#ncga: GOP majority screwing Mark Harris for Christmas

Mark Harris is a Baptist preacher.  He lives by the principle of loving your enemies.  (The guy is waaaaaaaay too nice for politics.)

After he lost the 2014 primary for US Senate, he went to work campaigning for Thom Tillis ( while Greg Brannon told them all to go pound sand.)  Harris has been a team player.  And look at what it’s getting him.

The NCGOPe is rolling over and being strangely silent while Democrats and leftists savage Harris and try to overturn his November victory in the Ninth Congressional District.  There is talk of possibly having a new general election.  But Republicans are stirring up the possibility of even a new primaryan option that would give new life to Robert Pittenger and create an opportunity for a lot of Charlotte area Republicans. 

The thing is — state law makes redoing an already-certified primary election a wee bit sketchy.  So, the outgoing GOP supermajority is doing what it does best — changing the law.

Legislative leadership has scheduled a veto override vote for House Bill 1029 for December 27.  The bill includes very specific language:

[…] Primary Required for a New Election. – For any new congressional general election ordered under subsection (a) of this section, a primary for that election shall be conducted. The State Board shall determine when the primary shall be held, and shall set the schedule for publication of the notice, preparation of absentee official ballots, and the other actions necessary to conduct the primary.” […] 

If a re-do is ordered in the Ninth, it will be classified under law  as a “new” election.  Anybody who can pay the filing fee can jump in.

Never mind that Mark Harris has already put in a lot of hard work and won this thing. Never mind that all kinds of people have already cast votes for Harris.  Never mind that most counties in the district have certified the general election, and ALL have certified the primary.  Never mind that no complaints have been filed.  Never mind that absolutely no criminal activity has been charged or proven. 

Personal political agendas “have” to be addressed.

Plain and simple, this is little more than urination on the will of the people.  It’s a disgrace.  There is nothing vital in this bill.  This is one veto Jones St. Republicans need to leave ALONE.