#ncga ONE MORE reason we won’t miss Nathan Ramsey in Raleigh

legisRecruiting Rs instead of conservatives is a key ingredient to giving you the mess we have in the lower chamber on Jones Street.  Republicans rose to power in this state because they offered a clear contrast to what the Democrats were offering.  When you have Republicans who are OK with slightly less big government than the Democrats want, the voters see things as a wash and go back to their historical relations with the Ds. 

Nathan Ramsey represented Buncombe County in the state House until November.  Ramsey loved to be “bipartisan.” Now, a Democrat holds his seat.  With all of this newfound spare time, Ramsey has been hanging out a lot on Facebook:



No.  Saine and Dollar are two who enjoy playing with other people’s money way too much.

“Their own definition of conservative”?  Speaking solely for this site, what we want is simply elected officials who (1) stand by what they say while campaigning, and (2) support the GOP platform with their votes.

4 thoughts on “#ncga ONE MORE reason we won’t miss Nathan Ramsey in Raleigh

  1. I live in his district and after his weak votes and stating he would vote to expand medicaid and obamacare I decided he was not a republican. This guy is nothing more than a slick politician that deserves to be out of office for ever.

    Glad you are gone Nathan, please don’t run again.

  2. Is it true that Nathan Ramsey is a cousin or something of Liston Ramsey? Their politics are sure similar.

    Ramsey sure likes Nelson Dollar and Jason Saine, two of the biggest advocates of one of Barack Obama’s signature policies, green energy, in the NC House. These two guys are not only Obama Republicans, but also Solyndra Republicans. The GOP would be better off if the three of them went and joined the party whose policies they really prefer and became open Obamunists instead of stealth Obamunists.

    We have enough of a problem fighting off Obamunists from outside the party to have to deal with a Fifth Column inside the party as well.

    Hopefully, local conservatives are working on some primary challenges to deal with these problems.

  3. I attended the NC Court of Appeals hearing in Raleigh yesterday, on the lawsuit over the State trying to seize Asheville’s water system. (Nathan Ramsey was a chief sponsor of that legislation.)

    At one point, the State’s attorney, I. Faison Hicks, suggested to the three judge panel that however radical-sounding it is for the NCGA to simply “take” a city’s water system, hey – those legislators are elected, and are accountable to the people. That was supposed to make the legislation seem more palatable.

    I was sitting in the back, and I noticed a number of people in the packed courtroom look at each other quizzically, as if to say, “Does he not know that two of those legislators (including Nathan) lost their seats in the last election, partly over this issue?”

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