing Common Core and drop it in Thom and Skip’s lap.  Will Speaker Thom — desiring enthusiastic support in the November vote — have the cojones to put the kibosh on that Senate effort?



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  1. It should be obvious why Tillis is keeping the House under his thumb. Yes, Rove is spending a lot on him, but Tilis has also raised quite a lot on his own, much of it from lobbyists with business before the NCGA. He’s promised them God-knows-what, and now it’s time to pay up. Tillis has to keep control of the agenda to make sure his donors’ interests are protected. What his constituents and conservatives want is beside the point.

  2. What is wrong with running out the clock?

    Remember the 4-corners? It was not too much fun to watch but it ran out the clock so that victory was preserved.

    After the win is in the record books it matters little that you ran out the clock on your way to winning. Give credit where credit is due.

    1. If you haven’t noticed, the liberals right now are in control on the Common Core issue. Running out the clock now would be like Dean Smith of UNC calling four corners when the Blue Devils are ahead by 15 points.

    2. One problem I see with such a strategy is that just “he” wins. Everyone else kinda loses.

  3. This is Tillis’ shot – possibly his only one – to unite the party and give conservatives enough confidence in him to support him in November. I suspect he will not take it, which is his loss. After all, he told a radio interview just after the primary that he did not intend to try to mend fences with conservatives.

    Tillis’ position on the Common Core bill is all about his own character and what makes him tick politically. If he runs like a scared rabbit at just the thought that Democrats may criticize him, then he will be nothing but a surrender monkey as a Senator, constantly caving in to liberals, and be totally worthless in that office. He will give conservatives every reason to wash their hands of him.

    On the other hand, if he steps up to the plate and gets the job done, then he will inspire new interest among conservatives in his campaign, and a hope that he can be someone worthwhile to send to the Senate. We all know that Tillis is a control freak, and whether or not this bill moves will be totally up to Tillis. Blaming a committee chairman or someone else will not flush.

    I am not big Tillis fan and never have been, not from the time he ran as Richard Morgan’s candidate against John Rhodes, but this is Tillis’ chance to shine, a chance to show that he can and will stand up for principle on important conservative policy issues, and a chance to show that he is worth voting for in November.

    The ball is in Tillis’ court.

    Oh, and if NCGOP is pressing to kill the Common Core bill, that really outs the leadership there as a bunch of liberal phonies, too.

    1. He won’t take it because he can’t. His campaign is being funded in large part by the U.S. Chamber, which is one of the major forces pushing Common Core. They own him, so any legislation they oppose will not move.

      1. Yes, that is really the question. Is Tillis still his own man, able to make his own decisions, and willing to work for us on key conservative issues or is he bought and paid for by the special interests, and the US Chamber is the mother of all special interests. The Chamber is not only bad on Common Core, but also on illegal immigration, budget / debt issues, crony capitalism like green energy boondoggles, and even caving on Obamacare. I think that when Lenin said when it came time to hang the capitalists, the capitalists would sell them the rope, he had corrupt opportunists like the US Chamber in mind.

        Is Tillis for us or against us? What he does on Common Core will answer that question. If he screws us, there is absolutely no reason to support him in November.

        Given Tillis’ longtime ”pay for play” mindset, I would wager that you are probably correct, and that is sad. Here is a chance to unite the party and he will blow it big time.

    2. “After all, he told a radio interview just after the primary that he did not intend to try to mend fences with conservatives.”

      I suppose he’s counting on the idea that he doesnt have to… and why would he? For many people, the fact that he isnt Hagan and hasnt a (D) next to his name is plenty enough.

      If he can get someone’s vote by default on just that basis, what his political positions are become largely unimportant – and from what I understand, they can be worthy quite a lot of money 🙂

  4. 1. Kay Hagan is knee deep in common core related programs. Do some homework.

    2. No one is avoiding debate; what is being avoided are people with political axes to grind on Tillis trying to kill the bill by overloading it with amendments that don’t make sense. 11th hour armchair quarterbacking without all the facts at it’s finest.

    3. People need to be aware of the NC Chamber of Commerce and their role in this. If there is a target out there to be scrutinizing, it is the Chamber. Folks should remind their representation that they elected them, not the chamber.


    1. The corrupt crony capitalists of the US Chamber seem to be part of the establishment axis of evil, with Rove as the other big player. Both are on Tillis’s team.

    2. If we need to scrutinize the Chamber, which supports Common Core, why would we not also need to scrutinize Tillis, who is supported by the Chamber?

  5. Lady “Liberty” YOU have shutdown debate on your fb page “be uncommon end common core” by kicking many of us who care more about ending common core than carrying the water for Thom Tillis as you have choose to do. You, Thom Tillis, and the rest of the Establishment luckiest will own Common Core when HB 1061 passes. Don’t even try to play dumb when you get exactly what the Chamber, Thom, the Onions, and you yourself want from this bill that makes Common Core stronger. OWN IT

  6. Can’t help but wonder if some of these “conservatives” who are shutting down debate and criticizing anyone who has a question about this bill haven’t been promised a position on the Study Commission or something equally as sweet in return for their efforts. Hate to sound so cynical, but that’s how politics rolls, isn’t it?
    Just another day, another dollar…
    Good article Brant. All this pushback is making it crystal clear that this is all about Thom Tillis, and not about what’s best for NC’ians.

    1. What, you didn’t know? Tillis does not give a D*mn about NC this is a smash and grab all you can get for thug Tillis before he gets thumped out of office. He is quickly becoming the most reviled politician in the history of the state from the Rs and Ds alike.

    2. “Can’t help but wonder if some of these “conservatives” who are shutting down debate and criticizing anyone who has a question about this bill haven’t been promised a position on the Study Commission or something equally as sweet in return for their efforts”

      Whoa – that’s a strong statement, please provide backup…

      Have you met with legislators, have you provided suggested language to strengthen the bill? Are you trying to rally votes for your position?

      Tillis, McCrory and the GOP establishment will own CC, not Lady Liberty who has been knee deep in the fight to get rid of CC, she is a warrior for the cause.

      Tillis has the one who should be leading the charge to get rid of CC, he’s not, he’s backed by the Chamber and Rove (team Bush), do you really think he will make any attempt to unite conservatives? No Bush is in full control of the establishment. Tillis and many in the GA don’t have children in schools subject to CC, national testing and data collection. They don’t have skin in the game, they have hands extended for $$$ and power.

  7. Common Core is nothing but No Child Left Behind on steroids. Wake up people our children deserve better than this. This is a UN control mechanism and dumbs our children down more than they already are. This program was put in to starve our children of a true education about the history of this great nation. Please contact your elected officials in in county.to vote down common core. As a former educator I see teachers and students struggling. There are no text books but whatever is approved by the UN. The majority of the average children are failing due to lack of prior knowledge. There are new teachers that are brainwashed to accept a failed program that was never pre tested on a select market. It bans homeschooling for those that choose to not accept government control or have to accept what is being offered.

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