#ncga MOLES: Senate Rs ready to knife Lt. Dan in the back

At least THAT is what Speaker Timmy is telling his ready-to-mutiny troops in the House Republican Caucus.

 Ever since our story about David Lewis’s not-so-secret tea party / arm-twisting session, things have been quite testy among the members of the House’s majority.  Battered wife syndrome appears to be setting in.  (He keeps lying.  Promising to do better next time.  And he doesn’t.) 

The moles are reporting today that Speaker Timmy admitted to the caucus about the backdoor shenanigans to deep-six HB2.  The little man from Kings Mountain doubled down by confessing that a companion bill is set to move through the Senate.  

If that were the case, it would certainly be a shot-across-the-bow at, and a knife in the back of, the elected president of the state Senate, The Honorable Dan Forest.  Forest has really stuck his neck out there defending HB2.  He’s been all over national media, and even went to Texas to tout North Carolina’s leadership regarding HB2.  And here his own troops are ready to pull a Brutus on him.  (That is — if you can believe what comes out of Fast Timmy’s mouth.) 

The moles tell me that Lewis and Moore kept getting asked in caucus WHY they believe HB2 needs to go down.  And neither of them can provide an intelligible, coherent answer.  I am told a bill is already making the rounds.  (The House Democrat leader, I am told, has been more in the loop on the drafting of the bill than the rank-and-file members of the House GOP caucus have been.  *Ah, membership in the majority DOES have its privileges, eh?) 

Plans were on the table to drop this bombshell on the House floor Friday.  But  I was told, late today, those plans have been tabled because backers of the repeal bill are not confident that 61 votes for repeal are there.