#ncga: Changing their tune on primary date. (Hearing footsteps? Smelling the smoke of the mob’s torches?)

angry boyAt first, legislative leaders — led by Rep. David Lewis — were cheerleading hard for moving North Carolina’s presidential primary from May to March.  The move, he and his allies explained, would be an economic boost to North Carolina — bringing in all kinds of money – -and make the state more of a player in the process of choosing the next president.  Typically, the presidential race has been pretty much decided by the time our primary date rolls around. 

So, the plan WAS to have the presidential vote in March and all others in May.  However, this week, the idea was floated on Jones Street to move ALL of the primary races to March.  Why the change? They weren’t worried about the cost of two elections just a watchfew months ago. 

Insiders have fed a theory to us that we tend to buy into.  The establishment senses the seething anger out there.  They realize a separate primary in May would be more likely to draw out committed, grassroots candidates than low-info voters.  LIVs are key to providing job security for unprincipled finger-in-the-wind establishment types. 

The presidential race is surely to have coattails that will help some politicos that would likely have been taken out in a separate primary dominated by angry grassroots voters. It’s amazing. They could respond to voter anger by behaving themselves and doing what’s right.  But, as usual, the establishment responds by tinkering with the process itself.  

5 thoughts on “#ncga: Changing their tune on primary date. (Hearing footsteps? Smelling the smoke of the mob’s torches?)

  1. Your insider sources are correct in this case, unfortunately. It’s a case of doing the right thing (saving a lot of taxpayer money) for the wrong reason (avoiding the risks to incumbents that come with what was sure to be an ultra-low turnout second primary).

    Which means that Duncan and Curran will have to work that much harder in a shorter period of time to unseat Ellmers and Foxx.

  2. Actually, I had not thought about it that way, but you may have a point. I have been saying for some time that we shouldn’t make the taxpayers pay for two primaries. I was a bit surprised when I heard that it might get changed to one. I’m getting primaried, anyway. The “take it from the people and spend it on our agenda” crowd will always come after me. I don’t think March or May will make much difference about that. I just feel we need to do right by the taxpayers and stop playing all these games at their expense.

    1. So would you say that the idea for this came solely from within the GA or did some federal officeholders provide some input?

  3. Interesting synopsis of a single March Primary as opposed to a second one in May. I read and heard the ideas of who votes when and the shirttail effect of the Presidential Candidates in March. I guess from my viewpoint it is in the eye of the beholder. From where I am standing as a grassroots volunteer, NC has only 2 Conservative Candidates running for President; their volunteer base will be in position as Poll Greeters across the Counites, & as grassroots supporters for Jim Duncan and Pattie Curran…. Their names will be handed directly to their voter base.. a package deal! Personally, representing Constituional Christian Conservatives, the Washington Cartel is out. We the People principles are restored by Duncan & Curran Victories.

  4. I also wonder if these incumbents will be hoist on their own petard, as lots of folks who might not normally vote come out for Trump, and while there also use their ”throw the bums out” focus for other races as well. These primaries are indeed hard to predict, whether in May or March, although I think Brant is spot on as to why some of these incumbents have the delusion that this will help them.

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