#ncga: Moore money, Moore problems.

At least THAT is the name of a new website that has popped up. No, it’s not talking about my beloved county of residence, but about the pride and joy of Kings Mountain, Speaker Timmy. 

Clearly the evil masterminds behind this new site are bent on influencing the upcoming vote on NC House speaker for the new legislative session.  We are still hearing  about a certain member of House leadership talking himself up as a credible candidate for speaker (should Speaker Timmy experience some sort  of legal, personal or political misfortune in the near future).

The new website focuses on expenditures documented in Tim Moore’s campaign finance reports over the last two years.  Specifically:

  • $34,172 from the campaign treasury spent at restaurants
  • $91,886.95 on hotels, travel and other miscellaneous personal expenses

According to the site, Moore’s campaign spent $93 at the “Hampton Inn Naval Base” in February 2017 for “campaign travel.”  According to Google, this hotel is located in Norfolk, Virginia. 

According to the site, the Moore campaign paid $900 to Pembroke, NC-based engineer Seneca Jacobs in December 2017. 

Somebody named “Douglas Brown” got paid $2000 by the Moore campaign for no apparent (or at least documentable) reason.

According to the site, the Moore campaign paid Shook Consulting of Raleigh $38,921.90 between August 21 and October 17 of this year for “fundraising consulting services.”

What makes that so unusual?  Madison Shook — the principal at Shook Consulting — is already contracted with the House Caucus to do their fundraising.  So, it made no sense for Moore’s campaign to hire Shook directly.  As a caucus member, he should have already been benefiting from her services.  

The site’s Twitter feed also asks some tough questions:

4 thoughts on “#ncga: Moore money, Moore problems.

  1. Who is the leadership member that’s “allegedly” looking to run? Two names come to mind, but leadership is different meanings to different people. Don’t see how he’s re-elected.

  2. Give mr Moore a break! He has done more for the Internet sweepstakes industry. Then any other politicians!

  3. Hate to say I told ya’ll so but in my earlier comment here:
    I predicted in part, the hiring of high powered lawyers, more subpoenas, and indictments. On well connected big whigs.
    Now it’s reported that Speaker Timmy has hired former Wake DA Colon Willoughby to ahem..”look into” allegations. That’s a 6 figure 5 star looker intoer. The tip of the iceberg as often stated. I also said this will make Jim Black look like an altarboy.

    Now it’s reported a $900 payment to Seneca Jacobs. Insignificant? Look for some other cohorts on that list and traveling in the Speaker’s circle to get increasing scrutiny on all their business dealings. We should be thankful that all this squeaked by the midterm election, because SBI investigations, FBI target letters, and media reports, and indictments would have given us a huge untimely black eye.

    We have to acknowledge that Berger, Moore and company and their self dealing compadres have to go for the good of the party.

    They have been getting by with shenanigans for a long time with impunity. Now they are in the spotlight…center ring.

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