#ncga: Moore County losing Jerry Tillman?

Randolph County’s Jerry Tillman (R) has been representing Moore County in the North Carolina Senate since the retirement and passing of Moore County native Harris Blake. Multiple sources tell us that it is now appearing — thanks to the court-ordered redistricting for legislative districts — that Tillman’s relationship with Moore County will be coming to an end. 

Our most-likely new Senate representation?  The most obvious candidates would be Ronald Rabin (R-Harnett) — who currently represents Lee and Harnett counties — or Tom McInnis (R-Richmond).




1 thought on “#ncga: Moore County losing Jerry Tillman?

  1. Redistricting should provide more opportunities to nominate and elect some genuine conservatives in seats such as this instead of phonies like Tillman, who sold us out to the solar bandits and to the gaystapo. Conservatives need to get busy finding alternative candidates.

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