#ncga: Isn’t that SPECIAL ?

Apparently, The Duke of Cleveland has big plans for Jones Street’s lower chamber in the near future.  Look at what he sent to me and my fellow caucus members: :

From: Rep. Tim Moore clady
Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2016 2:40 PM
To: @House/Republican/Members
Subject: Special Session to address Charlotte City actions

Fellow Caucus Members:

I am emailing to gauge your interest in coming in for special session to deal with the recent radical actions of the Charlotte City Council that I believe pose a real danger to public safety concerning the sexual identity and bathroom matters, as well as the related mandates upon private businesses.  If we do not act, the Charlotte ordinance will go into effect on April 1 and we do not return to the short session until April 25.NEWS_shitin_jennamackey

If I get enough response in favor (72 members) I will ask Senator Berger to join me in calling a special session.  While special sessions are costly we cannot put a price tag on the safety of women and  children. 

Please respond with your position on this as soon as possible.  Thank you.


Speaker Tim Moore
North Carolina House of Representatives
16 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC  27601
Serving Cleveland County

SPEAKERMOOREPORTRAITIt’s apparent that potties in Charlotte are going to factor BIG into the NCGOP battle plan in 2016.  One would hope that they would look at all kinds of unreasonable mandates on businesses — including those requiring the purchase of solar power. 

Though, I see this route playing out much the way the marriage amendment did in 2012.  It will get folks riled up outside the beltline, and get them to come out in droves to vote. And then the lefties will simply go find Richard Burr’s faaaaaaaaaaaavorite judge — who struck down said amendment AND threw our congressional primaries into their current state of chaos — to work his *magic* one more time.

4 thoughts on “#ncga: Isn’t that SPECIAL ?

  1. Maybe you rather he offer support for it? Or maybe stay strategically quiet? Not sure where you guys are half the time when discussing this gentleman. He acts, according to you, like a RINO, and you blast him. He acts like a conservative and you blast him. Comments of to little to late or if he had been doing XYZ since blah blah blah… DONT WASH. He has been consistent in his own way. Maybe you should cheer him when you like what he does and do what you do when you don’t.. Call it positive reinforcement when your happy.. I don’t know but it looks like you just want to beat him up. Are you supportive of the Charlotte vote? If not what would you do?

  2. Oh and who are “my fellow caucus members”. You mean we readers? Or is this a straight up quote right down to “Duke” analogy from a House member?

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