#ncga: Hastings one-ups the Speaker, Saine

Jason Saine charged over $19,000 in clothes to his campaign.  Speaker Tim Moore had a bunch of unexplained credit card charges, as wellFullSizeRender as a bunch of rent payments to himself and payments to himself for campaigning for himself.   According to records at the state board of elections, State Rep. Kelly Hastings — renowned as a connoisseur of solar power and fine cigars — has paid thousands of dollars to himself and his wife out of his campaign fund for the last three years.

Yessirree.  Hastings has followed the lead of Moore in “reimbursing” himself and his wife for “in-kind contributions” to his campaigns. I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Hastings and Moore share the same campaign treasurer — Donna Mabry of Shelby. 

On July 1, 2013, the campaign paid Hastings $8,162. The campaign report described the payment as ”reimb for in-kind contrib.” and “diff between US and state per diem.Jan-June 27.”   Ooooooo-kay. 

On December 2, 2013, the campaign paid Hastings $893.20 as a “reimbursement for in-kind contrib.” and ”diff IRS state mileage.”

On December 31, 2013, the campaign again paid Hastings $893.20 with the same vague explanation.  It also paid him $1855 that same day for “diff between US and state per diem.”

In 2014, the campaign went on a spending spree — reimbursing the Hastingses for all kinds of “expenses related to campaign and holding office.” On february 17, the campaign paid Kelly Hastings $453.13 and $154.35.  On February 19, it paid him $509.24.  On March 1, it paid him $177.35. On March 3, the payment to the legislator was $457.24.  On April 7, Kelly Hastings was paid $689.44.

On May 5, the campaign paid Hastings $537.54, and on June 6 it paid him $1936.53.  On June 30, the campaign paid the legislator $2080.40 as a “refund campaign exp for holding public office.”

its_mine_mine_mineThe in-kind contribution “reimbursements” kept coming for Kelly Hastings.  On August 3, Hastings was paid $2578.10 and $50.40 by the campaign.  On September 3, he was paid $1440.28.  On September 11, he got $508.31, and on October 1, he got $476.85.

On October 24, Hastings was paid $508.48 by the campaign.  On October 31, he got $156.64. On November 7, he got $771.54, and on November 25, he got $262.86. On December 29, Hastings was paid $83.44, and on December 31, he got $527.98.

In 2015 — not an election year — Mrs. Hastings got in on the reimbursement action.  On January 4, Anika Howell Hastings was paid $252.83 as “reimb for in-kind cont.”   On January 16, she got $397.68 for the same reason.  On February 17, she got $450 and on February 18 she got $1,100.

Also that month, Kelly Hastings was paid $329.13 on January 6 and 123.63 on January 25.  On January 30, he got $326.96 and on February 17 he got $892.20.  On February 26, the campaign paid Hastings $1680 and $469.68.   On February 28, he got $179.40.

On April 2, Hastings was paid $133.40 and $50.48 and $2149.68. On May 1, he was paid $216.20, and on May 2, he got $2100. On June 4, the legislator was paid $1820.30 and $469.68 by his campaign.