#ncga: Oh, and those GOPers voting FOR repeal of HB2 …

Take a seat and strap in, folks.  This might get bumpy, as we commence our call-out:

  • John Alexander (R-Wake)
  • Tamara Barringer (R-Wake)
  • Phil Berger (R-Rockingham)
  • Stan Bingham (R-Davidson)
  • Jim Davis  (R-Cherokee)
  • Fletcher Hartsell (Indicted – Cabarrus)
  • Brent Jackson (R-Sampson)
  • Mike Lee (R-New Hanover)
  • Tom McInnis (R-Richmond)
  • Bill Rabon (R-Brunswick)
  • Jeff Tarte (R-Mecklenburg)
  • Tommy Tucker (R-Union)
  • Trudy Wade (R-Guilford)
  • Andy Wells  (R-Catawba)

There you go.  THE DIRTY DOZEN — and “a deuce”.  Three of those are members not coming back in January.  Speaking of — I see ol’ Fletcher Hartsell in there.  What?  Multiple indictments at the state and federal level not good enough to cost you your voting privileges? 


35 thoughts on “#ncga: Oh, and those GOPers voting FOR repeal of HB2 …

  1. Some of these are also Solyndra Republicans who support the solar energy parasites. It looks like there are multiple reasons to start recruiting for primaries, and some of these districts will not at all be happy with legislators who, as the Charlotte Observer said, would make young schoolgirls just have to get used to seeing penises in their showers.

    A normal off year election will be low turnout where informed voters and motivated voters will have more say, and if it is a 2017 special, then it will be even more so.

    Time to drain the swamp.

    What about the House?

      1. This question is for all you people out there who don’t care is a gay guy or transvestite goes into a women’s bathroom. How do you know if this person is what he says he is ? He could be using this for an excuse to see all they can see or be a pervert and want to be able to go into lady’s locker rooms and watch women or little girls undress. You parents out there need to think about this and the consequences.AND all you GOPer out there ….you will never get our or anyone else’s vote we know.

        1. Please don’t blame all Republicans. The majority of GOP state senators stood firm behind HB2, as did Lt. Gov. Dan Forest. Many of our GOP state reps do, too, even though no vote was taken there. The problem is that we do have some cowards and some liberals in the caucus, too.

        2. Don’t worry about any perverts wandering into the girl’s locker rooms, Rev. Barber & his followers will take care of them!!!!!!!!!

  2. And even more in the House ready to betray their own Party. The Lt. Governor is pretty much the only one on either side of the aisle who didn’t come out of this affair looking like a clown.

  3. I stand with HB 2, NC Citizens, and especially our children. Thank you to Senator Cook for standing strong.

    1. What I do not understand is, how many trans. there are to be affected in NC, and where have they been going to use the bathroom all along? Surely not out in the bushes!

      1. Good question Mary. It is just something else for Rev. Barber & the liberal/socialist/marxist/progressives to whine about. We haven’t had any problems in my 78 yrs. Why all of a sudden we have this problem dumped on us. We had a good Governor who fought against such trivial B/S. I think it cost him the election. It just goes to show what an influence all the liberal/progressive influence that is being taught in our colleges & Universities has on the politics of our state. We used to be a conservative state with good laws & morals, now our morals & freedoms are slipping away.

  4. The more I see and hear our so-called leaders, Phil Berger and Tim Moore, whimper and whine like scared little girls with their panties in a twist about the ”need” to repeal HB2, the more disgusted I get at their pathetic behavior. They just don’t seem to get it. What are they afraid of? The round socialist ”reverend” and his traveling freak show? Are we going to let that overweight social misfit and disciple of Karl Marx dictate public policy in North Carolina?

    I am beginning to wonder which restroom Berger and Moore will choose for themselves if they give themselves the option by selling out HB2. They are behaving like girly men, not leaders. What has happened to their ‘nads? Have they already been chopped off as part of reassignment surgery? Will they be coming out soon as Phyllis Berger and Kim Moore?

    I have to say I expected this appalling behavior of Moore, but I am absolutely shocked to see it in Berger. Both of them are acting like Neville Chamberlain at Munich; the phony ”peace in our time” that leads directly to all out war. The left does not want a compromise that takes us back to the status quo ante, they want a phony compromise that positions them better for the next round, and they have certainly already laid plans for the next round. Are Berger and Moore just too stupid to comprehend that?

  5. Talk about a snafu!!! I must say that this exercise causes me to take a more in-depth look at the sweet sixteen. Not all that close though!!

    Browny Douglas

    1. Jeff Tarte deserves a primary for lots of reasons, this one being the latest, but for his district, I-77 probably being the biggest. Go get him!

      ALL of them on this list of traitors need a primary.

      I ran into a Republican relative from Catawba County at a holiday gathering and since we are both Republican, he shared his joy at Trump’s election and at preserving HB2. He had no idea that his State Senator, Andy Wells, had voted against HB2 until I told him, but once he learned that, he is primed to vote Wells out at the first opportunity. I think this issue has very powerful legs for the next GOP primary. I also threw in the solar issue, which did not make him happy about Wells, either.

      1. I hope someone will keep reminding us before the next election, so we can vote these liberal/marxist/socialists out!!!!!!!

  6. I wonder if some of these legislators stopped to think how average voters react to the bathroom issue. An instructive example is Houston, Texas, where a liberal city council did the same thing Charlotte did a year or two ago, The political complexion of Houston is not a lot different from NC’s big cities, and a lot more liberal than the rest of the state. Still, opponents of the bathroom ordinance used initiative and referendum (which NC does not have) to force a vote by the people of Houston on the issue, and the ordinance was repealed by a landslide by popular vote at the ballot box. Ordinary folks do not want men in the bathroom or showers with their womenfolk and they don’t want government to force them to do it.

    The Houston vote involved the entire electorate. A GOP primary electorate would be even more conservative, and in an off year, would tend to consist more heavily of high information voters who are motivated by issues rather than driven by name identification. Being identified as a supporter of letting men into womens rest rooms and locker rooms will likely be fatal politically in a GOP primary, and it should be.

    This is also the sort of issue where having a lot of money does not help so much. A challenger with an issue like this on his side does not have to match an incumbent dollar for dollar or even come close. All they have to do is have enough resources to get their message out to voters. The message itself will do the rest.

    These legislators were playing with fire as to their own political careers with their votes. They really should have considered that before voting that way.

    1. This should be left up to the people to decide what they want. Government cannot force this issue on normal people.

  7. HB 2 killed GOv. Mc Crory re election…..the Marxist media vilified him on this and the DNC and Hillary spent millions to defeat him……they were salivating to win this state….but Trump overcame them in spite of the media and the money…..

    1. Please read this site more often. Crunching the numbers shows that HB2 did not defeat McCrory. The lefties who got all worked up over it were not people who were going to vote Republican anyway. Go back and read the articles about McCrory’s screwups that cost him many thousands of votes from people who normally vote Republican, like the hated I-77 toll lanes, his appointment of CCA environmentalists to the Marine Fisheries Commission who constitute a threat to the future of our commercial fishermen, and his attempt to end the Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates, which outraged Southern heritage voters. McCrory shot himself out of the saddle, but HB2 did not do it.

      Lt. Gov. Dan Forest was a much stronger and more vocal supporter of HB2 than McCrory, and Forest was reelected handily.

  8. One helpful thing might be to start publishing the “names” and info of all of “round reverend’s” associates and let the uninformed of N.C. know just what kind of people they are. Put the names of those who are opposing American family values and morality.Bill R.

  9. The dirty dozen should just jump in dump with the rest of those liberal pigs that have tried to drag this nation to the bottom of the barrel. Hope Election Day takes them down.

  10. I’ve recently moved to NC and I can’t see how having Men’s Rooms for Men and Women’s Rooms for Women would affect the Transgender population.
    If ( 0) is dressed as a woman and he goes into a stall and doesn’t Gawk at other women or bother any other woman or child, no one would know or care and he (0) could masquerade around town and pee in all the Women’s restrooms he (0) wanted to without having hundreds of organizations take up the torch and choose sides as to where to pee ! This is so stupid , I can’t believe this is happening in AMERICA and I think it’s about time the Tail stops trying to “Wag the Dog”

  11. I count 16.

    Senator(s): Alexander; Barringer; Berger; Bingham; J. Davis; Gunn; Hartsell; B. Jackson; Lee; McInnis; Pate; Rabon; Tarte; Tucker; Wade; Wells

    Not a single Democrat voted for a repeal of HB2.

  12. I think this HB2 bill should be voted on by the Registered and Legal Citizens of the state of NORTH CAROLINA to settle it once and for all !! CITIZENS VOTE ON IT!!

  13. Thanks Chad Barefoot for your support of HB-2 to protect our children & wifes. Its hard to believe we have this many rino republican in our party we need new leader ship in our party. The Mizzelle family from Franklin county.

  14. The Haymaker has pointed out before that this whole dumb ”compromise” idea on HB2 originated with John Hood, who seems to originate a lot of stupid ideas that are harmful to conservatives like ending runoff primaries, or are harmful to both conservatives and Republicans like so-called ”non-partisan redistricting”. Maybe he should check with California on whether the results are so ”non-partisan” as the theory. Or Arizona.

    Thanks to Hood’s sellout dressed up as a ”compromise”, Roy Cooper and Rev. Barber got another chance to grandstand and to allow the liberal media to continue to grossly distort the issue. In the first round in September, the Democrats missed the opportunity Hood gave them to depress turnout of the GOP base by actually going through with Hood’s rotten deal.

    The real danger to the GOP of HB2 is that betraying the GOP base will hurt GOP turnout as the Christian conservative segment of the base figures out they have been played for patsies on a very important issue to them. Does Hood even have the political savvy to figure that out? He would have killed all chances McCrory had if the Democrats had been smarter in September and went along with the deal, and probably hurt a lot of other Republicans, too.

    Hood is an intellectual trying to play political guru and it just does not work. He is what George Wallace used to describe as a ”pointy headed intellectual”. His strategies do not work for the same reason that most Political Science professors are worthless in real world politics. Hood may know 18th century political philosophers like the back of his hand, but he does not know 21st century real world politics in North Carolina, and he needs to recognize that.

    NC Republicans do not need to keep having HB2 put on the agenda, but that is exactly what Hood has been pushing. It gives the left another opportunity to beat their drums and it makes our own voters wonder if we are about to sell them out on a major issue – the privacy and safety of their ladyfolk.

    One wonders if Hood is just over his head on political strategy or if he has deep down establishment loyalties. We need to remember that he had a lot of negativity toward President Trump and that in the primaries, he backed establishment kingpin Marco Rubio, an amnesty amigo from the notorious Gang of 8 and a lapdog of establishment boss Mitch McConnell.

    Hood does have a lot to offer conservatives in the intellectual sphere, but NOT in the practical politics arena. He has put Republicans between a rock and a hard place with his poorly considered ”compromise” on HB2. Even if the Democrats had joined with liberal Republicans on the latest deal, it would not have been long (6 months) before they started up their war on women and girls once again. The Democrats are like a dog with a bone on trying to force men into womens restrooms and shower rooms. The voters are with us on this issue and Republicans do not need to be exuding weakness or we will snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

    1. John Hood is also a supporter of Public Private Partnership toll road schemes. He is not a conservative.

  15. With all the ”experts” hired by the legislative caucuses and the party, why is no one playing smart politics and smart PR on this issue? We need to put our spin on it and press the issue against the Democrats with out spin. We do not need to talk about repealing HB2, we need to talk about making better law to protect the privacy and security of our women and girls.

    Our legislative leaders should challenge Cooper to work out better law on that subject and propose a joint committee with a Senator and a Representative and two of Cooper’s cabinet secretaries. The fundamental red line for improved legislation would be set by the legislative leaders as protecting women and girls from having biological males in their restrooms and showers. Put the ball into Cooper’s court about negotiating a law that protects out citizens and is not just a surrender to the loony left. The legislators appointed should be solid defenders of the principles of HB2 and not surrender monkeys.

    Next, as to PR, we need to move off of defense. We need to keep throwing that Charlotte Observer editorial in the face of the media and the left as to what they really want, the one about young schoolgirls having to just get used to seeing penises in their showers. We need to hang the term Margaret Thatcher coined ”loony left” on William Barber at every opportunity and constantly remind people that his circuses are funded by former Nazi collaborator George Soros. We need to constantly mention that this whole charade is part of ”Blueprint” and what Blueprint is. We need to challenge the bias and misrepresentation of the media on this issue head on. We need to use that Observer editorial constantly to do that. We need to force Cooper into defending forcing women and girls to accept men into their facilities. We need to put him on the defensive.

    If the ”experts” we have now cannot handle this, maybe it is time to get new ones.

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