Drivebys STILL ignoring that constitution thingie

Jim Morrill is a nice guy.  He’s been very fair to me in the few dealings I’ve had with him.  But the long-time Charlotte Observer politics reporter IS a no-holds-barred flaming liberal.  (A Charlotte area conservative leader once told me about a half-hearted, joking attempt he and some cohorts made to try and convince the powers-that-be at the CharO to “promote” Morrill from politics to something that would better showcase his talents — like SPORTS.) 

Today, McClatchy has teamed up Morrill with somebody named Steve Harrison and Raleigh-based urinal troll Colon Campbell to tell us the backstory about why an HB2 repeal deal failed. (There is an scharrison who regularly posts at the liberal blueNC website.  Wonder if it is the same person?)   Basically, they sang Billy Joel lyrics to us: “It’s a matter of trust.”

Once again, liberal spin wins out over getting off your butt and going to get real facts from real people.  Once again, the HB2 story was really about constitutionality.  As one prominent conservative attorney explained to us here, our state constitution clearly subordinates the cities and counties to the state.   Section 24 of the state constitution clearly spells out where the boundaries are between local and state-approved matters regarding the governance of localities.   Our state’s founders, and earlier leaders, thought it was a bang-up idea for something, like civil rights legislation or a minimum wage, to affect ALL NORTH CAROLINIANS equally.  They weren’t keen on special favors for very special interests in very liberal enclaves.  

If you think it is important that dudes have privileges to use the ladies powder room and locker rooms, write up a bill that impacts ALL OF NORTH CAROLINA and take it to the General Assembly.  

It’s a shame that the strategic omissions and outright lies are continuing until the very end of this ginned-up political drama.  I can’t find a single driveby who actually bothered to print the full text of HB2 in full for its readers.   I see way too many drivebys STILL repeating the line that Charlotte got tricked into repealing HB2 by those evil Republicans.  And they’re STILL not going to talk about the state constitution — which had Charlotte in the wrong from the very beginning of this whole thing.