#ncga: GOP’s 2016 appointee to fill Hager seat a 2008 Walter Dalton donor?

images44Talk about bi-partisanship.  

Driveby media reports indicate that Rutherfordton attorney David Rogers has been selected to fill the unexpired NC House term of majority leader Mike Hager.   (A Google search indicates there is ONLY one David Rogers practicing as an attorney in Rutherfordton.)

We turned to the good folks at followthemoney.org to see if Mr. Rogers has been making donations to candidates.  Much to our surprise, we found ONE contribution in 2008 for $700 to the lieutenant governor campaign of then-Senator Walter Dalton (D) by a self-employed attorney named David W. Rogers.  (Dalton, like Rogers, was also an attorney from Rutherfordton.) mcdonalds-ad

In 2008, Dalton was opposed in the lieutenant governor’s race by then-Senator, now-congressman Robert Pittenger (R).

9 thoughts on “#ncga: GOP’s 2016 appointee to fill Hager seat a 2008 Walter Dalton donor?

  1. We had heard that Hager had a candidate for this seat. Is this Hager’s candidate? If so, was it a personal buddy instead of someone solid on the issues?

    If the caucus (i.e. liberal Solyndra Republican John Szoka) is picking candidates like this, it is a huge concern. We need to get back to what the party Plan of Organization provides, and that is the local party doing candidate recruitment, not the distant caucus.

    That Chalotte renewable energy dude tried to stick his nose into this primary. Maybe this is his doing? Possibly by way of Szoka?

    Can anyone tell us where this candidate came from?

    1. Sounds like he came from traffic court.

      “Established in 1991, those looking for a Criminal Defense Attorney or Traffic Attorney in Western North Carolina can trust they are making a smart choice in the Law Office of David Rogers.”

      1. According to Dallas Woodhouse, little things like following the rules on holding these meetings does not matter. He certainly told that to the media on the meeting over the Pitt County vacancy where the rules clearly were not followed. Just another reason Woodhouse is a very poor choice for that position.

    2. From a friend in the district, according to their local paper, Hager submitted 3 names as a possible replacement. Two of his nominees declined and Rogers,one of the 3 of Hager’s picks accepted.

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