#ncga Jason Saine: Mo’ money, NO problems (apparently).

saine2You would THINK — after becoming a statewide laughingstock — some people would learn a lesson.  But no, the NCGA’s (and Lincoln County’s) $19,000 man is still rolling along, living the good life on the campaign fund.

Jason Saine’s mid-year reports are already well-reported on and well-known.  His year-end documentation reveals more of the same.  It appears that solar-subsidy-loving gazillionaire Jay Faison and his wife dumped a combined $10,200 in Saine’s campaign treasury.  They don’t live in Saine’s district, and Saine is unopposed in the primary and general election.  

From July 1 through December 31, Saine reported raising $51,128.17 and spending $49,140.73.  For the year?  Since January 1, Saine raised $123,696.67 and spent $115,285.92.   Spending six figures on your campaignin an off year when you have NO opposition on the horizon.

What kind of stuff has Jason been buying with the cash donated by lobbyists and various constituents with interests before the legislature?  It looks like he picked up a lot of dinner tabs during travels to Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego and San Francisco.  (It appears that ALEC meetings occurred in each location last year.)

A total of $1,292.24 went to The Grand Hyatt-San Diego in July  for “lodging,” “lunch with staff,” and “incidental room charges.”   He shelled out $707.74 to a San Diego restaurant in July for lunch AND dinner for the “NC House delegation.”  In December, the Saine campaign apparently picked up a $961.42 tabsaine at Morton’s of Scottsdale, Arizona for “dinner for NC delegation.” Jason also apparently picked up a $317.33 tab at Sol Cucina of Scottsdale, Arizona for “dinner with House members.”

There was also a payment of $1000.92 to “W San Francisco” in December for a “Technet Conference.”

The Saine campaign spent $1,161.66 at Walmart for “campaign office supplies” and “hardware for campaign volunteers” — in an off-year.

Saine also hit up his campaign fund for all kinds of airline baggage fees, dry cleaning costs, in-flight internet service, newspapers, in-flight snacks, trolley fees, and breakfast and lunch tabs.

The Saine campaign paid $1,800 for rent on a “campaign office” in Lincolnton — again, in an off year with no opposition on the horizon.  They also paid $492.94 for
”campaign hardpigsware” and “office supplies”  — again, in a year with NO ELECTION.  There was a $2211.27 charge from Verizon Wireless for a “campaign cell phone” — again, in a year with NO ELECTION. 

He paid $3,000 to Cory Bryson of Lincolnton for “campaign consulting” in an off-year with no opposition at all on the horizon.  Apparently, the campaign had to add to the Saine apparel in July.  There was a $150.55 payment  to Nordstrom in Charlotte.

This sweaty, mealy-mouthed little butterball is LIVING off of his campaign fund.  (A GOOD LIFE, at that.)

To put these expenses in context — the state gives him roughly $30,000 per year to cover salary, food, and lodging while the legislature is in session.  

To go from unemployment — right before his appointment to the House seat — to a six figure yearly cash flow in a matter of a few years?  *What a Horatio Alger story.*

Stuff like this makes Lincoln County and its local GOP operation look even worse for tolerating this kind of thing.  32b1bb6

Joe Hackney hustled Ty Harrell out the door when he got caught doing 1/1000th of this.  Apparently, this kind of in-your-face arrogance and abuse of office is A-OKAY with Tim Moore.

How is this different from what Fletcher Hartsell was doing?  The state board — after much foot-dragging — condemned Hartsell for corruption and recommended a criminal probe.

And where is the state board of elections?  What is the point of even having that office OPEN if they are going to ignore financial monkey business plain enough for Stevie Wonder to see?